How to Get Rid of Blackheads on the Nose


start our day refreshed - How to Get Rid of Blackheads on the NoseWe all aim to start our day refreshed, strong, and confident. “I am beautiful!”, you say to yourself as you stretch your arms and look forward to everything you will accomplish for the next hours.

Then, you see yourself in the mirror and the sight of those new pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads make your enthusiasm waver. Acne is not deadly to your body — but it surely can shatter your self esteem.

Blackheads are especially troublesome and difficult to get rid of. Worse, they are icky black spots mostly prevalent on the nose — right in the middle of the face you present to the world.

This is why most people cannot resist the temptation of self-extracting their blackheads at home — a big no-no according to dermatologists and skin experts. Specialists, such as dermatologists, should conduct proper diagnosis before determining the best course of action to safely extract those stubborn blackheads.

Improper blackheads extraction may cause skin trauma, open and raw skin, scarring, and infection. It takes time and patience to get rid of blackheads the proper way — but keep in mind that it is a cosmetic issue, just like stretch marks and ugly nails caused by nail fungus infection, that does not affect how awesome you are inside.

Below, we discuss what blackheads are, what causes them, and explore several treatment options.

Blackheads on Nose - How to Get Rid of Blackheads on the NoseWhat are blackheads and what are their causes?
Blackheads, a mild kind of acne, are tiny spots that are typically visible on your face. They appear most frequently on the nose because it is one of the oiliest part of our skin.

Each follicle consists of one hair and sebum, a gland that produces oil that helps in keeping your skin soft. When your body generates too much amount of dead skin cells and sebum, their combination forms a soft clog in the hair follicles where bacteria can grow.

The clogged pore may lead to a production of a bump called a comedone. When the surface of the clogged pore is exposed to the air, it causes it to look dark. The black color of these spots is caused by clogged pores that are filled with dirt, skin cells, and oil that are mixed with oxygen.

Blackheads can also form on the chest, arms, neck, back, and shoulders. The American Academy of Dermatology stated that acne is the most common skin disorder in the US that affects 40-50 million Americans.

You are more susceptible to developing blackheads if:

  • developing blackheads - How to Get Rid of Blackheads on the NoseYour body is producing too much oil, which may be caused by your diet or hormonal changes during puberty, menstruation, or through birth control pill intake.
  •  There is build up of propionibacterium acnes bacteria on your skin
  • There is irritation of your hair follicles due to irregular skin cells shedding
  • You are taking specific medications such as androgens, corticosteroids, and lithium, among others
  • You are using oil-based makeup, or wearing noncomedogenic makeup and sunscreens while sweating/working out
  • You are not regularly cleaning your phone and unconsciously touches your face

There is a belief that dairy and foods rich in carbohydrates that increase blood sugar levels may also be one of the triggers of developing acne and blackheads. However, researchers still haven’t found a strong evidence that backs up this belief.

What are the safe and proven treatment options for blackheads?
You may feel very frustrated when your chosen treatments for blackheads do not work. That is why it is very essential to understand the right kind of treatments, and not just go with the hype of what is being marketed as instant solutions for your skin dilemmas.

Over-the-Counter Treatments (OTC)
OTC - How to Get Rid of Blackheads on the NoseNumerous medications for acne can be bought without a prescription. These can be in the form of a cream, pad, and gel that are applied directly to the skin.

Dermatologists, doctors with skin care expertise, recommend retinoids which are among the leading ingredients for eliminating blackheads. Some of the retinoids are available over-the-counter, while some require a prescription. A low dosage of retinol in a minimum of 6-8 weeks is suggested.

Other ingredients of OTC treatments are the following:

  • Salicylic acid: This is an ingredient that causes pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads to dry up when applied to your skin. It also facilitates the peeling of the top layer of the skin.
    Another benefit of salicylic acid is that it helps prevent pores from becoming plugged. Salicylic acid is often found in pads that can be rubbed on your skin in strengths from 0.5%- 5%. It may cause side effects such as mild tingling and redness of the skin.
    It is recommended to use it less if you experience above-normal redness and dryness of the skin.
  • Benzoyl peroxide: This wipes out bacteria-causing acne and blackheads that also aids in taking out the excess oil from your skin. This also eliminates dead skin cells which can block your pores.
    Products with benzoyl peroxide are available in 2.5%-10% strengths. It may cause side effects such as scaling, burning, and can cause a tingling feeling, redness, and scaling. You are more prone to these side effects if your skin is sensitive.
    It is recommended to apply this with caution as it can also bleach clothing and hair.
  • Resorcinol: This is commonly combined with other ingredients such as sulfur which eliminates dead skin cells that can cause pore clogging, as well as excess oil.

Cleansers, peels, serums, and moisturizers with a combination of salicylic acid and alpha hydroxy acids are also dermatologist-suggested but are not recommended to use with products that contain retinol. Retinol hinders the blocking of pores by skin cells and in loosening up the existing dirt from the pores.

Chemical Peels
There are two types of chemical available: mild peels, which can be done at home; and stronger peels, which should be done by dermatologists or skin care specialists.
A chemical peel is done by applying a strong chemical solution on the skin. It helps get rid of clogs and dead skin cells that lead to blackheads. Peels that contain retinoic or salicylic acid are known to be beneficial for blackheads reduction.

Prescription Medications - How to Get Rid of Blackheads on the NosePrescription Medications
If there are no improvements after undergoing over-the-counter treatments, a visit to a dermatologist is suggested. They can properly diagnose your blackheads and prescribe the best treatments for your skin problem.
Prescription topical medications that consist of adapalene, tretinoin, and tazarotene, among others, helps in keeping the clogs from forming. These also boost faster skin cell turnover.
In addition, dermatologists may also prescribe treatments that contain antibiotics and stronger benzoyl peroxide which also help combat pimples and acne cysts apart from blackheads.

Manual Removal
Using a special instrument called a round loop extractor, dermatologists creates a small opening in the blackhead and applies the proper amount of pressure with the tool to remove the clog in the pores.
As mentioned above, manual removal should be done by dermatologists and specialists to avoid additional problems such as scarring and other skin trauma.

Just like in manual removal, specialists also use a special tool for this treatment with a rough surface. This tool will be utilized in sanding out the skin’s top layers to eliminate the clog that causes your blackheads.
Suction is also involved in other microdermabrasion procedures, which can also aid in releasing blackheads.

Laser and Light Therapy
Laser and light therapies also help eradicate blackheads, and even large pores that may appear as blackheads. These two types of treatments utilize the right amount of beams of intense light to wipe out bacteria and diminish the production of oil.
Both light and laser beams have the ability to reach below the skin’s surface to treat acne and blackheads without damaging the skin’s top layers.

prevent blackheads - How to Get Rid of Blackheads on the NoseCan we prevent blackheads?
The good thing is: there are several ways to prevent blackheads without breaking the bank. Here are some options:

  • Use oil-free products: Avoid using oil-based makeup, sunscreens, and lotions as any product that has oil can trigger the production of new blackheads.
  • Wash your face regularly: Make sure you wash your face the moment you wake up and before you go to bed to remove the oil that can cause blackheads. However, washing your face over two times a day can cause skin irritation. It is recommended to use a gentle cleanser to avoid redness and irritation. There are also acne cleansing products with antibacterial ingredients that are safe and suggested to use.
    Others also recommend washing your face after eating oily foods, as it is believed to be contributing to clogged pores.
  • Don’t forget to wash your hair everyday: Oil from your hair can also cause the clogging of your pores.
  • Avoid touching your face: Apart from producing new blackheads, oil and dirt from your hands may also lead to other skin problems. Ensure that you always have clean hands when there is a need to touch your face.
  • Exfoliate: Use exfoliating masks and scrubs to remove your face’s dead skin cells. This can help reduce blackheads and acne. Just make sure that these products do not have ingredients that may irritate your skin.

