How To Live The Healthy Life With Ayurveda


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Do you want to live a healthy life? Then this is the article for you. I hope you aware of this way of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical treatment. It is an efficient treatment that helps to heal your body. Ayurveda is the best choice for someone, who want to live a healthy life. The concept of Ayurveda is maintaining the body elements.

ayurvedic ingredents - How To Live The Healthy Life With AyurvedaAccording to the current situation, It’s hard to live the healthy life, as we have the irregular food habits and improper diet. People are believing that the modern medicine can offer the instant relief. Yes! But remember your body immune system will be affected if you are taking the modern medicine continuously. Ayurveda will take some time to regain the body power and energy. But it assures no side effects to the body.

Ayurveda treatment provides the complete solution with the help of herbal and natural products. The herbs are the best medicine to the curable diseases. Still, people from the rural part of country using the home remedies to get the relief from various causes.

How Can I Live The Healthy Life?

We don’t have enough time to take care of our health as we are living in the modern life. To obtain the healthy life you should pay the special attention to everyday lifestyle.

Even a small change in regular food habits and living style can lead to the healthy life. In this article, I have shared some Ayurveda tips to live the healthy life ever.

1) Wake Up Early

alarm clock - How To Live The Healthy Life With AyurvedaEarly morning wake up will help you to start your day freshly. It’s medically proven that people who wake up at early morning will be more active for the whole day. Waking up in the early morning has the wide range of benefits to the body and mind. The best time to wake up is between 4.30-5.00 AM. Because in this particular time you can able to breathe the pure oxygen.

2)Drink A Glass Of Water

man drnking water - How To Live The Healthy Life With Ayurveda

Ayurveda advised you to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Drinking water in the empty stomach has the wide range of benefits to the stomach, especially for the intestine. It will regulate your urinary process.

3) Do Your Exercise

exercise men - How To Live The Healthy Life With AyurvedaStart your day with meditation. Meditation will bring the peace to your mind. Early morning in open atmospheres such as your garden and lobby will be the best option for meditation.

Make sure that the sunlight falls on your body as it has vitamin D which helps to control the blood pressure and managing the process of insulin. Have a green tea which has the nutrients and antioxidants that give the powerful effects. It increases the brain function and makes you think positive.

4) Prepare Your Food/Diet Chart

coffee book - How To Live The Healthy Life With Ayurveda

If you are following the diet then it’s better to prepare the food chart. Make sure you have included more fruits and vegetables. Ayurveda advised you to take the six tastes such as sweet, sour, pungent, salty, astringent and bitter. Never forget to include Garlic and Ginger. These two are the best digestion herbals.

5) Have A Food On Time

eating food - How To Live The Healthy Life With Ayurveda

Have a breakfast like a king! Taste some sugar before breakfast. Read this article to know the benefits of eating sugar. Having breakfast is must to live the healthy and active life. Have a lunch like a queen! Take a medium quantity food for lunch. Similarly, Have your Dinner like Blogger! Eat less quantity food at night. According to Ayurveda, the eating speed should be moderate. After having breakfast never forget to drink a glass of fresh juice. It will increase the digestion process.

6) Take Oil Massage

wellness message - How To Live The Healthy Life With Ayurveda

Take some oil massage to the whole body to get the relief from tired and soreness. Virgin Olive oil is best for skin which regenerates the skin immune system and removes the dead cells from the skin.

7) Prepare You Own Face Pack

woman face wash - How To Live The Healthy Life With Ayurveda

If you are the beauty conscious then use the ayurvedic face back instead of beauty cosmetics. You can prepare your own face pack at your home itself. Normally Ayurveda recommends turmeric, curd and lemon, honey, and aloe vera to make an ultimate face pack that has the skin whitening formula naturally.

Lemon has the ability to remove the oil from the skin. Likewise curd and honey have the power to moisturize the skin. Use the home remedies to get a refreshment and natural beauty look. Fruits and vegetable facial has the anti-aging formula and removes the dead cells from the skin.

8) Spend Your Time With Family

handsjoing family - How To Live The Healthy Life With Ayurveda

This is the important secret for the healthy life. Spending your time with family or lovable one will improve your mental health. It will create the positive atmosphere and will lead to you live with joy and happy.

