7 Foods You Need to Stock On for a Healthier You

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Healthier You Image Design 1 - 7 Foods You Need to Stock On for a Healthier YouWhen you want to follow a healthier diet, there’s a chance that you’ll hear about all types of foods you should start adding to your diet. People will tell you about how a certain fruit or vegetable has helped them shed the pounds and others will tell them that their doctor recommends a certain type of meat or gain.

Experts routinely investigate different types of ingredients to see if they’re still good for us. Something that was considered bad for us in the 70s has become a must-have in the kitchen now. Then there are the ingredients that are good for you put tend to be ridiculed—or those eating them are ridiculed because of the costs.

It’s time to look at foods that aren’t just good for you but will also keep your bank balance in check. After all, with a healthy bank balance, you’ll experience less stress. So here are the seven foods you need to stock up on for a healthier you.

Get Stocks of Broth from the Store (or Make Your Own)

Get Stocks of Broth from the Store or Make Your Own - 7 Foods You Need to Stock On for a Healthier You

Whether it’s beef, chicken or even vegetable, you want to stock up on the broth in your kitchen cupboards. You can even make your own from the bones of the meat you cook, which will help to keep the costs down even more in your shopping budget.

The major benefit of stock is that it lasts for weeks when open. When sealed, it will last for months. You can bulk buy while it’s on offer and benefit hugely from it.

Then there’s the benefit that it’s so inexpensive. Even the low sodium options are affordable for all, meaning that you get to look after your physical and your financial health. You can easily get the cheap options in the store, and they taste as good as the branded types.

The broth is also extremely easy to use. It’s perfect for soups, stews, casseroles, and more. You can even make it as a warm drink in the middle of the winter if you need. In fact, you can pick up grains or jarred broth that you add hot water to if you do want to make a drink to keep you feeling better throughout the winter months.

Chicken and beef broth tend to be the best for protein benefits. You can get as much as 5g of protein in a serving of broth. If you get vegetable, you can lose out on the protein, but there is fiber. You’ll only consume around 38 calories in a serving of broth too, making it the perfect diet option.

Get Turkey or Chicken Mince for Your Dishes

Get Turkey or Chicken Mince for Your Dishes - 7 Foods You Need to Stock On for a Healthier You

Rather than stocking up on the beef and pork mince, look out for the turkey or chicken. This is slightly more expensive, but not by that much. You’ll also benefit in your health so much more than if you opted for the ground beef. Even if you opt for lean ground beef, you’ll find the chicken and turkey are better options when it comes to saturated fat.

Turkey and chicken mince can be used in the same way as beef. You can make all types of dishes, including tacos, meat sauces, rice bowls, and even stuffed peppers. You can also opt for your chicken or turkey burgers, mixing in a bunch of herbs and spices (look out for these next).

By reducing the amount of saturated fat in the diet, you naturally improve the health. You’ll reduce the amount of bad cholesterol and artery-clogging problems, helping to keep the blood flowing through the body and boosting the heart health. Blogged arteries increase your blood pressure and your risk of heart disease and stroke.

At the same time, you make more use of the protein in the food. It’s easier for your body to digest the protein without the saturated fats, so you absorb more, and the body uses it to build the muscles.

When you do buy ground chicken and turkey, buy in bulk and freeze into separate portions. You can use cling film or ziplock bags for this. By freezing in portions, you only defrost the amount you need, so you don’t waste meat. If you do want to defrost extra portions to bulk make your food that is always a possibility.

Plenty of Herbs and Spices Will Do the Trick

Plenty of Herbs and Spices Will Do the Trick - 7 Foods You Need to Stock On for a Healthier You

Nothing tastes worse than bland food. Well, okay, go off food and really bad food tastes worse, but nothing’s as boring and off-putting as bland food. You don’t enjoy your meal, and that leads to never wanting to try it again. If this is your first step into healthy eating, you can start to rethink your options.

Well, it’s time to make anything taste amazing. Herbs and spices are the things you want to consider adding to your cupboard as a staple. Fresh herbs and spices are good, but dried are great for the long-term use. The fresh options are great when you know you’re going to use them on a night or when you want to add them to your water for a better taste.

There are certain herbs and spices that you’ll likely want to add, to begin with. Rosemary is excellent with chicken and turkey, while sage is popular with some meat dishes and stuffing. You can opt for curry powder and chili flakes for your curries and chilies, and don’t forget the tarragon to add a little extra to your roast potatoes.

You can use herbs and spices in all sorts of ways. Don’t rely on them for your main dishes!

Why are they so good for your health, though? Well, they add flavor without the nasty stuff. You have no added salts, sugars, and oils. Of course, buying dried, you’ll want to make sure the manufacturers haven’t added anything to them. They’re also packed with other health benefits. Turmeric is good for curing illnesses and boosting the immune system (as well as cleaning the teeth), while mint can help to boost your alertness and cognitive functions.

Once you know the types of herbs and spices that are delicious, you can start growing some. That will cut down on the money you spend in the store, and they’re great even for the apartment!

Stock Up on the Eggs

Stock Up on the Eggs - 7 Foods You Need to Stock On for a Healthier You

Eggs were once demonized for being the worst thing for your diet. They are full of cholesterol, and that was instantly viewed as a bad thing. Then we started to understand more about cholesterol and realized there were good and bad forms. The type of cholesterol eggs have is the good stuff, so you want to add them to your diet.

The good cholesterol helps to reduce some of the artery-clogging that can happen in the diet. Your arteries will be lined with a smooth, protective layer of the good cholesterol chains, helping the blood to flow through the body better. It’s easier to get the blood to all the organs, improving the overall health and keeping the blood pressure to a minimum.

Protein is another important food group that you find in eggs. This offers the same benefit at the protein from meat. You’ll boost your muscle health, as well as the health of all the tissues in the body.

Of course, you can still get too much of a good thing. You don’t need more than 2-3 eggs a day. If you opt for egg whites only, you get the protein without the cholesterol, offering even more benefits from eggs!

However, you want to stock up on them. They will last for at least two weeks, especially kept in the fridge.

You can also make a wide variety of dishes with them. Omelets, quiches, frittatas and even scrambled eggs are all popular when you’re in a rush for all meals. You can also make hard boiled eggs to use in your salads or thicken your stir-fries with some scrambled eggs.

Add Popcorn Kernels to Your Shopping List

Add Popcorn Kernels to Your Shopping List - 7 Foods You Need to Stock On for a Healthier You

This will likely be one of those items that you buy every month or two because the kernels will last. Quite honestly, popcorn is the best snack or dessert you could have. It’s virtually calorie-less.

But why is it so bad for you in the movie theaters? Well, that’s linked to the toppings that are put on them. The actual popcorn is just air, but it’s filling the air. When you eat a bag of popcorn, you’ll barely want anything else afterward. So, if you get the munchies on a night, topping up on popcorn is a good idea.

You don’t have to put up with tasteless popcorn. This is where your herbs and spices will come into play. You can add them to the popped kernels and mix them around. Try some rosemary and thyme or opt for a bit of sage or garlic powder. The savory tastes will help to keep the sweet cravings to a minimum, and you’ll enjoy the snack, especially knowing that it’s good for you.

Coconut or almond oil tend to be good options if you like more buttery-style popcorn. They are unsaturated options, so will help to improve your health.

Of course, because you’re eating popcorn, you’ll also trick your brain into thinking that you’re eating something naughty for you. But you know that you’re eating good food, so you’ll not feel guilty but will get rid of the cravings for other food.

Make a Note of Avocados

Make a Note of Avocados - 7 Foods You Need to Stock On for a Healthier You

Put Avocados on your shopping list. This is one of those ingredients that millennials are told is a stereotypical, money-wasting purchase, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Okay, so they may be more popular with millennials, but that is linked to the health benefits that you gain from them.

At one point, avocados were viewed as an unhealthy option to add to your diet. After all, they’re full of fat. The difference is the type of fat, as experts now realize that unsaturated fats are good for you. Avocados are packed with monounsaturated fats, which will help to boost the health of the brain and joints while reducing inflammation and supporting the health of the liver. They’re the most popular additions to the keto diet.

You will also get plenty of other nutrients from avocados. They’re packed with vitamins A, C, and E, helping to support the immune system, skin health, and much more. The B vitamins in the fruits (they’re technically a fruit because of the stone) are helpful to boost the brain function.

Then there’s the fiber, and this is partially why they’re so good for weight loss. You feel fuller much quicker when you eat a dish with avocados. The fiber breaks down slowly, so you don’t eat too much, and you won’t feel the need to eat afterward.

Avocados will last in the cupboard or the fridge and can be used in a variety of ways. This is one of the best ways to start your day with plenty of healthy fats and fiber. Add them to your smoothies or mash and place on toast. You can also chop up for lunch to serve with a salad, add them to meat sauces, or just eat as a snack.

This is going to be the most expensive item on the list, but it’s also one of the most valuable for your health.

Opt for a Whole Grain or Two

Opt for a Whole Grain or Two - 7 Foods You Need to Stock On for a Healthier You

Whole grains are must-haves in your kitchen. They are perfect for your pasta, rice, and oriental dishes. Think about stir-fries, curries, risottos and more.

You likely use white rice and pasta right now, but it’s not the best option for you. While not as bad as white bread, the white versions of pasta and rice will cause the blood sugar levels to increase. When you opt for brown versions or whole grains like quinoa, you end up with more fiber in the dish. The fiber will help to reduce the chance of the carbohydrates sugaring quickly in the body.

Quinoa is certainly a whole grain you want to investigate. This is a complete protein, offering you the nine amino acids your body needs. Only quinoa and soy offer this outside of animal products. If you’re planning on following a vegan or vegetarian diet, add it to your shopping list.

Whole grains are cost effective. They don’t go off, so you can store in airtight containers and keep them in the cupboard until you need them. If you use them regularly, you’ll find you need to top up on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. This is a great way to keep your food budget to a minimum, without feeling like you’re going hungry.

Make Up Your Shopping List Today

Now is the time to put your shopping list together. You want to check on your stock of the above seven foods. They are all good for your overall health and your wallet. By stocking up on them each week, month, or half a year (depending on the item and use), you’ll feel more confident, support your brain and body, and lose weight. What more could you ask for?

7 Brain Boosting Boosting Foods for Your Baby’s Brain

78e0fee3487fed3a04d5830a916d312f - 7 Brain Boosting Boosting Foods for Your Baby’s Brain

Babys Brain Image Design 1 - 7 Brain Boosting Boosting Foods for Your Baby’s BrainThe brain develops from the very first moment of conception. Therefore it’s so important to get plenty of folic acid during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. In fact, many doctors will tell you to take the supplement while you’re trying to conceive, as you’ll miss out on a few important weeks since you don’t usually find out you’re pregnant until you’re 4-6 weeks along.

However, the brain development doesn’t stop in those 12 weeks. It’s continually in need of support. You’re born with all your brain cells, which means you need to protect them as much as possible.

Your baby needs your help to protect and develop the brain. The right foods will help to improve the learning and the connections, so your baby has better cognitive function and will be able to take in more from a younger age.

With that in mind, you’ll want to add these seven foods to your baby’s diet. They’re brain-boosting foods that your baby will enjoy and can continue long into adulthood.

Stock Up on the Leafy Greens

Stock Up on the Leafy Greens - 7 Brain Boosting Boosting Foods for Your Baby’s Brain

One of the best things you can feed your children is a selection of dark leafy greens. Whether you opt for kale, spinach, collards or even broccoli, a mixture of the green vegetables will give your baby plenty of the vitamins and minerals needed to support the brain health.

Leafy greens are also good for other body functions. They’re packed with calcium and iron, helping to support energy levels, bone health, muscle health and so much more. It’s not surprising they’re known as a superfood and something that adults are also recommended to keep eating in the future.

Kale certainly is the most powerful of all the leafy greens, but it’s not a popular option for many children. It tends to be bitter, so if you do opt for it, you’ll want to add some blueberries or lemon juice to the pureed kale to take away some of the bitterness. Spinach is slightly less bitter and still offers many of the same benefits.

The important nutrient for the brain is the folate—another name for folic acid. Those who get plenty of folates have shown a lower risk of developing dementia later in life. The nutrient helps to protect the brain cells, reducing the damage to connections in the brain.

Kale is powerful specifically for the extra antioxidants. They help to repair cell damage and get rid of abnormal cells in the body. You can prevent damage to the brain cells.

Pureed greens are the best option for young babies, but you can start moving onto chopping and cooking with other ingredients. Mix your kale or spinach with eggs and make an omelet. Kale and spinach chips are also popular options, and make your children feel like they’re eating something naughty for them. They get into the habit of eating healthy treats.

Smoothies are popular during snack time. Mix the greens with some bananas and strawberries or blueberries for a creamy, bitter-free smoothie.