With all these knowledge and education to properly get rid of these spots, you can finally put an end to this stubborn and irritating skin problem. Are you ready to say goodbye to your blackheads?

About Author:

Sandy Getzky  - How to Get Rid of Blackheads on the NoseSandy Getzky – Sandy Getzky is the executive coordinating editor at The Global Nail Fungus Organization, a group committed to helping the 100+ million people suffering from finger and toenail fungus. Sandy is also a registered Herbalist and member of the American Herbalist’s Guild.

10 Natural Ways to Overcome Nausea in an Instant


Nausea is not an illness, but it can be a symptom of certain illnesses. The feeling like nearly vomiting distracts our concentration. Nausea can lead to dizziness and losing appetite. Sometimes people prefer to vomit to get rid of nausea. After that the nausea may be dissolved.

If you feel nauseated only in certain situation like when having a journey by bus, ship, or plane, it is still normal. As long as you can adapt with such situation, the nausea will gradually disappear.

Nausea - 10 Natural Ways to Overcome Nausea in an Instant

But if you are often nauseated, maybe everyday, then it can be an indicator if serious health problem, physically and psychologically. There are some causes of nausea you have to know. If you think your nausea is just because of the cold weather but you often feel it when in the warmer condition, then it is better to check to a doctor. Some causes of nausea include excessive fatigue, strong fragrance, anxiety or panic attack, food poisoning, stomach flu, infammatory bowel disease, motion sickness, Fall Bladder diseases, excessive smoking and alcohol, migraines, bulimia, pregnancy, and tumours or cancer.

If your nausea is caused by non-illness like strong fragrances or smell, smoking, and alcohol, you can stay away from the cause. For fragrance or smell, you can get rid of things causing such unpleasant smell. If you are ultimate smoker or alcoholic, then it is better to reduce your cigarette or alcohol intake gradually before totally stop consuming them.

Besides the tips above, there are ten other ways to amazingly overcome nausea. Some of them are natural reliefs you can easily get at the market. They are applicable and can instantly overcome nausea.

1. Ginger
Ginger - 10 Natural Ways to Overcome Nausea in an InstantIt is a common nausea remedy especially in Asia. Ginger has unique taste and can give warm sensation to your body. That is why ginger is good to overcome nausea. You can simply peel off the ginger’s outer surface, chop it into pieces, then chew the raw ginger. It may taste hot and a bit bitter. So you may add some salt or honey before chewing it.

Another way is by making ginger tea. Boil some gingers with a litre or two of water, add lemongrass if you like, then drink them while warm. You may also add lemon, honey, or sugar to enhance the taste.

Besides for consuming, you may also make ginger oil to be applied onto your stomach or neck. Mash some ginger but do not make too much, add some olive oil or coconut oil, then apply it onto your body.

2. Lemon
Lemon - 10 Natural Ways to Overcome Nausea in an InstantYou can make lemon as aromatherapy or consuming lemon extract to overcome nausea. Lemon contains citric acid which is effective for nausea feeling.

Fresh lemon juice has refreshing taste it can swap away your nausea in an instant. Smell its fresh aroma to help you recover from nausea faster. You can add some honey or sugar into the fresh lemon juice. Do not immediately throw away the lemon crust. You can put it into small bowl and let its aroma blend with the air. But throw it away when it gets rotten.

You can also add a lemon cut into a cup of hot tea or mix lemon juice with tea. This formula can also make you feel relax and help you overcome dizziness.

3. Cumin
Cumin is commonly used in Middle eastern food and Indian culinary. It has distinctive characteristic as well as aroma to enhance the food’s taste. That is why you will usually find cumin at middle-eastern or Indian market.

Cumin spice - 10 Natural Ways to Overcome Nausea in an InstantIf you are often feel nauseated, it is better to have some cumin seed supply in your kitchen. It lasts longer than other fresh herb like lemon, mint, and ginger. Cumin is good for your pancreas and metabolism.

Using cumin to overcome nausea is easy. First, you can make cumin into tea. Put some cumins into a cup then pour boiling water. Let the mixture for about five minutes, stir it for a while, then drink. You can add some honey or sugar if you like. It is also recommended to eat the cumin seed for maximum impact.

4. Mint Leaves
Mint Leaves - 10 Natural Ways to Overcome Nausea in an InstantMint is well-known to overcome nausea. Its fresh smell and taste has unique effect to our body. It gives warm sensation while at the same time, gives cooling down effect.

Pregnant women usually rely on mint to get rid of nausea as well as to maintain birth control. Mint is also good for nausea in general. The tiny leaves have antispasmodic substance which is very useful for reducing stomach contraction or cramp as well.

It is not hard to find peppermint, right? You may choose fresh or dried ones and both of them have the same effect. Fresh mint leaves are best to be consumed immediately and do not keep it too long even though in the fridge. You can chew the leaves directly if you like. On the contrary, dried peppermint is best for daily supply and you may not want to eat it directly without being brewed first. Add some lemon juice, honey, or sugar for more tasty drinking.

5. Peppermint Aromatherapy
Peppermint Aromatherapy - 10 Natural Ways to Overcome Nausea in an InstantWhile mint leaves are better off to be consumed, peppermint aromatherapy is great for room freshener for inhaler.

You can find peppermint aromatherapy at pharmacy and other drug stores. Use peppermint aromatherapy for room especially while you are about to sleep to help you rest well.

Always keep peppermint oil when you are heading out. People with motion sickness will always need peppermint oil either to be inhaled or to be applied onto stomach, neck, temples, nose, etc. Peppermint aromatherapy is great to overcome nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach cramp, and giddiness after vomiting. If you like, you can put some peppermint oil on your gums. It will be hot, but after a while, you will get more comfortable.

6. Cinnamon
Cinnamon - 10 Natural Ways to Overcome Nausea in an InstantCinnamon usually comes in dried form, either cinnamon stick or powder. That is why you can keep it over a month after buying it. Cinnamon has light smell yet it gives relaxing effect, same as peppermint and lemon.

Other quality from cinnamon is that it has antibacterial and antiviral substance. So it is best for overcoming stomachache due to nausea and other stomach illness. It also helps your digestive system to get rid of bad bacteria.

A simple way to use cinnamon is by making a tea. Take a stick of cinnamon or a half of teaspoon of cinnamon powder into a cup. After that, pour some boiling water. Stir it so that it well-mixed, then sip it slowly. Enjoy both of cinnamon aroma and taste. It has light sweet taste and smells good.

 7. Ayurveda Formula
Ayurveda Formula - 10 Natural Ways to Overcome Nausea in an InstantOriginated from Indian tradition, Ayurveda is a mixture contains gooseberry juice, cumin seeds, black pepper, and powdered sugar. Simply combine a teaspoonful of each ingredient and put the mixture into an airtight food storage.

Take ½ or ¼ of teaspoon from the mixture into a cup. You can opt to consume it one up to three times a day, based on your need. Then, put some honey and boiling water. Stir, then take it sip by sip.

8. Clove
Clove - 10 Natural Ways to Overcome Nausea in an InstantBesides well-known as cigarette mixture, clove alone is good to overcome nausea. Pregnant and non-pregnant people can use clove everyday to reduce unpleasant feeling due to nausea and morning sickness.

