What’s The Best Acne Treatment For Teens

treatment for teens employ the use of different active ingredients that comes varying strength or concentrations as well on how they work as the best acne treatment for teens.

The main ingredient in most creams and gel as wells as prescription drugs as the best acne treatment for teens is benzoyl peroxide. This active ingredient works by killing bacteria that causes acne while drawing out oil and sloughing off dead skin. However, proceed with caution as this best acne treatment for skin may cause the skin to dry. This also the reason OTC benzoyl peroxide is offered in lower concentrations while stronger concentrations are only available with a doctor’s prescription. Nevertheless, you may be glad to know that side effects of benzoyl peroxide may be fewer on the actively growing skin of teens than with people aged over 25. As for the result goes, changes and improvements are usually seen after 3 weeks of use.

Another main ingredient in best acne treatment for teens is the salicylic acid. When applied to the skin, it corrects the abnormal slow rate of skin shedding, making it one of the best acne treatment for teens. Salicylic acid may also resolve or prevent acne lesions and unclog pores. However, this best acne treatment for teens cannot kill bacteria which is why it is often used in combination with benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic acid is available in the form of creams, lotions, cleansers, and pads.

For those whose concern is the appearance of big-honking zits, available in gel and cream forms to affect the growth of cells and ease swelling and inflammation is a vitamin A derivative retinoic acid. However, because retinoic acid as the best acne treatment for teens works on papules or pimples that already started forming underneath the skin’s surface, it may cause the acne to appear bigger before it gets better. Sun sensitivity is another drawback of a topical retinol which it is why is often offered as a night cream. A consistent use of 8-12 weeks can improve the condition of pimples. A slow-release medication form of this best acne treatment for teens may be taken orally to further reduce irritation.

Alcohol as a mild antibacterial ingredient and acetone to further dry up excess oil in the skin’s surface may be added on the topicals as the best acne treatment for teens. If acne continues to persist, teens are often prescribed oral antibiotics. Antibiotics in generals are taken to inhibit the growth of bacteria and is what eases acne inflammation. This medication as the best acne treatment for teens is usually taken 4 to six months before the acne improves.

If you have exhausted yourself to several OTC best acne treatment for teens but nothing seems to be working, another great option would be going on systemic medications. Pills such as oral contraceptives (birth control pills) and blood pressure medications (spironolactone) work to manipulate hormonal levels such as androgen. But since these kinds of best acne treatment for teens is categorized as an anti-androgen drug, it is only prescribed for teenage girls as taking the pills for males would hinder the development of masculine-leaning trails.

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