 Add Two Portions of Fish a Week to the Diet

Add Two Portions of Fish a Week to the Diet - 7 Brain Boosting Boosting Foods for Your Baby’s Brain

Let’s look at one of the most popular brain foods for adult: fish. You’ll have heard that fish is good for the levels of omega 3 and it’s this that offers all the brain benefits. The omega 3 is a fatty acid that works as an antioxidant. It protects the brain cells, while also improving the connections. Those who get plenty of omega 3 have shown better cognitive and memory abilities. They feel less foggy throughout the day and have better energy levels.

Fish is also packed with vitamin D. This is important for the overall health, but also helps to prevent the declining mental skills as a person gets older. Your baby will also have better skin and bone health, improving their life quality.

You can get fish into the diet extremely easily, and you only need 1-2 portions a week. Any more than that and you run the risk of too much mercury in the diet. Salmon and tuna are often the easiest options for babies—and a lot will love tuna mixed with some sweetcorn and other vegetables. You can also opt for other oily fish, including sardines and mackerel. The choice is up to you!

Make sure you check for small bones in the fish. They are a choking hazard, especially for young babies.

There are so many ways to use fish in meals. Mixing with vegetables is one, but kids will also love tuna sandwiches and wraps or to eat it on its own with a dipping sauce. You can even make your fish tacos or fish fingers.

Start the Day with Oatmeal

Start the Day with Oatmeal - 7 Brain Boosting Boosting Foods for Your Baby’s Brain

There’s no need to look through the cupboards for ideas on how to start the day. Oatmeal is the best option for your baby. One of the greatest things is that it’s bland, which will work for your baby’s taste buds. It’s easier to settle on fresh taste buds, but you can always add some fruits or a little natural sweetener if you want to add a bit of taste.

The oatmeal is also soft and runny. There’s no need to puree it to make it suitable for your baby’s diet.

Oatmeal offers a range of benefits, but the brain health is one of the biggest. Studies show that children who get a little-sweetened oatmeal to start their day have a better memory for school tasks. This can transfer to babies, who will have better development skills throughout their early life.

Plus, the oatmeal is filling. This naturally helps the brain. There’s little risk of feeling hungry early in the day, putting a child off from learning. Sugar cravings and other food cravings aren’t as common, meaning your baby can focus on the tasks at hand.

You can help to further boost the effects of the use of a little cinnamon. This will naturally improve the taste without affecting the blood sugar levels. In fact, the cinnamon boosts the immune system and cell health, further helping to protect the brain.

Stock Up on the Greek Yogurt

Stock Up on the Greek Yogurt - 7 Brain Boosting Boosting Foods for Your Baby’s Brain

One ingredient you want to stock up on in the fridge is Greek yogurt. This may be expensive, but it’s worth it for the health of your baby’s brain. In fact, Greek yogurt is the best type of yogurt for your diet, so you’re in a win-win situation.

Greek yogurt is full of the complex B vitamins, which are necessary for the development of the central nervous system. This links to the brain development and health. The vitamins will keep the tissues in order and improve the neurotransmitters, helping to send the right messages around the body and take in more information.

Of course, Greek yogurt is soft and liquid. You can use it without pureeing in your baby’s diet, making it one of the perfect options for a snack or even as part of the lunch or dessert. Get a small bowl of Greek yogurt with a little bit of fruit to help get rid of the slightly thicker taste of the Greek yogurt.

You can also add the yogurt to your smoothies, helping to create a creamy and beneficial taste to your drink. Replace the bananas with the Greek yogurt now and then. It’s also a good option to add to soups to make them thicker and creamier.

If you have the time, you can even make your own. This will take some practice, but it’s perfect if you want something healthier and tastier.

When you do buy from the store, opt for plain Greek yogurt and flavor it at home with some fruit. The flavored options are packed with sugar and will cause health problems for all.

Consider Avocados in the Diet

Consider Avocados in the Diet - 7 Brain Boosting Boosting Foods for Your Baby’s Brain

Avocados get a bad rep as being the expensive millennial food. However, they’re among the most beneficial options for your health. Avocados are full of fat, but the right type of fat. They’re made up of unsaturated fats that will help to offer a range of health benefits, improving your ketone development for energy and supporting the cell health, especially in the brain.

The unsaturated fats also help to line the arteries with a smooth lining that helps to improve the flow of the blood. Better blood flow means better brain health. The blood gets the oxygen to the brain, helping to improve alertness and other cognitive functions.

Avocados also have oleic acid, which helps to protect the myelin in the body. This is needed to spread information around the body. Did you know information travels around the body at a rate of 200mph? This is especially the case at a young age when babies are learning a lot of actions and taking in multiple senses in such a short space of time. You want to keep that myelin production at the optimum level.

And then there are all the B vitamins that you can get in avocados. You get the same benefits as Greek yogurt. Avocados have also been linked to reducing hypertension risk in babies, which will also offer further health benefits to the brain.

You can easily add avocados to your baby’s diet. The easiest option is to mash it. You can always mix a little Greek yogurt in with it, or you can serve it on its own. Serve it on the fish tacos for a delicious Mexican-style dish.

Don’t Overlook the Eggs

Don%E2%80%99t Overlook the Eggs - 7 Brain Boosting Boosting Foods for Your Baby’s Brain

Eggs have gained a bad reputation over the years for being unhealthy. There was the view that they were full of cholesterol and that was bad for you. Well, it turns out there are two types of cholesterol and eggs are full of the good type. When eaten in moderation with a healthy diet, there’s nothing wrong with them. In fact, they’re excellent options for babies.

The good cholesterol helps with protecting the artery walls, improving the flow of the blood. This improves the health of the brain, in a way that avocados do.

On top of that, eggs are full of omega 3 fatty acids, so you’re getting the same benefit as the fish, and choline. It’s the choline that you want to focus on. Choline improves the production of memory stem cells, so you will find your baby has improved memory to take more in and remember more in the earlier stages. This benefit sticks around for the time you eat the eggs.

There are also higher levels of zinc and lutein in eggs compared to many other ingredients. Both will help with boosting the immune system and the production of vitamin A, supporting the overall health and, in turn, the brain.

You can scramble eggs to make it easier for babies to eat them. As they get older, you can look for other ways to use them in your child’s diet. Don’t forget omelets, where you can add so many other ingredients already mentioned in the diet.

Try Nuts and Seeds

Try Nuts and Seeds - 7 Brain Boosting Boosting Foods for Your Baby’s Brain

If your baby doesn’t have a suspected or known allergy, you’ll want to add more nuts to the diet. Nuts and seeds are packed with selenium, which can help to improve the energy levels. This is a nutrient that we all tend to be deficient in and mimics the symptoms of low iron levels. In fact, it’s common but often misdiagnosed as anemia.

You only need to add a Brazil nut to the diet. Crush it and add it to the oatmeal in the morning. However, you can also crush other nuts and use them instead. Seeds work, but not as well as nuts.

Nuts and seeds are also full of healthy fats. They will help to protect the arteries to improve the flow of blood around the body. We’ve already looked at the brain benefits the right fats offer.

Then there are the many other benefits. Nuts and seeds are full of macro and micronutrients to protect the cells, improve the immune system, and support the overall health of the body. When everything works effectively, your brain health is supported.

Of course, if there’s a suspected or known nut allergy, you’ll want to avoid it. Opt for just the seeds to get some of the benefits.

Add One Thing at a Time

There’s no need to add everything on the list into your baby’s diet right away. This can become overwhelming with so many new tastes. Start with one item at a time and add it to food that your baby or child already likes. From there, you can start adding others, and you’ll soon have a diet that is full of brain-boosting benefits.

10 Foods That Improve Your Sex Appetite

fbab483a968bd6364595e0b5b0c6f28c 2000x1200 - 10 Foods That Improve Your Sex Appetite

Sex Appetite Image Design 1 - 10 Foods That Improve Your Sex Appetite

You’ve likely heard some foods referred to as aphrodisiacs. These are the foods that increase sexual appetite. They are full of natural phytochemicals that can increase the libido in both men and women. They can help to boost some of the hormones that can make you feel like you’re in love and excited.

As the body’s libido increases, the vagina lubricates. You’re ready for sex, which can make it more pleasant, so you want it more on a regular basis. Since they’re natural, they don’t mess up other hormones in the body. The effects also wear off naturally, once you’re satisfied and happy.

If you’re struggling with your libido, you can look at adding more foods that are good for boosting your sexual appetite. Here are 10 that you will want to start adding to your diet. You may be surprised at some of the foods, especially based on the foods you’ll usually hear mentioned.

Start with More Watermelon

Start with More Watermelon - 10 Foods That Improve Your Sex Appetite

Watermelon isn’t just good for refreshing your body on a hot summer’s days. It’s also one of the best aphrodisiacs on the planet. Yes, really!

Studies show that while chocolate is good, watermelons are better. Since it’s 92% water, you’re not going to get a lot of extra calories when eating it. The 8% that is fruit is packed with nutrients, including phytochemicals that will help to boost the release of happy hormones from the brain. Some of these hormones include endorphins and serotonin, making you feel happy and relaxed.

The water content will also help to balance out all the hormones. A dehydrated body starts to release more stress hormones and the last thing you want is sex when you’re stressed and anxious.

Watermelon has shown Viagra-like benefits in men, too. The blood vessels relax because of citrulline, a phytonutrient that converts to an amino acid that works in the exact same way as Viagra and other similar medication. It’s possible to improve blood flow, which can make it easier to get the penis erect for sex.

Use More Ginseng in Your Cooking

Ginseng is a popular spice throughout Hawaii and some Oriental countries. It’s most popularly used as a tea, but you can also add it to your cooking. It’s one of those that you want to consider ending your meals with, and not just for the sex appetite benefits.

You’ll find that your energy levels get a natural boost when you use more ginseng daily. It works in the exact same as an energy drink, boosting your metabolism and helping to wake you up. The difference is the lack of sugar. You don’t get the crash so soon after, meaning you will want to do more throughout the day.

Studies have shown that adding ginseng to your diet for a month can increase your libido considerably. In fact, 68% in the study said that their sex life had considerably changed for the better. It’s just so easy to add ginseng to your diet, so there’s no reason not to do it.

Opt for Some Extra Ginger

Opt for Some Extra Ginger - 10 Foods That Improve Your Sex Appetite

Have you ever decided to pass on the ginger? Well, it’s time to start using more throughout the week. Ginger is one of those roots that offers so many health benefits and one of those is for your sex life.

It’s worth remembering that ginger offers healing properties. It will help to keep your immune system working, reduce inflammation, and boost the overall mental health feeling. These all play a part in the sexual appetite. After all, when you feel well you are more likely to want to get active in the bedroom with your partner. Plus, you’re more attractive when you’re not full of cold or the flu!

Ginger helps to boost the positive hormones in the body. It can be used raw or cooked to get all the libido-boosting benefits. You can also drink it in a tea to boost the after-dinner sexual appetite.

This is one of those vegetables that has been used for centuries around the world. In fact, most herbal medicine still uses ginger on a regular basis for treatments. Even monarchs in the Western World, like King Henry VII, have been known for their ginger use and it’s still popular, so shows the good things about it.

Consider a Little More Saffron

Of all the ingredients on the list, saffron is one of the most expensive. However, it’s something you want to consider for both your health and your sex life.

Saffron is known for its digestive benefits. It helps to improve the flow of food and waste through the system, reducing bloating and gassiness. This instantly leaves you feeling sexier and ready for action after dinner.

Researchers have also found that saffron boosts the hormone release in the brain. It can act a little like ginseng and ginger to get the sex drive in order.

One of the best things about saffron is that it can be added to almost everything. It’s perfect with rice and other grains, but you can also drop it in stews, soups, or even into your roast dinners!

Be Like Popeye and Eat More Spinach

Be Like Popeye and Eat More Spinach - 10 Foods That Improve Your Sex Appetite

Popeye opted for spinach because he needed extra strength, but that’s not the only reason you want to add this delicious leafy green to your meals. Replace your lettuce with it and start using it with your salads, stews, and sandwiches. The dark leafy green is just packed with nutrients without all the pesky calories.

When it comes to the sex drive, spinach will offer you magnesium to help reduce inflammation in the blood vessels. This offers that benefit watermelon offered: to improve the blood flow around the body. It’s not just men who benefit from this. Blood flow helps to boost lubrication in the vagina to have sex a lot more comfortable and boost the pleasure centers within the genitals.

Women are more likely to have an orgasm when they find sex more comfortable. By having more orgasms, you will want to have sex with your partner more and that makes sex more interesting on a night.

Stock Up on the Dark Chocolate

You may have heard that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. While this is true, that doesn’t mean you should gorge yourself on the box after box of chocolate. You want to get the right type of chocolate to get all the benefits and minimal downsides.

Remember that chocolate is packed with sugar and calories. Dark chocolate as the lowest amount of sugar intake so is much better for the health. This is the type that you want to eat more of. You can also opt for a mug of hot chocolate to get the stress-relieving warmth and the sexual appetite benefits at the same time.