Simply choose clove powder or dried clove, both of them are equally useful. Make them into tea by adding some boiling water and honey or sugar if you like. For variation, you can add lemon juice or cinnamon. If you use cinnamon, you will probably not need honey or sugar.

If you do not like to drink clove tea, clove oil can be alternative. Put some clove oil onto handkerchief or your palm then inhale it. Just make sure that your hand is clean. You can also apply the oil onto parts of your body suffering from pain.

9. Rice Water
Rice Water - 10 Natural Ways to Overcome Nausea in an InstantThere are two ways to extract rice water. The first is by taking rice water before it is steamed and the second is by taking rice water from boiling rice for 20 minutes. If you choose the first way, then you have to boil the water first before drinking.

Please note that rice water is very rich in carbs so it may be not suitable for people with overweight problem. So you only need to take small amount of rice water whenever needed.

10. Relaxation
Relaxation - 10 Natural Ways to Overcome Nausea in an InstantYou can practice yoga, hearing relaxation music, have your body massaged, or take a deep breath. In short, choose the one which is most suitable for you. Nausea is often caused by tense nervous system. However, do not take a deep breath if the cause of your nausea is unpleasant smell or strong fragrance. As previously stated, it better to stay away from the source of the smell then after the air is fresh and eligible, you can take a deep breath.

That was all. If you have any additional advice of how to overcome nausea, feel free to add a comment.**

How To Get Rid Of Foot Odor


Foot Odor - How To Get Rid Of Foot OdorWe all know that having smelly feet can strongly hit our confidence when we are at a social event, a date, or a vacation trip. According to the podiatrists at the Advocate Medical Group, the main cause of foot odor is our sweat. And since foot perspiration is not something you can avoid, having smelly feet can easily affect any of us.

Now, it doesn’t really matter how common this problem can be, it’s still awkward and embarrassing. Are you tired of suffering in silence due to the bad smell that comes from your feet? Well, this guide can definitely answer your questions.

In reading this post, you will understand why do our feet smell so bad, how to prevent this problem, and what are some of the best tips that can help you to get rid of foot odor.

Why do my feet smell so bad?

Stinky feet’s medical name is bromohidrosis. Our feet have around 2500 sweat glands per square inch. This sweat attracts a bacteria called Kyetococcus Sedentarius. Actually, the bacteria feeds itself from our sweat. And the merge between the bacteria and the sweat produces isovaleric acid. This acid is the real cause of the bad smell that makes us feel so uncomfortable.

How to Prevent Foot Odor?

Footwear has a big impact on how sweaty the foot can get. So, in order to prevent bromohidrosis, we recommend you to look for shoes that provide enough ventilation for your feet. Some breathable materials used for shoe manufacture are vegan leather, authentic leather, and canvas. Any of these materials will highly prevent the moisture to get trapped between your foot and the shoe.

Enough ventilation is an also feature you should look for in socks. A very useful suggestion would be to stay away from materials such as cotton and nylon. In fact, here we have a short list of socks types that will help you prevent foot odor.

Foot Odor Bad Smell - How To Get Rid Of Foot Odor

  • Coolmax Socks
  • Liner Socks
  • Bamboo Fiber Socks
  • Wool Socks
  • Copper Sole Socks

Keep in mind that if you are more susceptible to suffer from this problem you definitely need a clean pair of socks every day. And try to wear your socks as often as possible. Preferably made from the materials we listed above.

As for the shoes, do not wear the same pair two days in a road. Why? Shoes absorb the sweat that we produced during the day. So, the best you can do is give them a day to allow them to dry. This will decrease your chances of getting smelly feet.

Remember to always keep your feet clean by using antibacterial soap every day when you take a shower. And after you take bath use foot powder that contains natural zinc. This ingredient helps by reducing the sweat glands size. Therefore, the amount of sweat and bacteria decreases.

Our Tips To Get Rid Of Foot Odor

Use Deodorant
Spraying Deodorant To Foot - How To Get Rid Of Foot OdorUnfortunately, perspiration is a natural process in our body that can not be stopped. This is where deodorants play a major role. If you are a smelly feet sufferer you can rub foot deodorant all over your ankles, between the toes and along the arch. There are many deodorizing products in the market that are specially designed for the foot. For instance, we can recommend the Shoe Deodorizer with Tea Tree Oil, which has active natural ingredients and is clinically proven to be effective. You can also try the Rocket Pure or the Trinova Deodorizer. Always look for products that do not contain a high amount of chemicals, as they can affect the biological process between bacteria and sweat in a negative way.

Do Foot Soaks
Foot Soaks - How To Get Rid Of Foot OdorFoot soaks are a well-known remedy for many foot issues we can face. The Missouri Podiatric Medical Association states that an effective homemade remedy is to soak your feet in black tea. Boil two liters of water and use two black tea bags per liter. Then add a quarter of cold water to it. Soak your feet for 30 minutes. The acid contained in the dry leaves of the black tea shrinks the pores of your foot skin and kills the bacteria. In addition, the American Podiatric Medical Associations also recommends vinegar and water soaks. The vinegar can help the dry skin to peel off the sole of the foot, which will guarantee cleaner feet with no bad odor.

Use Foot Powder
Foot Powder - How To Get Rid Of Foot OdorThe powder will keep your feet dry and will protect it from nasty microorganisms. Look especially for foot powder with natural zinc. This ingredient can shrink the pores and neutralizes the smell. The APMA says using powder inside your socks and shoes is the best way to keep the feet dry. Focus the attention between your toes. This zone is the one that tends to save more sweat. Therefore, it is important to use a good amount of powder in there. What kind of powders can you use? Well, there are some good products like On Your Toes Foot Powder, or the All Natural Foot Sense.

Keep it clean
Foot Cleaning - How To Get Rid Of Foot OdorGood hygiene habits are essential to recover from this condition. If your feet are clean the doors will be closed to the development of bacteria, Take a shower every day and wash your feet with antibacterial soap. Dry your feet well after the shower, if you don’t you will be favoring a moisture environment once you put on your shoes. Chiropodist, Lorraine Jones, states that hibiscrub soap is proven to be highly effective to fight foot odor. Apply it to your feet while you are bathing and leave it there for two minutes. Then, wash it off. If you can wash your feet twice days, please do it.
Applying the pro tips we just taught you and being responsible with the prevention habits will have a positive impact on your feet. Not to mention how more confident you are going to feel once you get rid of this awful problem. It’s just a matter of willingness to start with this process and say bye-bye to bad foot odor.

Now, how do you feel about these pro tips and the foot odor problem? Leave a comment and let us know about it. Feel free to share this article if you find it useful.
Lilly - How To Get Rid Of Foot OdorLilly is the chief editor of, a place where she shares the journey of regaining her foot health after exercise injuries in 2015. She lives in San Diego, besides writing Lilly loves to read, run, and go to yoga classes.

Discovering the Amazing Benefits of Turmeric for Expecting Mothers


Benefits of Turmeric for Expecting Mothers - Discovering the Amazing Benefits of Turmeric for Expecting Mothers

When pregnant, most women think of ways to maintain a good health for themselves and their babies. You find yourself changing your diet and lifestyle habits all because of the new life that you are carrying. One of the things you may have considered is how turmeric for pregnant women really works. Other than adding turmeric in your spicy dish to give it some flavor, the same herb can be used for its medicinal properties.

Benefits of using turmeric for pregnant women

Indian Spices - Discovering the Amazing Benefits of Turmeric for Expecting Mothers
Turmeric contains strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic properties that your body may benefit from. When pregnant, use turmeric as a spice by adding it in your food.

Possibly when used with other spices, turmeric can really help in digestion. Bloating and indigestion is quite common among pregnant mothers. This herb can really help to fight digestive problems.

Other than that, turmeric also contains a lot of vitamin C, which you need to fight any colds or infections. Remember that taking medication for colds or antibiotics for infections is not usually recommended when you are pregnant. The herb’s antioxidant properties will also protect your unborn child from any infections and boost overall immunity.

Herbs like turmeric can also act like a natural antiseptic in the event that you are injured and you need the wound to heal properly.

Many pregnant mothers experience swelling especially during the last trimester of pregnancy. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help to minimize swelling.
Protect your child from genetic damage
Baby Bedding - Discovering the Amazing Benefits of Turmeric for Expecting Mothers
Doctors usually recommend that pregnant women should undergo tests to identify any early signs of genetic disorders. There are chemicals and medications that can expose an unborn child to genetic damage.

Genetic damage can result in a miscarriage, spontaneous abortion or even a birth defect. The good news is that you can help to keep your unborn baby safe by consuming natural ingredients like turmeric. While there is still no adequate research to prove that curcumin which is present in turmeric when consumed during the first trimester can help to protect babies from genetic damage.

Turmeric is also said to help pregnant mothers protect their unborn children from the negative impacts of alcohol. While most people know that taking alcohol while pregnant is very dangerous, sometimes they may consume it if they are not aware of the pregnancy. Consuming alcohol can cause serious damage to the baby’s heart and brain. It may also lead to a wide range of respiratory issues.

Turmeric can definitely help to minimize the risk of your baby suffering from any of those physical health issues. You don’t have to consume it as a supplement or extract. By simply adding some powdered turmeric as a spice in your meals, you will enjoy all the benefits of curcumin in protecting your unborn baby from the ill effects of alcohol.

Common side effects of turmeric when pregnant
Your doctor may advice against taking turmeric in high doses when pregnant because it has some serious side effects. There are certain groups of people such as those who are suffering from or have had gall bladder issues, that aren’t required to take turmeric supplements. Do not take turmeric supplements when pregnant if you suffer from gestational diabetes or have a family history of diabetes.

Turmeric, when consumed excessively can lead to blood clotting. Try and cut back on the consumption of turmeric at least two weeks before your due date. This is especially important if you have had blood clots before.

Other effects of turmeric when taken in large doses include nausea, diarrhea and heartburn. Turmeric is best consumed as a tea but you can also consider taking the supplement form.

How to use turmeric when pregnant

pregnant women - Discovering the Amazing Benefits of Turmeric for Expecting MothersTraditionally, turmeric is used as a spice in food or as a medicine to treat conditions like arthritis and edema. The spice has also been used externally where ointments are made using the plant and used in the treatment of wounds and cuts. However, when you are pregnant doctors recommend against eating turmeric if you are at high risk of miscarriage. If you are carrying a low risk pregnancy, you can add turmeric as a spice in your food. You can mix it up with other spices like ginger which provides other additional health advantages like that of the benefits of turmeric.

You can also prepare some good turmeric teas using other herbs like lemon and ginger. Turmeric when mixed with an herb such as black pepper provides more health benefits. Black pepper makes curcumin easily absorbed by the body. This ensures that your body gets the most benefits of curcumin.

When preparing turmeric tea, make sure you use honey to taste instead of sugar. If you feel nauseous because of milk, you can just prepare the turmeric tea with some lemons and ginger and plain water. Ingredients like ginger have powerful properties that make your tea more nutritious.

If you prefer using turmeric for seasoning, mix it with freshly grounded ginger during the early stages of preparing the milk. Remember that turmeric has a very strong color so when you use it on soups; it is likely to leave your clothes stained if you pour it on you while eating. Nonetheless turmeric is a powerful herb that needs to be used wisely among pregnant mothers.

Is it safe to use turmeric?
Avoid the use of turmeric during the early stages of your pregnancy. The risk of miscarriage is usually high during the first months of pregnancy and that’s why most doctors will warn against using this herb. Even when you are using turmeric in your food for seasoning, make sure you use it in moderation. Do not apply it for medicinal reasons or even take it in form of supplements when pregnant.

Just use the herb with discernment and a lot of caution. Most importantly, speak to your health care provider regarding the use of turmeric when pregnant.

Maggie Martin - Discovering the Amazing Benefits of Turmeric for Expecting MothersAuthor Bio: Maggie Martin is a Ph.D. in Cell Biology graduate. She is very passionate about healthy living and has been writing about Food and Healthy Lifestyles. When she is not busy, she takes interest in a variety of things such as lifestyle, food, health, herbal medicine, and the benefits of turmeric. Follow her on Twitter @Maggiemartink

9 Deadly Foods You Have Been Hiding In Your Kitchen


Human beings were created with an exquisite instinct of basic survival. However, many are the times we ignore this capability and do things that push us to the edge of death. The worst thing is that we do it knowingly and defy every reason to back off only to start lamenting when tragedy strikes.

We diet for survival and when we do so we are more focused on the benefits and turn our back on the dangers we might be facing. Some of the food we take supply great value and health benefits. But some of these favorite foods contain gruesome poisons and should be avoided like a plague.

The following are some of the foods that are probably in your kitchen and contain toxic elements.

Potates - 9 Deadly Foods You Have Been Hiding In Your KitchenYou read it right! I know potato might be one of your favorite foods but caution must be taken when eating them. This is because potatoes contain a type of glycoalkaloid poison called solanine.

This poison is found in potatoes’ eye, leaves, and stems. Solanine is a chemical used by the potato as a natural pesticide for defense. When the potato is left for long in the sunlight this chemical builds up and the potato turns green in color. About 8-13mg can be found in each potato and the consumption of more than 200mg of solanine can cause health problems like hallucinations, neurological problems, nausea, and hypothermia.

Potatoes with greenish tinge should be avoided, because in some cases their consumption can cause death.

Cashew Nuts
Cashew Nuts - 9 Deadly Foods You Have Been Hiding In Your KitchenRaw cashews contain a chemical called urushiol which is also found in the poison oak or ivy. You are aware of the harm a poison ivy can cause, now imagine consuming this chemical. Eating huge amounts of raw cashew nuts can prove to be fatal, especially if you are allergic to the poison of the ivy. When large quantities of urushiol enter the body the cause allergic reactions which can be fatal.

Fruit Seeds
Fruit Seeds - 9 Deadly Foods You Have Been Hiding In Your KitchenApples, cherries, apricot, peach, pits and some other fruits are not dangerous but their seeds are poisonous. These seeds produce a hydrogen cyanide called prussic acid when bruised or ground up.  Prussic acid causes slight or severe poisoning depending on the amount consumed. Some of the common symptom of this chemical includes headaches, dizziness, and vomiting.

To stay on the safe side avoid eating large quantities of the fruits mentioned above.

Almonds - 9 Deadly Foods You Have Been Hiding In Your KitchenThere are 2 types of almonds the bitter and the sweet almonds. The bitter almonds contain large quantities of the hydrogen cyanide acid than the sweet variation. If an adult consumes about seven to ten raw bitter almonds it might cause varying health problems. In the case of children, this amount could be severe and may even cause death. Even if they are one of your favorite foods take precautionary measures and avert any pending danger.