Dark chocolate helps to boost the dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. Not only do you get the happy feeling, but you also get that relaxed and in love feeling. It’s easier to relieve stress and you’ll be more comfortable with your partner.

At the same time, cocoa (which is what chocolate is made of) will reduce inflammation in the arteries and vessels. This means the blood flows better, so you get the same benefits as the spinach and watermelon. Of course, with the chocolate you get the benefits eating something that you really enjoy.

Consider Some Extra Peppers

Consider Some Extra Peppers - 10 Foods That Improve Your Sex Appetite

Spice isn’t bad for you! In fact, it’s good for your health and your sex drive. You want to start adding peppers to your meals. Hotter ones are excellent, of course if your taste buds can handle the heat. Not only do you benefit your sex drive, but you will boost your metabolism. It’s easier to burn more energy, so you feel more alert and ready for sex.

Peppers will make you sweat. Your heart rate increases, and your lips will plump. These are all things that happen when your body releases the in-love hormones. They’re things that happen when your libido increases, so your body can be tricked into believing you want sex.

You’ll also increase the blood flow to your body. This means your genitals’ nerves get more stimulation. Sex isn’t just more comfortable, but it’s more pleasurable for you. You’ll have an orgasm that is more powerful than ever before, making you want more like that on a regular basis.

One word of caution is to wash your hands! This is especially the case if you’re handling peppers raw. Your genitals will not react well to the pepper spice.

Try More Pesto in Your Meals

You’ll likely hear that oysters are great for boosting the libido. While there is some truth to this, it’s important to remember that oysters live at the bottom of the ocean. They collect all the waste from above and that can interact with the benefits. Instead of oysters, you want a food that will offer the same health benefits: pesto. Well, it’s pine nuts but pesto is a very tasty way of getting them.

Oysters and pine nuts are packed with zinc. It’s the zinc that helps to boost the blood flow improve muscles growth. That helps to boost physical performance, which means you’ll have more stamina during sex. Zinc is especially important for men, as deficiencies have been linked to low levels of testosterone.

Pesto is a quick way of getting more zinc. You can get tomato or basil pesto to add to your dishes. The grittier the better, as it means more pine nuts and more zinc!

Don’t Forget the Bananas

Don%E2%80%99t Forget the Bananas - 10 Foods That Improve Your Sex Appetite

While watermelons are one fruit you’ll want to stock up on, the second must be bananas. They’re powerful little elements and extremely easy to add to your diet.

The great benefit of bananas is the potassium. Not only will this help to balance out your electrolytes, but it helps to manage the sodium levels in the body. It shouldn’t be that surprising that diets that are high in sodium are bad for the health, and not just the physical health. The sex drive will also suffer.

Salt leads to diminished blood flow and contracted blood vessels. That means the genitals don’t get all the benefits we’ve already mentioned with a boost in the blood flow. So, if you get more bananas and balance out the sodium, you keep the blood flow normal and healthy.

Plus, bananas are packed with fiber. They help you remain full throughout the day and keep your waist trim. You feel more confident in yourself, which makes you feel sexier and ready for more fun.

Finish the Day with Green Tea

Finally, it’s all about the green tea. This is another one of those ingredients that you’ll see for all types of health benefits. It’s known for boosting the health, improving the immune system, and so much more. So, what exactly makes it a sex appetite booster?

It’s all in the catching, compounds that green tea is rich in. The catechins are the reason for better weight loss results. They help to boost the metabolism by improving the rate that fat is turned into energy. You’ll end up with a thinner waistline and more confidence.

But that’s not all. Catechins are also excellent for preventing and fighting off the free radicals in the body. Free radicals are more commonly linked to cancer, but they also cause inflammation within the body. When you get more catechins, you can get rid of the reason for the inflammation of the blood vessels. You instantly improve the blood flow, getting all the benefits, we’ve already discussed.

Start Adding More Libido-Boosting Foods to the Diet

There’s no need to do anything special to boost your sexual appetite. Whether you used to have a strong libido and it’s lessened or you’ve never really been that interested, you can help to boost the hormones in the body.

Many of the foods on the list are those that you’ll already include in your diet. It’s just about adding a little more on a regular basis. You can also add them to meals just before you’re planning a night in with the partner to help to boost both of your sexual appetites. The foods work for both men and women, even when it comes to the Viagra-like benefits. Remember increased blood flow isn’t just about improving erections but making sex more pleasurable.

You can mix many of the foods together to boost your libido. Try adding more saffron and ginger together in soups and stews that involve spinach for example. You’ll soon find you have a delicious menu that’s sex-boosting.

5 Foods That Are Worth Spending Money on Every Week

c2b759bc0cc49dde5ebb0b5ef2964879 2000x1200 - 5 Foods That Are Worth Spending Money on Every Week

Foods Image Design 1 - 5 Foods That Are Worth Spending Money on Every Week

While you may be trying hard to stick to a tight budget, there are certain foods you will want to spend money on. Certain foods are better when fresh or when organic. They don’t just taste better, but they will also be better for your overall health.

With the rest of the foods, you can stick to the cheaper options. Certain items are worth buying frozen or in bulk, so you can keep the costs down. When you save on them, you have the money to spend on the more important foods you need to put in your trolley every week.

Here are the five that you need to start spending money on every single week. You will not regret the decision.

Balsamic, Apple Cider or Wine Vinegar

Balsamic Apple Cider or Wine Vinegar - 5 Foods That Are Worth Spending Money on Every Week

Don’t just jump straight for the malt or white vinegar when you do your food shop. You want to spend a little extra money on this condiment. Choose balsamic, apple cider or even wine vinegar. These types of vinegar are better quality than your bulk-purchased options and come with a variety of extra health benefits.

You can also replace your ready-made salad dressings from the right type of vinegar. A little olive oil and balsamic vinegar are delicious over the top of a salad, while apple cider vinegar can help to add that slightly sweeter taste to your pasta dishes.

When you add better vinegar, you will add more antioxidants and other nutrients to your body. Apple cider vinegar has been used for healing for centuries. It can help to clean out wounds, support the gum health and boost the immune system. Because of the antioxidants, it’s possible to support the cell development and repair process.

These types of vinegar can be used for cleaning, with apple cider vinegar your likely best option. You get a natural cleanser that is antibacterial. It can also be added to your skin and help to remove dirt and debris from pores, reducing the risk of acne. Because of its acidic nature, it will also help to lighten the skin and tone it. Again, apple cider vinegar is your best option, but you can use balsamic and wine vinegar if you want.

The best thing to buy is organic apple cider vinegar with the mother. This will keep the probiotics and other nutrients that are lost in the processing of other types of vinegar. You’ll support your digestive health instantly, reducing inflammation and supporting the good bacteria.

One of the great things about vinegar is you won’t likely need to add it to your shopping list every week. Once or twice a month will be enough, depending on how you use it, so it’s worth spending a little extra money on.

Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 5 Foods That Are Worth Spending Money on Every Week

Like vinegar, you want to make sure you spend extra money on your oil. Many of us buy vegetable or corn oil because it’s cheaper and you can get in bulk. After all, oil doesn’t go off, right?

The problem with the cheaper options is they’re not good for the body. They’re full of saturated fats and offer no nutritional benefits. You want to opt for the oils that have monounsaturated oils. These are the ones that won’t block the arteries and will help you lose weight.

Olive oil is one of the best options in the store, but you don’t just want to buy any olive oil. Spend the money on the extra virgin olive oil. This is made from the first pressing from any olive used, so it’s not just the healthiest but will also be the freshest. You’ll get a slightly more peppery taste with this type of oil.

The downside with extra virgin olive oil is that it only lasts around six months. If you use it daily for your cooking, you should find that the oil never really goes to waste. You will know when the oil starts to go off as it will start to separate and taste stronger than it should.

Olive oil is perfect for your salad dressings. It can also replace other oils and butter in your meals and your beauty products. You can use the oil as a base for your skin as it is full of antioxidants and will help to nourish and support the health of your skin. Even if you have naturally oily skin, the olive oil will help reduce the blockages to your pores, so you don’t suffer from extra acne.

Organic Vegetables that Are Locally Grown Will Be the Best

Organic Vegetables that Are Locally Grown Will Be the Best - 5 Foods That Are Worth Spending Money on Every Week

You will likely add vegetables to your grocery shop. There’s this idea that if you’re adding vegetables in, you’re doing some good. While there are certain vegetables that can be frozen without too many detrimental effects on their nutrients (such as peas and sweetcorn), there are others that will be much better for you fresh.

In fact, there are certain vegetables that will be much better for you organic and grown locally. Organic vegetables lack the pesticides and other chemicals used to help increase growth and avoid pests. These chemicals can lead to various health problems and have been linked to the increase of sensitivities, intolerances, and allergies.

When vegetables are grown locally, you will also get a fresher taste. The food doesn’t have as far to travel and there’s no need to freeze or treat it to make sure it lasts the journey. You’ll get food the way it was supposed to be intended, which means plenty of nutrients within whichever vegetables you choose to buy.

Plus, by supporting local businesses you’re helping families nearby support themselves. There are a lot of people looking for the cheapest deal and you’re just helping to line the pockets of the one percent.

Your local farmer’s market is going to be the best place to find the freshest options. Many farmers will offer a range of seasonal options that are much healthier for you. You’ll get juicy tomatoes in the summer, perfect squash in the winter and much more. Some farmers may even offer vegetable box schemes to help you keep the cost to a minimum.

If you’re going to spend money on anything weekly, this is the area you want to look at.

Stock Up on Greek Yogurt

Stock Up on Greek Yogurt - 5 Foods That Are Worth Spending Money on Every Week

You’ve likely heard of the health benefits of yogurt. It’s certainly something that supports the health of the gut due to the probiotics. But you need to get the right option and that means spending a little extra money on your weekly grocery shops. While the flavored batches of yogurts tend to be cheaper, you want to spend extra money on Greek yogurt. This can have a stronger taste, so Natural plain yogurt is a good secondary option.

Greek yogurt is packed with extra protein and is far creamier than other options in the store. The straining process removes the whey, but it keeps double the protein to help support your muscle growth and make you feel fuller for longer.

There’s also the lower sugar count. This will depend on the brand, but most Greek yogurt doesn’t have added sugars in it or any artificial flavors. Those flavored yogurts usually have more sugar than candy bars. The sugars end up causing problems within the gut and can lead to extra bad bacteria, which does the opposite that yogurt should.

Look out for Greek yogurt that is packed with live cultures. They are the good bacteria that help to improve the health of the gut, supporting digestive tract health. With the right balance of good bacteria, the bad bacteria are kept at bay and the gut can absorb more nutrients from the food.

You can use natural fruit and raw honey to help flavor your yogurt. Raw honey is another expensive option but something worth buying to avoid the extra added sugars in the processed products.

Sustainable Fish Sources Are Your Friend

Sustainable Fish Sources Are Your Friend - 5 Foods That Are Worth Spending Money on Every Week

When it comes to fish, we tend to go for the cheap frozen options. That’s if we buy from the grocery store at all. Fish is expensive and sometimes it can seem like it’s too expensive for our budgets. Well, it’s something that you want to spend money on every week.

Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. They are essential nutrients that support the cells in the body, reducing the risk of many cancers. Fatty acids have also been linked to better brain health, reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and improving concentration and reducing mental fatigue.

Sustainable fish sources are the most important options, and therefore fish can be expensive. The fish stocks are those that replenish naturally and those catching the fish are concerned about the health of the fish and the welfare of the oceans. The sustainable fish can roam in their natural habitat and don’t suffer from over-fishing.

Because they roam naturally, they are also free of antibiotics and hormones. You want to look for hormone and antibiotic free versions of all meat, but fish especially. There are certain types of fish that are suffering in numbers and will affect your health because of the use of hormones and antibiotics.

Antibiotics can lead to more resistant forms of bacteria growing in your body. The antibiotics are left behind in the cooking and pass into your body. When you suffer from illnesses that require antibiotics, there are many forms that have already grown a resistance against some because you’ve added them to your body on numerous occasions.

Then the hormones can lead to other health problems. They disrupt your own hormonal balance, leading to some issues like depression, PCOS, and other problems.

Fish from sustainable sources are also much tastier. Since they don’t have the hormones and caught from their natural habitats, they are much fresher. You can go to your local fishmongers or discuss the sources of the fish at your local grocery store.

You don’t need a lot of fish in your diet. Just 1-2 portions a week is enough, which will help to keep the costs down.

Extra Money Doesn’t Always Mean Better Food, but There Are Times It Really Does

You’ll hear that you don’t always need to spend extra money on your food; that it’s all about the branding and packaging. That is certain it the case with some food, but not with all. Sometimes you want to spend more. In certain cases, the extra cost is due to the better processing or the better farming techniques. The food is available less to suit the demand, so the higher price supports that. At the same time, the companies need to make a profit, so must charge more because the processing costs more.

In many cases, you’re sourcing food from better places. You’re supporting local businesses and getting food that isn’t riddled with pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals. While you’re getting fresher food, you will also get food that is better for your own bodies.