Nutmeg - 9 Deadly Foods You Have Been Hiding In Your KitchenNutmeg is a hallucinogenic its extracts are known to be psychoactive agents. Nutmeg should be eaten in small quantities to ward off the dangers that come with its excessive consumption.

The consumption of 0.2 ounces of nutmeg can lead to convulsions. If you consume just 0.3 ounces of nutmeg you will be putting yourself in danger of experiencing seizures. Seizures can lead to loss of consciousness or control which may lead to accidents or injuries. Some seizure activities like status epilepticus can lead to brain damage because of prolonged oxygen deficiency.

Eating a whole nutmeg can lead to ‘nutmeg psychosis’ a type of that is associated with the sense of awaiting doom.

Rhubarb - 9 Deadly Foods You Have Been Hiding In Your KitchenWhen preparing your pie it’s highly likely you will add rhubarb stems to add some extra flavor. The stems of rhubarb are not deadly because they contain manageable levels of oxalic acid. But the oxalates content in the leaves is deadly, especially when cooked with soda to make them tender.

According to scientist rhubarb leaves contain unique and unidentified toxic acid. Besides, oxalic acid is not very friendly when large amounts are taken into the body it can cause kidney stones.

Consuming more than 11 pounds of rhubarb leaves can be fatal, but taking less than that amount might not cause any harm.

Raw Honey
Raw Honey - 9 Deadly Foods You Have Been Hiding In Your KitchenThe processing of honey involves pasteurization process to remove the harmful toxins. Now, unprocessed honey contains a number of harmful toxins including grayanotoxin. When you consume this toxin you may experience symptoms like excessive sweating, dizziness, nausea, weakness, and vomiting. The symptoms do not persist for long and can last for only 24 hours.

One tablespoon of grayanotoxin can result in the following symptoms but consuming many tablespoons could lead to serious problems.

Castor Beans
Castor Beans - 9 Deadly Foods You Have Been Hiding In Your KitchenMost of us will not admit eating castor beans, not because we want to lie but just because we are not aware when we take them. The extract of castor beans are found in castor oil and the beans themselves are found in candies and chocolates.

Castor beans contain a deadly poison called ricin. This poison is so dangerous that 0.2mg can kill someone when consumed. This is the poison used by assassins to win a cold war, the poison dissolves very fast when administered and leave no trace.

Therefore next time you are enjoying sweet things like chocolates or candy do it with moderation.

Kidney Beans
Kidney Beans - 9 Deadly Foods You Have Been Hiding In Your KitchenKidney beans contain a lectin called phytohaemagglutinin. This lectin interferes with the permeability of the cell membrane causing it to let undesirable substances into the body. This affects the normal functioning of the body processes thereby making you lose control of your body. This chemical is also known to trigger cell mitosis.

The first symptoms of excessive consumption of phytohaemagglutinin are diarrhea and vomiting. The signs are triggered by the consumption of a few beans.

To avoid these effects is highly recommended you soak your kidney beans for not less than 5 hours before boiling them. Do not boil the kidney beans in the water they were soaked in so as to do away with the harmful toxins.

The list of foods that might cause you problems is endless. Other foods include mushroom, cassava, tomatoes, egg white, tuna, etc.

The best way to stay on the safe side is to preserve these foods well and using only the recommended quantity. Also when you visit the grocery store only buy quantities you can finish to avoid storing food for long.

It’s said prevention is better than cure, do not wait for too long until you are hit by a tragedy to change, take the chance, learn and follow the basic survival instinct.

Kanisha - 9 Deadly Foods You Have Been Hiding In Your KitchenKanisha is a self-taught chef, writer, and founder of FortunateKitchen blog. This blog was launched with a goal to educate readers on recipe and kitchen techniques by providing tips on food related basics. Her mission is growing to fruition because of continued devotion in blogging about food preparation and ways of making exquisite dishes. It’s never easy considering she has to balance her duties as a blogger and the hectic life of being a mom. But because of her passion and curiosity for food blogging, she has managed to stay buoyant in the upper echelon of food bloggers.

The Benefits of Yoga


I don’t think I know a single adult out there who hasn’t complained, at least once, about not having enough time for something or other. So often I hear friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and even perfect strangers saying something along the lines of If I had another hour in the day, then I’d be able to get in my workout, or If I had another hour in the day, then I’d be able to get some more sleep, or the also popular If I had another hour in the day, I’d be able to cook more regularly and eat more healthily instead of going out to eat all the time. Does this sound familiar to you?

Unfortunately, we all only have 24 hours in each day, and nothing we can do will make us have more hours in the day. We all wake up each morning with a clean slate in front of us, a blank canvas that gives us untold number of opportunities to take, and it’s up to us to decide what we will or won’t do with our day. How we decide to spend our time every day is obviously a matter of personal preference, but I think many of those aforementioned folks above — myself included — will eventually come to a metaphorical crossroads wherein we all realize that it’s imperative that we do whatever it takes to actually take care of our bodies: to nourish it well, to exercise it vigorously and regularly, and to even take a moment to simply be present and for once, turn-off the noise and cacophony that litters our mind and days.

yoga near beach - The Benefits of Yoga

That last point, about taking time to unwind and simply be present, is a biggie. We all complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day, so many of us are stressed about something or another, and so it’s probably without question, then, that our health suffers as a result. We feel overworked, our bodies hate us (and we hate our bodies), and when it’s time to rest each day — provided we acknowledge that we actually need to get an ample amount of rest each day — it’s hard for many of us to turn off technology and just simply go to sleep.

What if I told you that there’s something out there, something that is literally thousands of years old, that could help rectify some of these issues? Something that can help you sleep at night, that can help you become less stressed during daily life, something that can get you to a place in your life where you can just contentedly BE in the present moment and ignore the cacophony? Oh, and this thing can also be great for your health — mental, physical, and spiritual, if you choose — and you could make it as complicated as you want it to be? Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite four-letter words: yoga.

As a practice, yoga has been around for thousands of years. There are so many different incarnations, or practices, of yoga out there now that if you say to yourself Oh, but I’m not a yoga person; I’ve tried it before, I can all but promise you that you just haven’t found the right type for your needs. There are yoga practices that are cardiovascular invigorating and challenging, and there are others on the opposite end of the spectrum that quietly, slowly, and fluidly help you to “recenter” your body and mind while flowing through poses that seem to effortlessly connect to one another. Likewise, you can go to a boutique yoga studio to get your daily dose of zen, watch a DVD and follow along at home, or simply subscribe to a yoga channel on YouTube or use an app on your phone. The possibilities are seriously unlimited; it’s just a matter of finding a type or practice that jibes well with your lifestyle and satisfies your needs.

If you’re at all on the fence about whether you should include yoga in your regular fitness program, I implore you: don’t be. Sure, it can be intimidating to try something new, and you might even feel awkward or foolish or worry that you’re going to do something incorrectly or say something stupid, but it doesn’t matter. We are so infrequently given the opportunity to try something new in our adult lives — and be bad at it, at least initially — that we get scared of going outside our comfort zones. Here’s the thing, though: nothing can ever grow in a comfort zone. It’s not until you expose yourself to the Great Unknown that you can learn more about yourself and perhaps even find a new passion — however challenging it may be.