The five foods above are all those that involve the health benefits. The higher price point is because they’re more expensive to make. You can still find some non-branded options, but the prices will still usually be higher than some of the larger bulk options in the stores. However, they are worth adding to your shopping on a weekly basis.

Start with One and Work Your Way Up

The best thing you can do is start with one new food item. You can start with something that may last you longer than a week, so you don’t see the high increase in your food bills. Once you get used to that being part of your shopping, you can add another option to the list.

You’ll soon find that you barely notice the price increases. If you really are struggling to stick to the budget, there will be other items that you can take out; items that are worth sacrificing on a regular basis to make the most of the healthier options.

Top 12 Foods to Avoid in the Morning

0813026e4ce63a45db20269748c9732d - Top 12 Foods to Avoid in the Morning

Foods to Avoid Image Design 1 - Top 12 Foods to Avoid in the Morning

A lot of people believe that breakfast is “the most important meal of the day.” This is true, but of course, all other meals are important too. However, breakfast has a special function – it kick-starts your metabolism. A great breakfast will provide you with the right amount of energy and must also satisfy your hunger. Although people aren’t usually hungry when they wake up in the morning, it’s imperative that they don’t skip this meal. It will help control one’s blood sugar, and it has the potential to help a person start the day off right.

Of course, merely eating breakfast isn’t good enough. People need to choose the right foods to eat in the morning to have enough energy for the rest of the day. Usually, a great breakfast involves protein, fiber, and healthy fats. These can be acquired from whole, unprocessed foods. There are also some foods to avoid in the morning. Some of these foods may surprise you as they are the “common” breakfast options. Here are the top 12 foods to avoid in the morning:


Image 1 25 - Top 12 Foods to Avoid in the Morning

Bagel has always been an energy booster for people on the go. It will make one feel full, not wanting to eat for some period. Not all bagels are “unhealthy.” People who want to eat bagels for breakfast should choose those which are made from whole wheat as they offer more beneficial nutrients.

Opting for whole wheat bagels is important because they are a great source of dietary fiber, some protein, and several important minerals. Whole wheat bagels have become an integral part of a nutritious, well-balanced diet.

Breakfast bars (protein or granola)

Don’t depend too much on commercial breakfast bars because, most often than not, these are filled sugars and chemicals. Advertised protein and granola bars are tempting but consuming them as a go-getter for breakfast will most likely make a person hungry even before mid-day. Might as well munch on a real candy bar.

When looking at the ingredients on a granola bar, people are surprised at its high levels of sugar, honey, and corn syrup and this does not even include the sugars found in chocolate chips and other flavors. Furthermore, they contain no proteins, and they lack fiber.

People who have early starts every morning, need to change their eating habits, especially if they have been accustomed to breakfast bars that are loaded with unhealthy contents. The breakfast of granola bars shows that a person isn’t on a low-carbohydrate diet. Avoid sugar-loaded bars. Instead, switch to some whole-wheat bread, spread some sugar-free peanut butter on them. That by itself is an easy, healthy breakfast!

Cereals with little or no fiber

Not all cereals are that healthy. Most of them are high in sugar and carbohydrates but lacking in fiber. Such contents may cause the blood sugar to shoot up, then just quickly drop and this would leave one to experience before-noon-moodiness and cravings. A person can prevent such predicaments by choosing cereals with lower sugars and contain some fiber. One can even further raise the fiber content of breakfast by adding some berries, wheat germ, some flaxseeds or even sliced almonds.

Choose breakfast cereals based on their nutrient contents. The health-conscious people always read the box labels to determine their contents. Cereals in boxes are processed products and may contain unhealthy elements like sugars, artificial colorings, with little cereals. These can all contribute to increasing the risk of heart diseases, obesity, and other health issues.

It doesn’t mean that people should totally abstain from cereals, just choose those that have fewer sugars, no additives, made from organic grains and with high-fiber contents. Make breakfast exciting by adding berries, nuts, and seeds to the healthy cereal chosen.

Donuts and muffins

Image 2 26 - Top 12 Foods to Avoid in the Morning

Traditional doughnuts are very popular breakfast items with ingredients that are all to be avoided. They are carb-circles, deep fried in oil and powdered with sugar plus some sprinkles to just add more “insults to injury.” Having them as a special treat is allowable but not as regular breakfast food. But if a person must indulge himself, at least couple the doughnut with some healthy fat or protein, maybe some nuts or a hard-boiled egg.

Muffins may look cute, innocent and appealing. But all these are just a front for muffins are cakes in disguise, packing calories more than one realizes. But if a person has that uncontrollable urge to eat muffins, eat just a half of it and pair it with some protein. Try Greek yogurt, it tastes good and is healthy. To save time on morning rush-hours, make a healthy batch of muffins, store it in the refrigerator and defrost one for breakfast when in a hurry.

Fast food sandwiches and pastries

Don’t be too sold on breakfast sandwiches from drive-thru eateries. Nutrition-wise, these foods may contain proteins, carbs, and some vegetables but often, the meat is greasy and processed, the bread is white, and mostly there is no fiber content. Without the latter, food craving will be happening sooner than a person thinks.

Burgers-on-the-go in the morning should also be avoided. Burger patties are not necessarily unhealthy, but that depends on how they are made. Those without preservatives will do you good. But what goes with the burgers like white bread, mayonnaise, and other additives will do you harm. Not to mention the greasy potatoes chips or French fries or onion rings that go on the side.

Pastries like donuts, Danishes, and Pop-tarts are also not recommended for morning meals. These are made from refined white flour with no whole grains involved. Besides, they contain tons of sugar that will cause your blood sugar to elevate, then crash and will be leaving a person hungrier much sooner.

Find substitutes for these foods for breakfast that are healthier. A simple egg and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread is a filling option. If possible and it is, make the sandwich from home. It isn’t that hard.

Fruit juice

Fruit juices are a popular item for dieters. They will help people lose those extra pounds, and they’re a refresher for hunger pangs. But beware of packed juices available in stores because most of them have been sweetened and they contain less actual juice. The high sugar contents can be risky for type 2 diabetes, obesity, and other diseases. Juice alone will not suffice to constitute a meal. Some proteins and healthy fats are essential, even when going on a diet.

People can be more innovative when taking natural fruit juices in the morning. Using a blender, try sneaking in some greens like kale, celery, carrots, and spinach. People are often amazed at how good this will taste. Aside from this drink, one will still need a supplement of some protein and healthy fats. Otherwise, the craving for food will happen early before lunch.

Toast with butter or jam

What people spread on their whole wheat bread should also is alarming. Butter substitutes have proliferated in the market and consumers need be warned that many of these spreadable contain unhealthy compounds like trans fats. This is a synthetic fat that can do much damage like raising bad cholesterol, lowering good cholesterol and increasing the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. Don’t use substitutes. If a person wants butter, sparingly spread the real one on whole wheat slices. Or to make butter more substantial, make a vegetable omelet.

Toast topped with margarine spread seems like an ideal breakfast since it does not contain saturated fats or sugar. That is a misconception on two fronts. First, on the toast. The flour used in making bread is refined and contains very little nutrients and fiber. Because of this property, consuming them will spike the blood sugar levels very quickly. A sudden elevation of this level will lead to feelings of hunger which will make a person eat more for the next meal.

Second, on the margarine. This spread contains trans fats, the worst and most unhealthy type of fat anyone can eat. These fats are created by manufacturers by adding hydrogen to vegetable oils to mimic the appearance of saturated fats. Studies have shown that saturated fats do not cause harm but trans fats will. There are massive amounts of evidence that they are very inflammatory and can increase your risk of heart diseases.

Kids tend to gravitate towards sweet spreads on their bread for their early meal. This isn’t helping either for the health conscious as jams are loaded with sugars. Instead, let them have eggs on their toast, which by the way should be multi-grain bread.

Pancakes and waffles

Image 3 29 - Top 12 Foods to Avoid in the Morning

There are no more temptations about having pancakes and waffles for breakfast. It has become part of the daily morning meal and sadly, our culture. Pancakes and waffles are made with flour, eggs, milk, and sugar. Even though these foods may contain proteins, basically they are made from plain wheat flour which contributes to insulin resistance and obesity.

But that is not the worst of it. When served, both pancakes and waffles are topped with a heavy syrup made from corn. That combination will contribute to a major sugar crash. But people need not veer from the standard. When having pancakes or waffles for breakfast, use the real all-natural maple syrup. It may be more expensive but health-wise, it will be worth it. Greek yogurt can also be added to pancake recipes for an additional dose of protein.

Smoothies from the store

An average individual would rather pick a smoothie than a green juice drink for the obvious reason that a smoothie is sweet. But do consider what goes into a smoothie aside from the sugar load. Some of them even contain ice cream or full-fat milk. When so, the smoothie becomes a misnomer as this concoction should be called a milkshake. To get all the benefits of a good smoothie, make them at home. Use blended fruits and veggies and for protein, some Greek yogurt.

Sweetened, flavored or light yogurt

An ideal breakfast will be some Greek yogurt with fresh fruits. It’s easy to make and super healthy. Make this breakfast at home as the ingredients are readily available at the grocer. Do not buy packed ones in stores as they usually contain preservatives, artificial flavorings, and lots of sugar.

People have different choices of yogurt: light, sweetened or flavored. Light seems to be the best choice but not necessarily. Many packaged yogurts may be low in calorie content but can be high in artificial sweeteners and chemicals. This is true with the flavored kind. Just be consistent health-wise. Choose plain Greek yogurt. They contain protein that will keep a person fuller longer, and there are no sugar additives.

Not all yogurts, by the way, are good. The flavored ones are not recommended because they can pack as much sugar as that Danish cinnamon roll one was smart enough to avoid. Instead, go for the plain low-fat yogurt or even full-fat. Either one has been shown to be good for a healthy diet. In case a person prefers some sweetness, just add honey, maple syrup or fruits.

Uncooked vegetables

There are no doubt veggies are an important part of the diet but sadly, not in the morning. Eating them on an empty stomach may result in stomach pain. Furthermore, the amino acids present in them can lead to flatulence, heartburn, and can even irritate the linings of the stomach. Tomatoes especially should be avoided in the morning. Their high-concentration of tannic acid will increase the stomach acidity which can lead to gastric ulcers.

Processed Meats

Image 4 28 - Top 12 Foods to Avoid in the Morning

Processed meats are the worse and most harmful type of meat. Studies have shown that just 1.8 ounces of processed meat can increase your risk of heart disease by as much as 42%. Eating processed meats should be done on special occasions and in limited portions. Serve them as condiments or appetizers but never the main course. If in case, the urge to indulge is strong, just be sure the other breakfast foods are all made with healthy ingredients.

We all know these processed villains, and they include sausages, hams, bacon, salami, bologna, and more. They all contain nitrates, a chemical that has been linked to colorectal cancer. Next time, at the deli or grocer, check the meat’s labels to be sure that nitrates were not used in its manufacturing. Foods with nitrates should be off your breakfast table. Foods without, enjoy but in moderation.

Final words

How a person starts, his day will depend on what he will have for breakfast. Eating healthy will make anyone feel positive. First, choose foods that will keep the body full until lunchtime, without any cravings in between. Avoid foods that are devoid of nutrients. Juices or some health drink are not sufficient to sustain your morning. Proteins and fats should also be part of the daily breakfast regimen.

Most people consider breakfast being the most important meal of the day. What better way to make it so by eating the right foods. Eating the wrong ones will sabotage the entire day. When one feels hungry way before lunchtime or feels tired and lethargic at midday or eating more than one usually does at lunch, then that person isn’t eating the right foods to start his day.


15 Alkaline Foods That Offer Better Prevention

2fdd3f1462ed5e407f85054ef7428e3d 2000x1200 - 15 Alkaline Foods That Offer Better Prevention

Alkaline Foods Image Design 1 - 15 Alkaline Foods That Offer Better Prevention

There are so many suggested diets these days that any prospective weight-loser can get confused. Basing diets on pH levels of foods, a person can either consider alkaline-based and acid-based diets. Alkaline-based foods mostly refer to fruits and vegetables, including nuts, seeds, and spices. Acid-based include mostly high-protein foods such as meat, eggs, fish and most legumes. Sugars, coffee, alcohol, and most grains are also acid forming.

Can a person survive or specifically survive healthily by just depending on either diet? An alkaline lifestyle where dependence is just on vegetables and fruits may work based on experimentation. But is it enough to satisfy the body’s physiology? Will body functions run normally without acid-based foods? The same question can ask for alkaline-based diets. To answer these questions, one should have a basic understanding of the chemistry and physiology of acid-base balance.

There is a third option, and that involves an acid-alkaline based diet. In such a diet, elements of both are combined to supplement and complement each other. This involves choosing the best and healthiest foods from both worlds.

Let us consider how to maintain and improve bone health. An alkaline-acid balance is needed to make this succeed. Exercise may be a factor in strengthening bones. But if the acid-alkaline balance in the body is off, a person will still experience avoidable bone loss in the long run. To counter this, an alkaline diet should be considered.

When one goes “alkaline,” this means that he will be maintaining the body’s acid-base between 6.5, which is slightly acidic and 7.5, which is slightly alkaline. Maintaining such pH level will depend on the foods a person consumes. When foods are digested, some will result in acidic by-products accumulating in the body. These are the foods which are acid-forming. While others will result in alkaline by-products, the alkaline-forming foods.

Combining a diet of acid-alkaline based foods can be traced back to the Stone Age ancestors. They used to consume as part of their daily intakes, natural foods like nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables and root crops. These were enhanced with hunted animal meats, fish, and eggs. Surprisingly, without being aware, our ancestors were already on an average pH-balanced diet. Through generations, the body physiology has evolved into adapting this diet. People usually consume acid-forming foods like meat, eggs, beans, fish and other protein-rich foods. But this must be balanced with plenty of alkaline-forming foods like fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, and spices. It is an amusing thought that if a person wants to get healthy, he must eat like Stone Age people.


Image 1 - 15 Alkaline Foods That Offer Better Prevention

Remember the adage: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This fruit has always been a symbol of health and rightly so because apples contain tons of health benefits.

It is an alkaline-based fruit which has plenty of antioxidants and anti-bacterial compounds. These will provide the body better health and lots of energy. Recent studies have even shown that apples can wake you up better than caffeine, so it is time to switch your acidic-coffee to alkaline-apple.


This is one of the more delicious and versatile alkaline-based food. It’s easy to have it in guacamole, in salads, in sandwiches or even taken as it is. It is packed with oils that are good for the body. No wonder it is always included in every nutritionist best food list.


Also known as “potassium sticks,” this highly-alkaline fruit is an excellent source of, well, potassium. People can have this as a dessert or a snack and do so often. Aside from potassium, it is also rich in fiber. This is a compound that helps enhance digestive regularity, sweeping out unwanted toxins right out of the digestive tract.

True, the banana has some sugar content, which is why some dieters avoid the fruit. But compared with a granola bar or some processed fruits which are packed with sugars and acidic ingredients, the banana is better anytime.

One can even have his banana, fancy style. Make some “nice cream.” Simply freeze some bananas, blend them later into a creamy consistency. And to make it more fancy, enhance it with some alkaline ingredients like berries and fresh mint.


With a high-alkaline ph of 8.0, carrots are eaten to neutralize acidic foods that are combined with it. Carrots have always been linked to improving eyesight, and this is true because of its high vitamin A content.

Just a cup of this veggie will provide 300% of the daily requirement intake of beta-carotene. This is an antioxidant form of vitamin A. Aside from promoting good eyesight; it can also provide protection from cancer and promote brighter and younger skin.


Image 2 2 - 15 Alkaline Foods That Offer Better Prevention

This alkaline-rich vegetable offers benefits against high estrogen levels. The vegetable contains the nutrient known as Indole-3-Carbinol. This aids in hormone re-balancing when the estrogen levels in the body are too high.

Unknowingly, we do encounter this hormone daily when we consume estrogenic foods, chemicals found in the environment and pharmaceutical drugs. A high estrogen level is not good as it may lead to bloating in the digestive system, weight gain, as well as infertility and reproductive cancers.


Rejuvenating clinics usually apply cucumber slices or mashed cucumbers on the eyes, face, and skin. This is done to boost the vitality of every living cell in the body. And this has been proven to be effective. It does rejuvenate the skin making a person feel younger and fresher for longer. Cucumbers are also rich in vitamin C, fiber and plenty of essential minerals.


This dark green leafy veggie has been revered for the health benefits it offers, like preventing cancer and heart disease. It is one of the highest-alkaline green. Being versatile, it has been used as a new and great addition to soups, salads, and stir-fry recipes. It’s even used in smoothies for a much-required alkaline boost.

Because of the kale’s packed-nutrients, it has been labeled as the “new beef.” It is a great source of plant iron, calcium, and vitamin K, which is said to help protect the body against many types of cancer.


Another high-alkaline fruit with a pH level of 8.5 that will be a great addition to one’s alkaline-lifestyle. With such a high pH, it will keep a person hydrated as well as energizing the entire body. The fruit also is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

Compared to oranges, the kiwi contains nearly five times the amount of vitamin C in oranges. It is also a great source of fiber, which improves digestion, and potassium for muscular functions.


Surprisingly, lemons which are supposed to be extremely acidic, are one of the most alkalizing food sources in the world. This is because of how they affect the body after digestion. They significantly affect the body’s pH levels, transitioning it to alkalinity almost immediately. This makes it a superb addition to salads, meals, and beverages.


Image 3 2 - 15 Alkaline Foods That Offer Better Prevention

With its high-alkaline pH level of 8.5, the papaya is great for treating stomach problems, bloating and diarrhea. It’s delicious orange flesh is easily digested. It is rich in fiber and natural sugars, as well as vitamins and minerals that help in neutralizing acidity in the body.


This herb has been underestimated as it has been used mainly as a garnish. But it is a high-alkaline food with multiple health benefits. It is a breath freshener; it can eliminate bacteria, it stimulates detoxification, can boost immunity and will make you feel energized.


The high calcium content of this high-alkaline vegetable makes it ideal for bone health. Its high-alkalinity qualifies it in anti-cancer and cleansing juicing procedures. It is also a versatile green that can be used in salads, stir-fry recipes, health drinks and soups.

Sweet potato

These tubers are high in starch but can still be considered as an alkalizing food. The high fiber content of sweet potatoes helps slow down the release of sugars into the bloodstream. In short, because of their fiber content, sweet potatoes have less of a negative impact on blood sugar levels. Ergo, this tuber is an excellent source of energy and provides the body with a boost of alkaline nutrients.


This green veggie, although small, packs a lot of nutrients, especially iron and calcium. Its versatility has found them in salads, stir-fry dishes, and soups. It is an exceptionally alkalizing vegetable. It has shown to prevent digestive disorders, arthritis, and even cancer.


Image 4 2 - 15 Alkaline Foods That Offer Better Prevention

Watermelon is the second most alkalizing food on the planet. This fruit is bursting with water, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Everybody loves watermelons because they are delicious and refreshing. A slice of it can provide one a fresh dose of disease-preventing alkalinity.

This highly-alkalized fruit can also provide the body with the essential electrolytes for healthy heart functions. And because of its composition, mainly water, it can keep the body hydrated more than any other fruit or vegetable. On its own, the fruit is fun and refreshing. But be creative by adding them to salads, in smoothies, popsicles and more.

Benefits of consuming alkaline-rich foods

Image 5 - 15 Alkaline Foods That Offer Better Prevention

It will give the skin a healthy glow. The biggest organ of the body is the skin. It also functions as a third kidney because it helps the body detoxify itself. People are having skin problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis, blame them all on acidity. Seeing these problems on one’s skin means that the body is acidic, and it fights back the best it can to expel the acids out. And one can help by alkalizing.

All these problems (and cures) start with what a person eats. Sugars and grains are the main culprits to such conditions because these are acidic foods. It is recommended that a person either cuts back or eliminates them from the diet.

It will provide energy for the whole day. Always be sure the body is hydrated always. A drop in the hydration levels can lower a person’s energy level. Energy is a marker on how healthy a person is. A mere 5% reduction in the levels of hydration can decrease energy levels up to 30%.

On the average, the body loses about 2.5 liters daily. It’s then recommended that a person has a water intake of about 3-4 liters, preferably with a pH of 8-9.5. The alkalinity can be increased by adding some organic lime or lemon slices and a dash of sea salt.

It helps get rid of acid reflux. It is a misconception that acid-reflux is caused by excessive amounts of acid in the stomach. That creeping feeling in the esophagus gives the assumption that it is stomach acid rising.

The truth is, acid reflux is caused by not enough acid in the stomach. People eat foods that could decrease the acids in their bodies, but they want to augment acid production in their stomach. There are two types of acids involved here: the body acid, which is the bad kind and the stomach acid, which is the good kind. Body acids which are bad can be eliminated by avoiding processed foods, caffeine, sugars and grains. Stomach acids which are good. These can be increased by taking one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar each day and drinking alkaline water. This kind of water usually contains a lot of mineral salts.

Promotes better and more refreshing sleep. Consistently waking up between 1:00 – 3:00 in the morning is a warning sign that the body is acidic and that the kidneys and liver might already be asking for some assistance.

The body becomes more acidic at these times, and if it’s not alkalized, the acid will prevent one from getting a much needed deep, REM sleep. During the day, a person needs to consume green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, Swiss chard watercress and even wheatgrass. This will help detoxify the liver. Stay away from acidic foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars. Have supper three hours before going to bed. Finally, minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium bicarbonate very calming effects on the nerve system. They are also powerful neutralizers of acids. Take this half an hour before sleeping, and it will change one’s life!

Prevent osteoporosis from developing. The human body is a wonder. When finding itself deficient in something, it will find a way to remedy the situation temporarily. That is until the person addresses the deficiency. It will not even have to notify one about such action.

Take the case of osteoporosis. This is a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue. Typically, because of hormonal changes or deficiency of vitamin D or calcium. When this condition occurs, the body will find a way to get the deficient calcium to maintain its pH of 7.4. And the only available “calcium-rich bank” is the human bones. Withdrawing calcium from bones will make them brittle and fragile, and this will lead to osteoporosis.

To avoid this from happening, one needs to ante up on his consumption of alkaline foods. These are rich in vitamins and minerals, most of which are found in green leafy vegetables and fruits. When there are ample amounts of vitamins, calcium and other minerals in the blood, the body will not have to withdraw such from the bones and thus to avoid osteoporosis.


7 High Carb Foods To Add To Your Weekly List

f1eb401528f878ec59e5b1d6a6ea75e1 - 7 High Carb Foods To Add To Your Weekly List

High Carb Image Design 1 1 - 7 High Carb Foods To Add To Your Weekly ListCarbohydrates are not as bad as many diets will make you believe. They are necessary for the body to give you energy throughout the day. Carbs offer you more immediate energy compared to protein and fats, so they can help to perk you up and reduce sugar cravings quickly and effectively.

However, eating the wrong types of carbs can lead to health problems. Simple, refined carbs are ones that you want to leave off your shopping list as much as possible. Complex carbs will include enough fiber and other nutrients to help protect you from blood sugar spikes and energy crashes in the day.

The downside of simple carbs is often why many diets will demonize carbs completely. Many in the past did not understand the differences between the two types of carbs and how they break down in the body. That is not surprising considering all fats were once lumped together as being bad and all cholesterol was deemed to be unhealthy.

When it comes to high carb foods, make sure you consider all the benefits. Here are seven that should be added to your weekly list for a healthy and balanced diet.

Add More Quinoa to Your List

subhead 1 15 - 7 High Carb Foods To Add To Your Weekly List

Quinoa is often referred to as a carb. It is a pseudocereal that is prepared just like a grain and is eaten similarly. However, it is a nutritious seed that is a complete protein. In other words, it has all the amino acids your body could need!

When cooked, it is made up of 21.3% carbs, which makes it a high carb food. The carbs are often acceptable when you look at the protein and fiber content. Despite some sugary elements, the protein and fiber help to keep the food intact for longer. The digestive system finds it harder to break down the food, which means the carbs are not sent straight to the bloodstream. You do not get the sugar overload and insulin release that you would with other grains.

Quinoa is so good that it is highly recommended in a vegan diet. This is a diet without any animal products, which makes getting a complete protein difficult. There’s only a small amount of non-animal product foods that have all the amino acids your body needs, and quinoa is one of them.

This is an ingredient also highly recommended for diabetes patients. Because of the protein and fiber, the carbs do not cause the sugar spikes that other foods do. Controlling the blood sugar naturally is essential for diabetic and pre-diabetic patients.

To make this food even better, there is no gluten involved. It is an excellent alternative to anything wheat based and perfect for those who specifically need a gluten-free diet. There’s no need to add gluten to the food, either. However, it is still worth checking the packaging to make sure the ingredient is not processed in a food with gluten products.

Whether you want to live a healthy lifestyle, avoid gluten, enjoy meatless days, or lose weight, quinoa is something you want to eat. It is easy to prepare and works with almost anything. You will be amazed at the dishes you can create.

Stock Up on Oats

subhead 2 9 - 7 High Carb Foods To Add To Your Weekly List

Porridge may have once been considered the breakfast for French commoners, but it has always been a staple in all Scottish diets. There’s a big reason for this: it is excellent for the health.

While it is a high carb food, it is also a high fiber food. This is the best thing to keep your digestive system in order, which will help in many ways. With an efficient digestive system, your body will absorb all nutrients from food and support the immune system. Almost 11% of raw oat services are made up of fiber.