Below, I’ll quickly describe just a handful of the numerous benefits that yoga confers to its practitioners:

It makes you go slowly: While there are some fast-paced yoga practices out there, many of them fall into the more slow-moving camp. It can initially be tough to feel like you’re “not doing anything,” especially if you’re used to always being on the go or working up a sweat, but yoga is great for teaching you how to slow down and how to be more mindful of yourself and your surroundings. Many of us become multitasking pros (or we convince ourselves that we are) that it can seem downright awful to just focus on one thing for once, but yoga can teach you how gratifying it is to simply take things slowly, as they happen, and to focus on every single aspect of a particular thing (your breath or your body as it moves, for example). Developing this razor-sharp focus in yoga can definitely transfer over to other areas of your life, too.

It can help teach you meditation: Again, so many of us get stuck in the go-go-go rut all the time that at the end of the day, we fail to recall exactly what we did during the previous hours, whom we spoke with, or even what we saw. Just as yoga teaches you how to take life more slowly and intentionally, so, too, can it teach you how to meditate. Many people erroneously think of meditation as being some hippy-dippy kum-bah-yah affair, but it’s not; in fact, once you begin meditating and learning how to quiet your brain and mute your surroundings, I think you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without meditating in the first place.

It can give you some literal or figurative balance: Particularly if you regularly do other exercises, like walking, running, or cycling, it’s likely that you’ll develop some overuse injuries or strains from doing the same thing all the time. Yoga can be fantastic at making you into a more well-rounded, more fully-developed athlete. In particular, it can help rectify many muscular imbalances and help mitigate muscular over compensations — both problems that plague endurance athletes. It’s probably unsurprising, then, to mention that there are endurance athlete-specific yoga practices out there, too, such as yoga for runners.

There are countless other benefits to developing your own yoga practice, and I imagine that just like with most other activities, the more frequently you do it, the better it’ll make you feel and the more comfortable or adept you will become at it. The nice thing about yoga is that it can meet you where you are, meaning that you can adjust the poses and depths to suit your current comfort or ability levels. With a little research and some flexibility (again, literally and figuratively), you’ll be well on your way to finding a yoga routine that you can regularly incorporate into your fitness routine, and who knows? Maybe you’ll even be able to translate the numerous benefits you incur into other aspects of your daily life.

Writer’s Bio: Dan Chabert

Dan Chabert - The Benefits of YogaAn entrepreneur and a husband, Dan hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. He loves to join ultramarathon races and travel to popular running destinations together with his wife. During regular days, he manages his websites, Runnerclick, That Sweet Gift, Monica’s Health Magazine and GearWeAre. Dan has also been featured in several popular running blogs across the world.

Natural Treatments for Red Eyes


Everybody, at some point in their lives, experience red eyes. This symptom is normally fleeting and troublesome rather than long-term or risky. However, it’s a great idea to get rid of it as soon as possible. Here is some Natural Treatments for Red Eyes that can help solve this annoying problem without the need for drugs or surgery.

Red Eyes - Natural Treatments for Red Eyes

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What Is Red Eye?

Red eyes (also called Bloodshot eyes) is a general term that refers to swollen or dilated blood vessels on the sclera. As a result, one or both eyes look red and feel gritty.

Common Causes Of Red Eye

There are lots of conditions and medications that can cause a red eye or eyes. Here are some common causes of bloodshot eyes:

  • Dry eyes: Dry eye syndrome occurs if your eyes do not produce enough tears or your tears on the surface of the eyes evaporate too fast. This can lead to eye inflammation and make your eyes look really sick.
  • Allergy: Allergies usually affect your eyes, making them swollen, itchy, red and even watery.
  • Contact lenses: Contact lenses for a long time can sometimes make dry eye syndrome worsen. To reduce your chances of the risk of all contact lens-related eye infections, including bloodshot eyes, we should keep your lenses clean and disinfected, and replace them frequently as well.
  • Computer vision syndrome: Staring at a computer too long can certainly cause red, burning, puffy, and tired eyes.
  • Eye injury: Injuries can make your eyes red, pink or watery, sometimes severely enough that you could lose all of your eyesight.

Natural Treatments for Red Eyes

The treatment of red eyes (or bloodshot eyes) varies, depending on its cause, severity and symptoms. Ask the eye doctors for your diagnosis, health condition, and treatment to get rid of it as soon as possible. If you don’t want to see them, however, try these 7 natural treatments for red eyes.

  1. Warm Press
    Dip a washcloth in a bowl of warm water and wring the water out of it. After that, apply this warm compress to your eyes for for 7 – 10 minutes. Repeat process 5 – 6 times and finally use salt water to wash the eyelids.
  2. Cucumber
    Cucumbers contain soothing effect and anti-inflammatory properties which can help to decreases swelling and irritation of red eyes. Keep a cucumber in refrigerator for no more than 15 minutes and then cut it into small size you want. Put slices over your eyes for 10 – 15 minutes. This is one of the most effective remedy for treating swollen and red eyes.
    For more information, click How to Get Rid of a Black Eye
  3. Tea bags
    Tea bags from caffeinated tea blends can cool and reduce red, puffy eyes. First of all, you have to put them in a refrigerator for about 12 – 15 minutes. Lay down the tea bags over your eyes. Wait for 15-30 minutes and rinse off any tea stains on your eyelids. For best result, use this natural treatment for red eyes everyday until you feel better.
  4. Potatoes
    If you wish to keep your eyesight healthy, you need to consume foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals. This characteristic make potatoes as good as cucumbers when it comes to reducing red, burning and puffy eyes. Then how to apply it? First, place it in the refrigerator for 20 – 25 minutes. Put the chilled slices over your eyes and leave for 12 – 17 minutes. To get rid of red eyes quickly, use this natural treatment before you go to sleep every single day.
  5. Vegetable Juice
    One of the most effective way to obtain the benefits of multiple nutrients essential for improving your eyesight is to drink juices, including fruits and vegetables. For example, Carrots are high in vitamin A which can keep eyes strong and to limit the infection. Spinach has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities which can reduce the risk of inflammation, including red eyes. The best time to drink these fresh juices is in the early morning when your stomach is empty. Apply this natural treatment for red eyes everyday to get good results.
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar
    Apple Cider Vinegar is famous for malic acid which can help to prevent bacterial infections. Stir 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into a cup of warm water. Dip a cotton pad in this solution then wash your eyes clean with it. The malic acid in Apple Cider Vinegar will help fight against the harmful bacteria which cause redness and burning in eyes.
  7. Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera is well known for treating skin injuries, but did you know that it is also used for curing several eye disorders, including bloodshot eyes or red eyes. Ethanol and Ethyl Acetate extracted from it can be used to prevent eye inflammation effectively. This Natural Treatments for Red Eyes should be applied everyday until you feel better.
  8. Cold Compress
    Another amazing home remedy for red eyes is cold compress. It is known as a simple treatment for this problem that you can easily apply at home. Thanks to the coldness effect, it can help alleviate the irritation in your eyes and remove eye fatigue fast.
  9. Castor Oil
    You can easily find out that castor oil is widely present in eye drops. This has proven its safety to your eyes. The oil assists in accelerating the red eyes symptoms. Like other remedies, you had better apply a cotton ball dipped in castor oil to your eyes and keep it for some minutes. In addition to red eyes, castor oil can treat dry eyes effectively.

All you need to do is to rub a soft and clean towel dipped in cold water over your eyes and leave them on for some minutes.

About the Author:
This article is written by Ashley Bennet, a co-owner of AuthorityRemedies. She has worked and trained in the field of Nutrition and Health for over 3 years, consistently providing people with useful information about nutrition as well as helping them with their common health problems.