How much are carbs? Around 66% of the food is carbs. That can sound like a bad thing, but it is the fiber that helps to avoid any issues with the blood sugar levels. The fiber helps to encourage the body to break the food down slowly, offering excellent blood sugar control naturally. There’s no need for insulin spikes at all.

In fact, the fiber is so good that you are left feeling full and satisfied for hours. You can have breakfast of porridge oats, and you will be fine until lunchtime! This makes it an excellent weight loss food since you will naturally eat fewer calories throughout the day.

If the fiber and carbs were not enough, you would gain the benefit of antioxidants, minerals, and other nutrients. This is food that will support your immune system ten-fold. You gain nutrients that will fight against free radicals, reduce inflammation, and improve the overall health. There’s also the benefit of more protein in oats than the majority of other grains out there. Oats have been linked to reducing all types of health problems, including heart disease risk.

Plus, oats are affordable. You can get a large bag that can last you months for less than $10. Just make sure you store them in a glass or plastic, airtight tub to avoid moisture getting into them.

Look Out for Buckwheat

subhead 3 13 - 7 High Carb Foods To Add To Your Weekly List

Like quinoa, buckwheat is known as a pseudocereal. It means that it is prepared and treated like a grain, but it is not quite a grain in its makeup. It is not wheat and has no gluten at all, making it perfect for those who need or prefer a gluten-free diet.

Buckwheat is 71.5% carbs, which makes it extremely high carb. This is when raw. The amount will reduce to 20% when it is cooked! That is still high and leaves many people fearing that it will cause health problems. However, the high fiber and protein, like with quinoa, make it one of the healthiest foods to buy on a weekly basis.

Like the other foods on this list, buckwheat is full of minerals, antioxidants, and more. There are more nutrients than most other grains out there, and there are studies that show this is good for the heart. Buckwheat does not have the same blood sugar effect as many other grains, because of the high fiber and protein amounts. Those with diabetes are encouraged to eat more of this pseudocereal on a weekly basis.

More studies are still required, but the results have been so far encouraging. People who eat it also find that they are fuller for longer. They do not eat as much through the day, helping them lose and maintain their weight. There are not the same energy highs and lows that a lot of other high carb foods cause.

Do not Forget to Stock Up on Your Bananas

subhead 4 10 - 7 High Carb Foods To Add To Your Weekly List

Let’s look at fruits for your carbs. You know that all fruits are made up of water, fiber,and carbs. In fact, all fruits have natural sugars—some more than others. It is the natural sugars that give them a bad name.

Bananas are one of the most demonized fruits of all. Most low carb diets will recommend against them, but they are highly beneficial for the health.They are extremely easy to eat and advised to give to babies as their first foods.

You will get around 23% carbs within a banana. Some of them are the natural sugars, but you will also get starchy carbs. This is an important thing to focus on. Starchy carbs break down much slower than the natural sugars. They encourage the digestive system to take its time, leaving you feeling fuller but also preventing the instant sugar rush you would get from any sugar.

If you want more starchy carbs, opt for bananas that are not quite ripe. These are the greener ones that are relatively solid but are still edible and tasty. You will still get some sweet tastes. As the bananas ripen, the starchy carbs turn into the natural sugars.

Bananas are packed with nutrients. You will likely know all about the potassium, but did you know that bananas also contain vitamins B6 and C? Potassium is important for energy and the processing and removal of electrolytes from the body. This mineral will help to keep blood pressure low, helping to support the health of the heart and reduce the risk of stroke.

Vitamin B6 is essential for the digestive system. It works with other B vitamins to help turn the carbs, proteins, fats, and fiber into energy for the metabolism to use throughout the day. The vitamin C will support the immune system and health of the cells in the body.

Of course, there’s also the fiber to consider. This works with the starchy carbs to make sure the digestive system works effectively and breaks down the bananas slowly, avoiding the release of too many sugars into the bloodstream.

Try to get more unripe bananas not just for the starchy carbs. These bananas also have more pectin, which helps to encourage more good bacteria within the gut. The gut needs good bacteria to overpower the bad and encourage a healthy immune system.

Add More Blueberries Weekly

subhead 5 12 - 7 High Carb Foods To Add To Your Weekly List

Blueberries are not the most affordable fruits out there, but they are excellent for the weekly shopping list. If you cannot afford them weekly, then opt for them on a monthly basis at least. The good news is you can stock up on frozen blueberries rather than fresh and still get all the benefits! This will keep your costs down and allow you to stock up monthly but eat weekly with ease!

Blueberries are known as a superfood for a good reason. The little fruits are packed with more antioxidants than almost any other fruit in existence! Mostly water, they are made up of 14.5% carbs, which puts them on the high carb list. Most low carb diets will recommend against them because of the natural sugars, but it does not make sense when you look at all the other benefits that the fruit offers.

The antioxidants in blueberries have been linked to anti-cancer benefits. Not only can they help prevent cancer from forming, but they have also shown some benefits in repairing the damage and reversing cancer. The antioxidants kick out the carcinogens from the body and help repair the damaged and abnormal cells.

On top of that, the fruit contains vitamins C and K and the mineral manganese. We have already seen the benefits of vitamin C, but what about vitamin K? This is one that the body needs to help with the natural clotting of blood. Without it, cuts would continue to bleed, and you are at a higher risk of internal bleeding.

As for manganese, this is an often-overlooked mineral. Manganese has two properties: to reduce inflammation and prevent osteoporosis. The latter is a disease of the bone that is common in older women. The bones cannot take in as much calcium, so they become brittle and more prone to damage. As for inflammation, this is linked to some health problems, including chronic pain and brain diseases.

Studies show that eating blueberries can help to improve the memory. This is not that surprising if they help to reduce inflammation within the brain and restore connections.

Blueberries are extremely easy to add to your diet. You can blend them with green vegetables to create a smoothie that isn’t as bitter or add them to your porridge oats!

Stock Up on More Grapefruits

subhead 6 9 - 7 High Carb Foods To Add To Your Weekly List

Grapefruits are one of the lowest high carb foods on this list, coming in at just 9% carbs. However, they are one of the best fruits to eat on a daily basis.

Many people view grapefruits as having negative calories. That is not true, but it is easy to see where the idea comes from. It is very easy for the body to use up the calories that grapefruits offer, and the bittersweet fruit does contain fewer calories than most other fruits out there. Just half a grapefruit a day is considered good for those who want to lose weight.

However,it is not just those losing weight who benefit. Those with insulin resistance will also find a benefit. While grapefruits are full of natural sugars, they also full of fiber and water, along with many other compounds. The fruit can help to reduce the amount of sugar entering the bloodstream, preventing the need to release more insulin.

Studies have also shown benefits for those with kidney stones. The acids within grapefruits help to dissolve and prevent the kidney stones from occurring. Other studies show the antioxidants in grapefruits can also prevent colon cancer. This is partially also due to the fiber that prevents constipation and keeps the colon works.

Avoid drinking grapefruit juice. You will remove the pulp and the fiber, which will lead to the natural sugars getting into your bloodstream.

Do not Overlook the Beetroots

subhead 7 9 - 7 High Carb Foods To Add To Your Weekly List

Finally, it is time to turn to the vegetables. You want to turn to those bright purple vegetables that are often blamed for staining clothes! Yes, we are talking about beetroots, also known as beets.

Whether you eat them raw or cooked, you will get about 10% carbs that are mostly sugar. Fibrous carbs are also found, which helps to prevent the sugaring of the blood. However,that is not all you gain.

The dark coloring is all thanks to certain antioxidants, which are also responsible for the dye of blueberries! These antioxidants help to prevent oxidative stress, reducing the risk of cancer, signs of aging, memory issues, and much more.

You will also get nitrates, which turn into nitric oxide when broken down in the body. This is not bad! Nitric oxide is needed to keep the blood pressure down, reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, and much more. Most people do not even realize they have high blood pressure until they suffer a disease because of it!

If you are into much sport, you will want to consider beet juice. It improves the concentration of nitrates, which will help to boost your endurance and stamina while exercising. Mixed with some ingredients above afterward, you will improve during and after exercise performance.

What Will You Add to Your Weekly Shopping List First?

If you are not sure about adding these foods to your shopping list, start with them one at a time. It can be daunting making a significant change to the food you eat, especially if you are not used to eating high carb foods. Choose one or two and try them for a few weeks. Then you can add another and work your way up until all seven are on your weekly shopping list.

You will not regret eating these. They are not going to cause problems for your health. In fact, the nutrients within them protect you from all types of health problems!

The Ultimate List of Yellow Foods You Need for Better Nutrition

98061b63c3d2eb4e1f8de12c36eb9885 2000x1200 - The Ultimate List of Yellow Foods You Need for Better Nutrition

Yellow Foods Image Design 1 - The Ultimate List of Yellow Foods You Need for Better Nutrition

You may have heard that yellow foods are good for your health. While this is not the case for every single yellow food out there, most them are certainly ingredients you want to add to your diet. However, how do you know if a yellow food is good for you?

We consider the yellow foods that you want to start adding to your diet. They are all those that offer better nutrition through the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants on offer. We also consider just why they are so good for you. Are you ready to improve your health with a slight diet change or two?

Why Are Yellow Foods So Good?

Yellow foods offer an instant mood boost. This is the case for any bright color food, but there is something about yellow. When people look at yellow, they see happiness and joy. There is a feeling of hope, even when life seems to get you down constantly. The mind will instantly get a boost from happy hormones just by looking at something yellow. Adding the food to your meals, you will find you get an instant positive glow from your meals.

However, it is not all about psychology. After all, you could just have yellow items around your workspace or home for all the benefits, right?

Yellow foods are also mostly full of extra nutrients that you do not get from foods of other colors. The yellow coloring comes from certain healthy vitamins and antioxidants, such as carotenoids or bioflavonoids.

These pigments help to add far more vitamin C to your diet. This is a vitamin that the body cannot make itself and cannot store. You need to get it in your diet daily if you want to keep yourself healthy. Vitamin C is important for so many functions, including boosting the immune system, supporting the vision health, improving digestion, and keeping the heart healthy.

Other nutrients within yellow food also help with the process of wound healing and skin health support. Some studies show the nutrients will also support the strength of the teeth and bones.

One of the biggest benefits of yellow foods is that the coloring is natural. There is no need to add chemicals to your diet. Nature offers the likes of pineapples, lemons, squashes, peppers, bananas, and so much more. By getting more nutrients through natural means, you keep your overall health in check. Your organs do not have to remove the toxins, meaning they can focus on healthy growth.

Do not forget about yellow hers too, which offer other health benefits. They have been used for medical reasons for centuries because of their antiseptic, diuretic, and astringent benefits. While you avoid adding more toxins to your body, you can also help your body remove other toxins. The herbs help with the digestive process, blood flow, and removal of bile from the body.

Yellow foods can also aid in weight loss. You get rid of gas buildup, increase the mood to avoid comfort eating, and eliminate unnecessary calories so your metabolism constantly works to your advantage.

Now that you know all about why yellow foods are so good, it is time to look at the ultimate list. Make sure these yellow foods are on your shopping list the next time you go to the grocery store.

Stock Up on the Sweet Corn

subhead 2 24 - The Ultimate List of Yellow Foods You Need for Better Nutrition

Any corn is going to offer you major benefits for your health, but sweet corn tends to be the easiest to get. Plus, sweet corn offers a certain natural sugar benefit.

Let’s look at corn overall. The bright colored plant is packed with vitamins A and E, along with numerous B vitamins and minerals. It is known to help reduce the risk of colon cancer because of its phytochemicals. The phytochemicals prevent carcinogens infecting the cells within the body, eliminating cancerous changes and developments. If you already have cancerous cells, the phytochemicals can prevent advancements and even repair some of the damage.

The fiber count in corn has also shown benefits for the body. Fiber helps the digestive system work more effectively, meaning more nutrients are absorbed, and constipation is less of a problem. It can also help to reduce symptoms of IBS, Crohn’s disease, and other health problems.

Moreover, you do also have the sweet benefits. There are natural sugars in sweet corn, which can lead to it being slightly higher in calories than most other yellow foods. However, the sweetness will help with weight loss and improve the health. You can help curb the sweet cravings, without adding unnatural sugar to your body. The natural sugars are fiber-filled sugars, which will help to keep your blood sugar levels to a minimum.

Corn can be eaten in a variety of ways. You can add it to your salads cold or throw it into your dishes to cook. Corn on the cob is a fun and healthy dish to add to a BBQ.

Get Squashes that Are in Season

subhead 3 38 - The Ultimate List of Yellow Foods You Need for Better Nutrition

Winter and summer squashes can come in yellow varieties. Butternut squash is one of the most popular, but there are so many other options. It is time to stock up on them for your diet. Get whatever is in season at the time to gain most of the health benefits. The nutrients will be plentiful, and you will get tastier options.

Squashes are packed with vitamins A and C and folate. You will also get plenty of potassium, fiber, magnesium, and phosphorus. Most people look at bananas for their potassium, but squash can contain more of it in a serving. Moreover, yes, potassium is needed by the body, as it helps to keep the organs and tissues in the body working effectively. It is an electrolyte that you will need to add daily.

More importantly, yellow squash is full of manganese, a mineral we often overlook. It is used for improving the strength of the bones, working with the calcium to keep your bone health in order. The manganese will also help your metabolism process carbs and fats to turn them into energy, helping you with your weight loss efforts.

How else will squash help? Well, the vitamin A helps with the tissue development and eye health. The vitamin C helps to support the immune system. Folate will help with the nervous system development.

One of the downsides of squash is that it can be difficult to use in your cooking. It is hard to chop when raw but there is a way around this. Pop it in the microwave or oven and allow it to soften. You can then chop and easily add it to your soups and stews. Butternut squash soup is one of the tastiest fall and winter dishes to make. You will feel warmer and happier when the nights get darker.

Do not Overlook the Yellow Peppers

subhead 4 22 - The Ultimate List of Yellow Foods You Need for Better Nutrition

You have likely seen yellow peppers in the grocery store. While peppers are often called a vegetable, they are a fruit, but that should not stop you from buying them.

All types of peppers are mostly made up of water, which can make them excellent for those trying to lose weight. Yellow peppers are the sweetest of the lot, too. You will feel like you are eating something naughty and help to curb your sweet cravings, which will help you stick to a diet. Since there is so much water, they will help you feel fuller quicker, but they also offer a variety of macro and micronutrients.

One nutrient that you get from yellow peppers that tends to be overlooked is vitamin K. This is necessary for the clotting functioning of the body. It is another vitamin that the body cannot make itself and finds it difficult to store, so you will want to add it to your diet as much as possible. It will make all the difference between healing from wounds and prevent internal bleeding.

Of course, the peppers are also packed with vitamin C. You can protect yourself from disease, improve your skin health, and even boost your energy levels.

Yellow peppers are extremely easy to add to your diet. They can be eaten raw and are exceptionally taste in salads during the summer. When it comes to the winter, try making stuffed peppers, using the yellow peppers as the base. Alternatively, marinate them with some lemon, oregano, and garlic olive oil. You can use them in wraps or make them as a side dish with your roast dinners.

Switch White Potatoes for Yellow Potatoes

subhead 5 28 - The Ultimate List of Yellow Foods You Need for Better Nutrition

Most people will switch white potatoes for sweet potatoes but opt for yellow potatoes instead. They tend to be cheaper than sweet potatoes and come in larger bags instead of paying by the pound or kilo. They are also excellent comfort foods while offering a variety of nutrients.

Potatoes are extremely filling. They tend to get a bad reputation for their carb count, but the carbs are all starchy. They help to add nutrients without increasing the blood sugar levels. At the same time, they will make you feel fuller sooner than other carbs and some proteins! You are less likely to overeat potatoes. However, they are cooked.

Yellow potatoes are full of phosphorus. This helps to protect the cell membrane structure, meaning it is harder to damage them. The mineral will also help to turn more nutrients into energy while aiding with bone mineralization to keep them strong and healthy.

By adding yellow potatoes to the diet, you can also improve the heart health. Potatoes are packed with niacin, which is also known as vitamin B3. It helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body, which improves the blood flow. Your heart does not have to work as hard, and you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Pantothenic acid is another vitamin you will find plenty of in yellow potatoes. Also known as vitamin B5, the nutrient will help to support the nervous system health and the adrenal function to make sure your body works effectively throughout the day.

One of the downsides of potatoes is that people tend to add a lot of fats and oils to them, especially when roasting them. It is important to cook them in a way that releases all the nutrients without adding extra calories and unhealthy elements. Boiling and mashing are excellent options, and you can always add some yellow herbs for tastier treats with extra health benefits.

Stock Up on Plenty of Yellow Beets and Beans

subhead 6 16 - The Ultimate List of Yellow Foods You Need for Better Nutrition

Beets and beans will be included on most of food lists for a healthy diet. However, you want to get the right type. Yellow beets and beans are extremely good for your health.

Let’s start with the yellow root vegetables, which tend to be sweeter than their red counterparts. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The natural sweetness is backed by the starchy goodness to help keep the blood sugar levels down. By stocking up on sweeter root vegetables, you can help to curb your sugar cravings effectively throughout the day.

The yellow beats are also packed with nutrients to support the kidney health. Your body will be able to remove more toxins, supporting the overall health. You will find your blood pressure drops and chronic fatigue is not as bad.

Yellow root vegetables are packed with plenty of beta-carotene, which is turned into vitamin A in the body. It is this nutrient that helps to support the health of the eye, giving root vegetables the known ability to help you see in the dark! The nutrient can help to slow down aging within the eyes, reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

On top of that, the vitamin A can help to protect against cell damage in the rest of the body. You are less likely to see signs of aging on the skin. Collagen production is supported, helping to reduce the sight of wrinkles and fine lines.

As for yellow beans, you will get plenty of isoflavones and phytosterols. Together, the two can help to block the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed into the body. Your blood vessels remain healthy, and you can reduce the risk of heart disease and other cardio problems.

There is also plenty of fiber in the legumes. This will help improve the health of your digestive system while improving your weight loss efforts.

Root vegetables and legumes can be used in a variety of ways. You can add them to your salads, soups, and stews. You can also mash them or roast them for side dishes.

Opt for a Banana a Day

subhead 7 24 - The Ultimate List of Yellow Foods You Need for Better Nutrition

We have mentioned bananas in passing, but they deserve a pointer for themselves. Bananas are certainly a yellow food you want to stock up on for the house. You only need one a day to benefit fully from the nutrients within them. Do be careful with the number of bananas you eat. There are a lot of natural sugars, and they can end up affecting your weight loss efforts negatively.

Let’s start with the potassium benefits. Bananas are one of the most potassium-filled fruits and vegetables on the market. You can get almost all your daily recommended amount from just one banana a day. The potassium will help to reduce your blood pressure, keeping your heart healthy and functioning properly.

Bananas can also add much energy to the diet that is easily accessible. Yes, this is the natural sugars. Depending on the ripeness of the bananas, the energy can be starchy or sugary. Either way, your metabolism easily accesses the carbs to fuel the body throughout the day.

You can also get a good amount of magnesium from bananas, which is an essential nutrient for your muscle. Magnesium can help to prevent your muscles from cramping and spasms, helping to reduce the pain you feel. If you suffer from restless leg syndrome, you may find that bananas help to reduce the effects.

While you can just eat a banana, you can also add them to your smoothies for a healthy, creamy texture. Bananas also work well with eggs for low-calorie pancakes!

Use Lemon Daily

subhead 8 3 - The Ultimate List of Yellow Foods You Need for Better Nutrition

Finally, we must remember about lemons. This yellow fruit is one of the most widely available. It is used for a variety of reasons and supports the body in more ways than you can imaging.

The best way to add lemons to your diet is through the lemon water. Just add a couple of slices to your normal water and drink it first thing in a morning. Not only will the water help to rehydrate your body and fill you up, but the lemon will help to neutralize the acid levels in the stomach. Despite being an acid, the lemon juice will become more alkaline in the water to help support the overall health.

Lemon is also an excellent cleanser. Without the water, its acidity is high. It is commonly used for brightening the skin and hair, reducing the look of dark spots and age blemishes. You will need to use this carefully, as the acid can be too strong for some skin types.

Of course, the vitamin C is a major reason to add more lemons to your diet. You will support your immune system considerably by adding lemons to your diet.

Moreover, we cannot forget the natural sweetness. Using zest and lemon juice in your dishes will help to create a natural sweetness that will help curb most of your sugar cravings.

You can get many of the same benefits from pineapple. The acid in pineapple is a little less strong, making it slightly better for those with sensitive skin.

Which Yellow Food Will You Stock Up on First?

There are just so many yellow foods out there. Not all are great for you, but there are certainly some that will offer a range of health benefits. Make sure you stock up on ones that will support as much of your health as possible. Add foods that will get rid of more toxins, support your heart health, and improve your weight loss efforts.

Add a mixture of the yellow foods above. They can be used raw and cooked to help you add them easily to your diet. Which one will you add first to your health?

Top 10 Foods that Are Easily Digested

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You want to live a healthy life. The problem is your gut. Some of the foods your doctor recommends are not digesting that well. You feel uncomfortable every day, and it is not because of an intolerance or allergy. It is just the fact that your body is finding it hard to break down the foods.

There are also issues with acid reflux. You cannot seem to get rid of the burning sensation in your chest because your stomach constantly seems to be working.

You want something that is easy to digest. With a properly working digestive system, you feel like you can do more. You are not as sluggish or tired all the time, and you certainly are not in pain or discomfort. It is time to get more nutrients from your food because they break down and are released through the digestive lining better.

Here are ten foods that you will need to add to your list. They are all easy to digest and will offer a range of other health benefits. The great news is all are easy to find, although a couple will be in your international foods aisle.

 Add More Yogurt to Your Diet

Unless you are lactose intolerant, have a dairy allergy, or are a vegan, yogurt will be something that you want to add to your shopping list. The downside to yogurt that we need to get out of the way first is that it is a dairy product. It is made with milk in most of cases.

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However, you can get lactose and dairy free yogurts. They will be a little more expensive but usually use almond or soy milk to create instead. Just make sure they do not have added sugars thrown in to get the same taste and creaminess of other yogurts. In fact, when getting any yogurt, you will need to make sure it is plain. Those with sugars are not easily digested at all!

Back to the benefits. Yogurt is full of good bacteria. It will help to add the levels of good bacteria in your gut, meaning you can overpower the bad. Yes, there are good bacteria, which will help with the digesting process and support your immune system.

At the same time, yogurt is packed with calcium, protein, and other nutrients. Greek yogurt is especially good for you when you want to top up on the amount of protein you get in your diet, as it tends to remove the whey that causes many health problems. Just a couple of tablespoons as a base for your fruit smoothie will be enough to benefit considerably. You can also add a couple of tablespoons to whole fruit for a delicious and healthy dessert at the end of the day.

An Avocado a Day

While you have likely heard the saying “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” the rule is apter when it comes to avocados. This fruit tends to get a bad reputation because of its fatty nutrients, but it is the fat that is the healthy and good part. Fat makes this food easily digestible.

Avocados are full of unsaturated fats that will help to support the metabolic health. Your body can turn the unsaturated fats into ketones for energy, making it easier to absorb and use up the potassium, fiber, and other nutrients you add to the body.

On top of that, avocados are soft. They are easy on the stomach and do not raise the pH level. Your stomach does not need to create as much acid, so you do not suffer from as much acid reflux. Mash avocado to make it even easier for your digestive system. You can make your guacamole, which will help with sticking to a healthy diet.

 Throw in More Chicken Breasts

Poultry is the best meat in the world. Chicken and turkey breasts are the ones that you want to focus on more in your diet, with some fish to break up the monotonous feeling. Make sure you get skinless chicken breasts to get rid of all the fat and only consume the proteins.

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Lean protein does not have any protein. This can be beneficial. Fiber can sometimes clog up the digestive system if you get too much of it. If your diet is not used to fiber, you can feel uncomfortable and bloated from adding more in. Since you do not get the fiber, you do not get the downsides.

Make sure you chew your chicken fully. Unchewed poultry can be hard to break down, and your body will need to create more stomach acid to manage it. Opting for boiled, grilled and baked chicken is also more beneficial. You will get rid of the saturated fats that can cause havoc on your digestive system.

Try Salmon Now and Then

As mentioned, fish is a good way to balance out the boring poultry. It can also be one of the best foods to digest. Salmon especially offers a range of health benefits and is very easy on the whole body. You will get plenty of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which offers a range of other health benefits.

Fishes are full of protein, while being low in cholesterol and fat. While protein can take time to digest, that is not because it is difficult. It is just because it there is a lot more nutritious goodness to get through. Fish is light and crumbles easily, without raising the pH levels within the body.

You do not just need to rely on salmon, which can cost a lot. Opt for white fishes instead. Haddock, cod, and other non-oily fishes tend to be better for the digestive system. They do not have as many fats to process. Even too many healthy oils can be bad for you.

Start Your Day with Oatmeal

While too much fiber can cause some problems, not getting enough can also be an issue. One of the best ways to start your day is with a bowl of oatmeal. You will find that you are set up for the whole morning and will not feel the need to eat until closer to lunchtime.

Oatmeal is packed with fiber. It has no cholesterol and even helps to lower the bad cholesterol levels in your body. You will feel fuller for longer, without putting excess pressure on your intestines or colon.

The fiber in oatmeal is soluble. That means the water absorbs it in your body. It does not take up as much room as insoluble fiber, which can cause your digestive system to back up while trying to push through the waste. Soluble fiber will soften the stools easier, helping you get over constipation a lot sooner.