How Healthy Mouths Benefit Your Body


Did you know that your mouth and your body benefit each other in many ways? This doesn’t just mean food is digested beginning in the mouth. The health of your mouth and your body are dependent on each other. According to experts at and other dental sites, taking care of your mouth is a no-brainer. As a part of your body, it is just the logical thing to do. Of course, caring for your oral health is important because you have to prevent tooth cavities and gum disease. Other than this, your body stands to benefit a lot from good oral care. Here are some of the ways in which dental hygiene benefits the rest of your physique.

Healthy Mouth - How Healthy Mouths Benefit Your Body

Heart Diseases is Prevented or Reduced

Heart Diseases is Prevented - How Healthy Mouths Benefit Your BodyThere are multiple studies that prove that gum diseases of the inflammation type can increase your risk of getting heart diseases. Major North American collaborations between academic associations have conducted studies into this. Your risk of suffering from a heart attack that could result in death is increased if you have gum disease. Any gum condition can qualify.
If your gum condition is because your mouth has been exposed to bacteria, you’re simply at a higher risk of cardiovascular disorders. This is mainly because inflamed gums can lead to inflamed blood vessels and organs. Inflammation in your blood vessels, especially those near your heart, can lead to a higher risk of cardiac arrest. On a typical visit to your dentist, watch for the classic question of whether or not you have a medical history of heart problems. Most good dentists inquire after this. Your heart doctor (cardiologist) usually checks your mouth too.

If You’re Pregnant, Oral Health is Critical

Pregnant Women - How Healthy Mouths Benefit Your BodyAre you a pregnant woman? You may need to do a lot more than visit your family doctor during your term. Checking in with your dentist is very important. In fact, good oral health is more important for expecting mothers than anyone else at any time. If you’re pregnant and you have bad hygiene habits for your mouth, there are risks. These include the chance of having a premature delivery. The better the condition of your mouth, the higher the chance is of delivering your child on time and in good health.

Many babies born to women with bad oral hygiene are either premature or have an abnormally low weight at birth. Both of these significantly increase the risk of further post-delivery complications. Some of these include learning disorders, asthma, infections, deformities and more. The risk of your child dying after birth is also increased when they are delivered too early or in bad condition. If you are pregnant, you have to practice good oral habits. Visit your dentist or hygienist on a regular basis.

Gum Diseases Can Cause Diabetes and Vice Versa

Diabetes Whiteboard - How Healthy Mouths Benefit Your BodyDid you know that as a diabetic, you’re more likely to get gum disease? This is a pretty well-known fact. What you may not know, though, is that having gum diseases can lead to an increased risk of getting diabetes. This doesn’t mean small-scale inflammation of your gums. Serious gum problems can be a causal factor in diabetes because they change the way your body handles glucose levels.

This happens when the gum condition is caused by exposure to bacteria. The bacteria in your mouth that causes inflammation does so with the release of toxins. These toxins cause the cells in your body to stop processing carbs that you take in. The more toxins there are in your cells, the fewer carbohydrates are metabolized in them. This leads to elevated levels of blood glucose in your system. In addition to this, your body responds to the presence of this bacteria by increasing the cells resistance to insulin, which causes cells to metabolize carbohydrates. Since your cells and incapable of processing carbs due to both the toxins and the body’s natural response, your levels will rise.

Your Chance of Detecting Mouth Cancer Increases

cancer symbol - How Healthy Mouths Benefit Your BodyA large part of good oral health is linked to your dentist. Regular checkups with a hygienist or dentist is the best ways to keep your teeth and gums sharp. As a part of your regular checkup, your dentist will check all the tissues and surfaces in your mouth for abnormalities. It is also standard procedure to check for signs of cancer during the checkup. They can do this by looking very closely at your soft tissues such as your inner cheeks, lips, tongue, gums, and the roof of your mouth.

If you practice good oral habits by regularly visiting your dentist, you have a better chance of early cancer detection. A common first sign of possible cancer in the mouth is a lesion. This is a small red or white spot on your gums or other soft tissue. There won’t usually be other signs of the cancer setting in, and you won’t feel any pain. Checking in with your dentist regularly allows them to see these for themselves and determine whether or not to worry about them. The earlier this disease is detected, the higher your chances are of saving your own life.

Brush Your Teeth to Lose Weight Better

lose weight - How Healthy Mouths Benefit Your BodyWhen you brush your teeth, your brain tells you that you are done eating. This allows you to stop yourself from snacking, eating sweets, and eating more servings. Overeating and indulgence are both prevented if you just brush your teeth after meals. One other reason why this works is taste. When you brush your teeth, the fresh aftertaste of toothpaste makes food less tasty. In fact, it can taste pretty bad when you eat right after brushing. This allows you to stop yourself from eating right after!

There are many other ways in which good oral habits directly or indirectly help your body become healthier. Regularly visiting your dentist is the best way to get started. Ask them about what you can do to be more responsible about your oral health. They will help you become happier, healthier and safer through great oral hygiene!

10 Easy Healthy Habits You Can Start Straight Away


Do you want to lead a healthy and happy life? Then take a look at the following habits that can bring you an overall sense of wellbeing.

Easy Healthy Habits - 10 Easy Healthy Habits You Can Start Straight Away

  1. Maintain A Balanced Diet
    Yes, we all listen to these same set of words on a daily basis. Ever wondered why? Because it is crucial to get the needed nutrient in your body. Overall, if you consume a well-balanced diet, you will be healthier.
    A balanced diet can aid in growth, weight control, reduced risk of illness and better energy levels.
  2. Break A Sweat
    According to the American Heart Association, it is vital to do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercises five days every week. Remember, the healthiest people always indulge in some form of physical activity on a consistent basis.
    If you are a busy bee like me, you can consider setting up a home gym. This way, you will get the benefits of incline bench within the comfort of your home. You can also choose to take up a martial art or yoga. This can help in relaxing your mind and body.
  3. Hydrate
    According to the British Nutrition Foundation, women should drink eight glasses and men should drink ten glasses of water daily.
    Have a reusable water bottle near you all the time. This way, you will not forget to drink water.
  4. Have A Good Mindset
    Healthy people are positive people. They start and finish their days with positive thoughts. So, if you have a proper mindset, it will help you grab the opportunities you get and also recover easily from setbacks. Practicing gratitude and mindfulness can make you happier and satisfied.
  5. Cook At Home
    When you are cooking for yourself, you are under the ultimate control of portion sizes and ingredients. It is important to recognize that those who cook at home are more likely to consume fewer sugars, fewer carbohydrates, and fewer calories. Home cookers will also be able to make much healthier choices.
  6. Bike Or Walk Instead Of Taking The Car
    Do you drive every day to work? Then, it’s time to change your routine. People who walk to their offices instead of taking the car are reportedly said to have more energy, feeling of well-being and reduced levels of stress. Moreover, you are doing your overall health a favor. Also, you can save money and contribute to promoting thing our environment.
  7. Eat Mindfully
    When we were children, our parents would have advised us to finish the meal that is served. But, that can apply no longer. According to studies, it is better to keep your stomach full at 80%. This can help in easing the digestion process and is also said to increase longevity.
  8. Shield Yourself From The Sun
    Being at your desk without natural sunlight can be harmful to the body. Sunlight helps in getting Vitamin D which is known to help in combating depression and promoting bone health. But, this doesn’t mean that you should soak up the sun without any protection.
    Ensure that your moisturizer contains sunscreen or ensure that you apply a light layer of sun protection. This will help you protect against aging and combat against harmful diseases like skin cancer. Even though wrinkles might not be a concern now, it will be when age takes its toll.
  9. Begin Your Day With A Glass Of Lemon Water
    It is said that lemons can be of great help in benefiting your health. It is important to notice that lemons contain vitamin C in abundance.
    Moreover, It contains other vital nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous. If you start your day with a glass of lemon water, it can help you flush out the harmful toxins in your system. Also, lemons will be of great assist in maintaining the PH balance of your body.
  10. Drink Red Wine
    Red wine contains antioxidants called polyphenols which can reduce the risk of heart diseases. Other benefits are longevity, improved immunity, and better cognitive function. This beneficial booze can also help you get slim, lower the cholesterol, and fight off cold.