Worried that your oatmeal will be boring? Spicing it up is another way to helps support the digestive system. You can add plenty of fruit and spices to your porridge. Try some apple and cinnamon, some blueberries and raspberries, or banana with nutmeg. The extra ingredients will add more fiber and other nutrients to your diet. They are easy for the stomach to break down, especially if you chew every little bit.

Steel cut oats are the best for easy digestion.

Try More Brown Rice Dishes

Rice gets a bad reputation, but you want to stock up on brown rice. While you do have the carbs, you will get a helping of complex carbs. They are full of fiber, which means they do not have the instant effect on the blood sugar levels. In fact, because of the mixture of fiber and carbs, you get an instantly satisfying meal that will take time to leave the body. You eat less without feeling the issue in the gut like you do with white rice.

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Brown rice also soaks in plenty of water. This helps with the digestive process. Your body needs water to be able to soak up the soluble fiber. The water will also help to remove waste from the system, making it easier for the whole digestive system to work effectively. There is also the benefit of water helping to balance the strong pH levels in the stomach.

There is no need to add anything special to your brown rice. Prepare it as you would with white rice. You can add other herbs in if you want. The downside is brown rice needs longer to cook fully, as the fiber can keep it a little harder.

Try More Egg Dishes

Most people will be able to eat eggs. It is only vegans who avoid them. You can eat both the white and yolk of an egg without suffering from many digestive complaints. If you want to avoid the calories, then the whites are the best part, but the yolk tends to have the most protein.

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While you likely think of chicken eggs first, you can also get duck and goose eggs. Any type is easy for the body to digest and gain all the nutrients from them. Larger eggs do have more nutrients and are still easy for the digestive system.

Scramble, poach or boil your eggs for easier digestion. They tend to have more liquids in them to support the digestive process. Fried eggs will also have the fats to think about, which is the part that makes them harder to digest.

 Try a Banana a Day for Good Digestion

You may have heard that bananas are bad for you. They are full of natural sugar, which tends to give them a bad reputation. However, they are also full of fiber, potassium, and many other nutrients. They are certainly worth adding to your diet, especially when you consider how easy they are on the digestive system. Humans have eaten a banana for millennia, and there are very few reported cases of digestive problems.

Most of the fruit is good for the digestive system, (except berries) but a banana is one of the best. You will get plenty of vitamin C to help support your immune system, and the potassium helps to rebalance electrolytes and prevent cramping in the muscles.

You just must peel a banana and eat it for the benefits. Of course, you can blend it down or mash it to make it easier on the digestive system. These two methods will also help release more of the nutrients into the body. Cooking a banana will make it harder to digest, as will adding it to other foods.

 Opt for Sauerkraut for Something Different

Are you a little fed up with the same dishes repeatedly? How about adding a new ingredient? You want something easy to digest, so you will want to turn to the German ingredient sauerkraut. This is fermented cabbage, so you are getting plenty of nutrients while you include an ingredient that is super easy to digest.

Sauerkraut has lactic acid bacteria that helps to remove the bad bacteria from the gut, in a similar way to yogurt’s probiotics. You also get all the nutritional benefits of cabbage, which means plenty of fiber and nutrients for your body.

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You can make your own sauerkraut by fermenting a cabbage. However, you can also buy it at the grocery store to make your life easier. It does not matter what type of cabbage you use. They are all the same!

 Try Kimchi for Something Oriental

This may be food that you have not heard of, but that does not make it any less good for you. Kimchi is another fermented food and this time from Korean. It is also spicy, which speeds up the metabolism and helps with the digestive process. In fact, it is the spice that makes this food so easy to digest and you will find it much easier to lose weight.

Kimchi is often found in Korean restaurants, working as a palate cleanser between meals. It can also be added to soups and stews to add a little extra kick. Using it as a palate cleanser before your meal will help to get your digestive system working instantly, making your whole meal easier to get rid of.

Check your local Asian food market for the ingredient. You may also find it in the Oriental aisle in your grocery store.

Boost Your Digestive System with the Right Foods

The foods above are easy to digest, but they also make it easier to digest other foods. Your stomach and intestines are already working at getting rid of the waste in your system. When the rest of your meal is eaten, you will find that your digestive system finds it easier to gain all the nutrients from it and push the rest through as waste.

The 5 Best Foods that Eliminate Constipation

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Constipation Image Design 1 1 - The 5 Best Foods that Eliminate Constipation

Constipation can affect your whole mood. It is not just mildly uncomfortable but can become dangerously painful. While we all get constipation at some point in our lives, it is often linked to an illness. When we have the flu, or suffering with some illnesses, we do not tend to eat well and that leaves our digestive systems in tatters.

However, constipation can also be a sign that our diet is not the best overall. If you are not ill in some other way but do have other digestive complaints, you may need to change everything that you eat. You may not be getting enough fiber in your diet.

It is important not just to eliminate constipation temporarily, but to eliminate it for good. Improve your digestive health and make it easier to pass stools. These five foods are ones that you can add to your diet full time. You can improve your bowel movements and eliminate constipation forever.

Add More Beans to Your Diet

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Beans, beans, they are good for the heart,

The more you eat, the more you fart.

You have likely heard of this poem. Kids love to sing it in the playground, but it is not just a poem for fun. There is a lot of truth in it. Beans really are good for the heart, but they can also make you fart. They also help to improve your bowel movements, so you get rid of constipation.

The farting and constipation are linked together. Flatulence helps to eliminate trapped wind from the body. When you have a lot of trapped wind, you can be left in pain throughout your body. It is not just your stomach that complains, but you can end up with pain shooting into your back.

Moreover, the trapped wind can be linked to constipation. When you cannot pass the stools, you can cause pockets where the wind collects. That wind cannot get past the waste that collects within the digestive system.

You need more fiber in your diet to soften the waste and help work it through your system. What better than beans? You get 10g of fiber with just one cup of beans, and you can easily add much more than that to your dishes. Beans are among the best vegetables around for fiber.

One of the best things is that you get a mixture of both soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber will soften the stools to make it easier to pass them, while the insoluble fiber remains stodgy. However, the insoluble fiber will force the rest of the waste through the system, removing the blockages at various points in your digestive system.

You can get the fibrous benefits from all types of beans, helping to create enjoyment and deliciousness within your meals. Baked beans are quite honestly the most popular, but do not overlook kidney beans, black-eyed peas (yes, they are beans and not peas), black beans, pinto beans, and even lima beans. Use the beans with pasta, in casseroles and soups, and through chilies. When using pasta and rice, opt for brown versions for even more fiber in your diet!

You will see results within a day or so with the regular use of beans in the diet. Just adding beans into one meal a day will help to eliminate constipation in the future.

Use Nuts daily for a Snack

Unless you are allergic, there is no need to avoid nuts in your diet. If you are allergic, you can get similar benefits from seeds, although they are not as good. Not only are nuts and seeds good for reducing constipation, but they can also make you feel fuller. They are the perfect healthy snack for those trying to lose weight.

Each nut and seed will contain a different amount of fiber. Almonds are among the best, offering 3.5g of fiber in just an ounce. Pecans and walnuts have 2.9g and 1.9g of fiber respectively.

The only seed that beans the nuts is the pumpkin seed. You can get a full 5g of fiber from an ounce. The downside if you need to get about 85 seeds for this amount, whereas you’d only need 23 almonds for the ounce serving. If you prefer sesame seeds, you can get 1.1g of fiber from a tablespoon, which is enough to add to your dishes, such as Chinese dishes and salads.

Nuts are also packed with healthy fats. While they help to support your heart health, the fats will also aid the digestive system. They can help to provide lubrication to make it easier for the waste to leave your system.

Try creating a trail mix of nuts and seeds for snacks. You will only need a handful to satisfy hunger cravings, making them a healthy snack. Despite the high calories, the handful is filling and offers a range of other nutrients as well as fiber. The other snacks you are likely to eat are full of empty calories.

Alternatively, you can add the nuts and seeds to your cooking. They add a crunch to salads and dishes. Try roasting them dry with a little spice to add a new flavor to them. Nut and seed butter can also be beneficial to help support your digestive health and prevent constipation, but watch out for the amount you have. There are some unhealthy saturated fats in them.

Stock Up on Kiwis for Fruit

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While you may have apples, bananas, oranges, and other fruits in your cupboards and fridges, you may want to look out for kiwis. Sure, all fruit is packed with fiber, but kiwi is certainly the best. You get 2.5g of fiber from just one kiwi, and there are high chances that you can eat more!

Not only will you get the fiber, but a range of other nutrients. Kiwis are berries, which means they are packed with some antioxidants to keep the whole body in check. Research has shown that just two kiwis a day will help to improve bowel movements, adding more bowel movements to your week to eliminate constipation for good.

You may have heard people tell you to get rid of the kiwi peel. Well, it is edible, but not as tasty as the rest of the fruit. You can eat the seeds and will likely not even notice them.

The great news is kiwis are extremely easy to eat. You can chop them up and enjoy them as a daily snack. Consider having one at the end of your lunch or the end of dinner as a healthy dessert. It is also possible to chop them up with some other fruit to create a delicious fruit salad. Add complimentary benefits for more fiber and antioxidant intake.

If you are going to create kiwis into a drink, make sure you blend instead of juicing. The process of juicing will remove the fiber, offering you no nutritional benefits. Blending will keep the fiber and help to improve your digestive system.

Watch out for eating too many Kiwis. They are highly acidic, similarly to many citrus fruits. They can be damaging to the teeth and may play up with sensitive teeth. If you find it hard to eat kiwis, then consider adding more berries to your fruit. The skin is the best part of the fiber, and you will still get the antioxidant benefits, unlike with some other fruits.

Replace Potatoes with Sweet Potatoes

If you already use potatoes in your diet, you can find they offer some fiber benefits, but there is a better option out there. It is all about the sweet potato.

A regular potato has just 3g of fiber, while a sweet potato has 3.8g. Both include when the skin is eaten, which is perfectly safe to eat! If you are worried about the skin being too tough or earthy, wash the potatoes fully and boil to help soften up the skin. You will still get the starchy goodness that helps to support your digestive health.

As well as the fiber, you will get a range of other nutrients through sweet potatoes. They contain more potassium than a banana, which means your electrolytes will be more balanced. You will find your kidney function is improved and will not suffer muscle cramps as much.

While they are known as sweet potatoes, they do not have many sugars. They do taste sweeter than normal potatoes though, which helps to curb your sweet cravings.

The skin does contain the most calories, but they are not empty ones. After all, you get the fiber. What you will want to watch out for is the butter, sour cream, and other high-calorie toppings. If you are struggling to lose weight, it could be the empty calorie additions making it harder.

Eat your sweet potatoes in a variety of ways. You can bake them in the same way that you would normal potatoes, or even boil, fry, and make into fries and wedges. Do not forget about adding them to your frittatas for a delicious and healthy way to start your day. Mashed sweet potato is also an option. You will not need as much milk or butter to create them, which will help to save on the calories.

You do not have to replace normal potatoes all the time with the sweet options. Just look at adding them to a few meals per week.

Finish Off with Some Flaxseeds

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Have you ever added flaxseeds to your meal? While they are excellent for eliminating constipation, they tend to be overlooked. However, they are one of the most nutritionally beneficial ingredients and not just for your digestive system.

Let’s look at the fibrous benefits first. You get 2.8g of fiber in a tablespoon of flaxseeds. This fiber is both insoluble and soluble, so you get the same benefits as you would with beans. While you do not get as much in a serving, the serving is smaller, and you can easily add more to your diet.

At the same time as the fiber, you get antioxidant, omega 3, and many other benefits. Your body will suffer from less cell damage and inflammation. When your digestive system becomes inflamed, your immune system cannot work effectively. Your body does not absorb all the necessary nutrients from the food, and it is harder for waste to pass through your system.

The best way to absorb all the fiber from flaxseeds is by getting ground options. However, you can get some from full seeds, or you can ground them yourself. The ground flaxseeds are extremely easy to add to your meals, whether you top your salads, add them to smoothies, or throw them into your soups and stews. You can even top your porridge with them, and the oats will offer further fiber benefits to support your digestive system.

Create a Mixture of the Different Options

You do not just need to eat the foods one at a time to eliminate constipation. It is possible to mix the ingredients to create a supportive digestive diet. Why not add berries and flaxseeds to your oats for a fully nutritious start to the day? Consider adding sweet potatoes, beans, and seeds to your casseroles rather than normal potatoes. You can even add seeds and nuts with your jacket potato toppings, using sweet potatoes instead of normal potatoes.

Getting more fiber into your diet is essential to help support your digestive system. Get a mixture of both insoluble and soluble fiber for the best support. You will not just soften the stools but help to push the waste through your system. Fiber is better than laxatives since it will make your digestive system work rather than do the work for it!

The ingredients above are good for eliminating constipation in the future. They work in a healthy lifestyle and can help you with your weight loss efforts. However, if you are currently suffering from constipation, they can also help offer immediate relief. Try one or multiple foods together to start your digestive system working again. Within 24 hours you should find your bowels move properly again, depending on the exact reason for constipation.