Bonus Tips

  • Many studies have pointed out to the fact that longevity is very much connected with sleep. Sleep gives you the time to repair and rest your body. It gets you ready to start the day. So, ensure that you get 7 hours of sleep daily.
  • Skip the elevator and take the stairs. This will make sure that your heart rate keeps going and will help you be full of energy. It’s a great habit, and you will be able to witness progress in stamina and strength over time.
  • “Eat like a King in the morning, a Prince at noon, and a Pauper at night.” Ever heard this saying? Well, it is true to an extent. Ensure that you do not overeat at night. This way, your digestion will be easier, and you will have a good sleep. Moreover, the chances of bloating and constipation are less if you do not overeat at night.
  • Ensure that you add green leafy vegetables to your diet. You can add them to your smoothie or salads. The fiber in these veggies will fill you up. It will help in providing essential minerals, vitamins, and energy.
  • Many of us purchase ‘ready to eat’ processed foods. But, do we go through the ingredients list? If you find unnecessary additives in your food item, then it is better to say no to it. Stick to food items with natural ingredients and preservatives.
  • Taking cold showers can have various health benefits. This includes weight loss, increased alertness, better muscle recovery, and a boosted immune system. It can also help in combating stress and even depression.

The tips listed above will be of great help in leading a healthy, organized and happy life. Also, ensure that you take decisions after considering the requirements of your body when it comes to diet and sleep. After all, each person’s body is different and may react differently.

Homeopathic for your health


Are you not satisfied with the modern medicine? If yes, then use this Homeopathic treatment to get a better relief from your diseases and heal your body with natural content. Homeopathic helps to regain the body’s original immunity and heal your body. Most of the people using homeopathy to cure their disease as it has no side effects. In this article, you will find about homeopathy and its how it works with your body to restore the energy.

Medical Pills - Homeopathic for your health

What is the Homeopathic Treatment?

Homeopathy is a popular treatment method which uses natural substances to cure the disease. The medicines are prepared like same as modern medicine pills and drugs but it has only pure natural herbs and contents. The best part of this treatments is, only small amount of medicine needs to heal rapid causes. It normally uses natural substances from herbal plants and trees. It does not include any synthetic and chemicals.

Homeopathy works based on three principles which produced by the Laws and Principles of Homeopathy. I.e. Law of similars, Law of Potentization and Holistic. Law of similar is the key to finding the similar symptoms.  Law of Potentization is the key to a minimum of dose. The small amount of dose can rapidly cure various disease causes. Holistic works on choosing the right medicine based on the causes.

Why should I choose the homeopathy?

There are a lot of factors to choose the homeopathy as your treatment. Homeopathy is known for its safe medicine treatment.

Homeopathy is safe to the body and it’s non-toxic.It does not make any side effects forever.
Homeopathy is FDA regulated and it has an over-the-counter status which allows you to purchase from the stores even without the prescription of a physician. Cost affordability is the success factor of homeopathy. These medicines are available for low cost.

This treatment does not affect the other treatment such as heart, blood pressure, thyroid, insulin and other medications.

Homeopathy has the ability to cure even the chronic disease. It has the treatment for all curable diseases, causes, and allergies.

What are the diseases can be cured by homeopathy treatment?

This the common question about homeopathy treatment. It has the ability to cure diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid, glaucoma, and other hundreds of diseases. Homeopathy works well with the complex symptoms of individual diseases. Normally every disease is correlated with other conditions. For example, heart disease is related to skin problem and so on. Homeopathy could not be used to cure the heart failure gastric ulcer and other critical diseases but the homeopathy will be chosen to treat this complex’s symptoms.

List of some popular homeopathic medicine for various diseases

Homeopathic medicine is pure natural extracts that prepared same like allopathy medicine. But when compared to allopathy medicine it’s easy to swallow and you won’t feel and medicine smell like as allopathy. It’s completely easy to swallow. These medicines come in capsules format which can be taken based on the physician advise. Here some of the popular capsules that work well with the various disease that leads to living a healthy life.

Homeopathic for Cardiac

Baryta Carb is one of the homeopathic remedies that helps to heal the cardiac function. It treats the degenerative changes caused in the cerebral regions and cardiovascular. It also treats the rapid deterioration that occurs in the old age. Normally the loss of memory is the common problem in aging. It helps to heal the memory issues, mental, nervous weakness, and childishness.

Homeopathic for Rheumatism

Rhus Toxicodendron is the homeopathic remedy that helps to get relief from the rheumatism arthritis. When arthritis occurs you will get the continuous joint pain while you sitting for a long time. This Rhus-t helps to heal the body pain.

Homeopathic for Liver function

Fluoric acid is the best solution for the premature aging problem. Flac is the treats the liver disorders, bone pain, necrosis and caries of the bone.

Homeopathy for brain system

Alumina is the homeopathy remedy for brain-related causes such as Alzheimer’s disease. It is made of aluminum that ha wide range of benefits to cure the brain and nerves cause symptoms. It also can treat memory weakness, anxiety, apprehension and memory loss.

Homeopathic for Paralysis

Conium maculatum is the best remedy for someone, who affected by the paralysis. It heals the bone and nerves function and cures this cause and symptoms. It also treats the tumors causes and symptoms.

Homeopathic for Prostate Causes

Prostate causes are the serious condition for men. When this complex condition occurs for someone, the prostate will be swelled that make him be impotent. For this condition, Selenium metallic is the best remedy that heals the prostate.

Homeopathic for Mammary

The Mammary gland will be infected sometimes which cause the severe pain and throbbing. To heal this issue Sabal Serrulata is best the best option. It also treats the ovarian atrophy urination or uterine. It also regulates the menstruation and tender breast.

Homeopathic for Tiredness

Tired and soreness will make your life so dull. You can’t enjoy any moments if you feel tired in your body. Homeopathy can treat this issues by using Arum medallion medicine which has no side effect and heals the body function.

Homeopathic for First Aid

When you face the unexpected accidents at your home you should give the first aid for someone who get injured or any other health related issues. But its matters about which remedy you are using to give the first Aid. There is a chance of giving wrong first aid. Arnica, Hypericum, Calendula, Apis, and Ledum are the best homeopathic medicine for first aid.

How to get the homeopathic treatment?

  • Taking the homeopathic treatment is not so hard if you do some research about. If you are seriously looking for treatment then here are some of the tips to get a healthy life.
  • Make sure about your disease and causes to choose the right treatment
  • Search for the best homeopathic physician for your treatment
  • Take the proper advice from your physician
  • Start the medicine as per your physician direction
  • Make sure that you are meeting your physician regularly.
  • Never forget to take your medicine properly.

Final words.
Living Healthy life is not only about maintaining the body elements but also its matters about mental health. Because both physical and mental are correlated with each other. Keep your mind calm and peace to feel the difference in terms of physical and mental as well. Taking meditation will help you to live with peace and let you enjoy the precious life.  I hope you are enjoyed reading!

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