9) Love The Nature

family nature - How To Live The Healthy Life With Ayurveda

Living with nature is awesome. Spend your maximum time with nature atmosphere to keep the mind calm and peace. Nature will bring the refreshment to the mind and body as well.

10) Take A Deep Breath

woman nature - How To Live The Healthy Life With Ayurveda

Before you are going to bed, sit calm and take a deep breath. Recall your whole day activities and point out what you have missed out on the day. Plan for next day and schedule your work.

11) Drink A Glass Of Milk

glass milk - How To Live The Healthy Life With Ayurveda

Drinking a glass of warm Milk before going to bed will bring the deep sleep. Milk hs the calcium that makes your bone strengthen and tryptophan that makes you fall asleep quickly and assures the better sleep. It makes your digestion easy.

12) Go Early To Bed

girl sleeping - How To Live The Healthy Life With Ayurveda

Sleep is the most important thing to live a healthy life. If you are not sleeping properly you can get the healthy life even if you follow the above tips. Have the habit to go bed early and wake up early. The best time for going to bed is 10-10.30 PM.

Final Touch

Living a healthy life is related to physical and mental health. Both are should be maintained equally to obtain the healthy life. Trust the Ayurveda to bring the active life and feel the power in you. It has the power to make the big impact on your life which allows you to live long with happy and healthy. I am sure when you follow the Ayurveda you can see the difference in term of your performance and energy. I hope this article will help you to live the healthy life. You can also check more tips for healthy life here.

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Tennis as a Fun, Viable, and Effective Workout Regimen


tennis bat ball - Tennis as a Fun, Viable, and Effective Workout Regimen

There have been an increasing number of people who want to get fit and healthy. Unfortunately, this means that we have to sacrifice certain facets in our everyday lives in order to achieve this goal. It can be anything from giving up or cutting down on carbohydrates in our diet, or lessening those weekend night outs, or taking up a new exercise regimen.

When it comes to fitness, there are more options than the typical morning jog outdoors or the somewhat old school home aerobic workout. A lot of us hate or are too lazy to go to the gym, spending countless hours on the treadmill and those other complicated machines. If you are one of those people, then you will be more than pleased to know that there are plenty of alternatives that might be more effective and a lot more fun. Take playing tennis, for instance.

Creating a Calorie Deficit

tennis player - Tennis as a Fun, Viable, and Effective Workout Regimen

Since the overall topic of health also involves weight loss, incorporating tennis into our fitness regimen becomes natural. First off, dropping pounds is all about creating a calorie deficit, meaning we consume fewer than what we burn on a daily basis. Playing a round of tennis, especially singles matches, burns somewhere in the region of 600 calories, according to a post by Urban Naturale. This number is actually greater than that of cycling and the aforementioned aerobic workouts.

Combining Cardio and Tennis

tennis ground - Tennis as a Fun, Viable, and Effective Workout Regimen

Another great thing about playing tennis is that it is a high-intensity exercise program that develops our cardiovascular system. There is a modified version of the sport called Cardio Tennis. This type of exercise, which is very popular in Europe, is a concentrated fitness regimen that integrates the racket sport into calisthenics, cardio movements, and plyometric drills. It also features up-tempo music similar to spin classes.

Cardio Tennis appeared in major cities in the United States – first as a fitness fad in the early 2000s – that suddenly grew in popularity throughout the years. Today, many tennis clubs around the country offer this program to sort of add a little spice to the usual routine. One glaring difference of Cardio Tennis compared to regular tennis is that it uses low-compression balls to keep the pace going, burning more calories in the process.

Putting in the Time on the Court

tennis stadium - Tennis as a Fun, Viable, and Effective Workout Regimen

In terms of the amount of time we should put in playing tennis, it is important to strive for at least 30 minutes of reasonably intense workouts at least four to five times a week. This includes competing in matches, doing fundamental drills, and chasing after loose balls. Speaking of which, Laurence Beeken of Weight Loss Resources advises everyone to play tennis with only one ball. That way, you are more obligated to run after it every time it goes out of bounds, putting in another viable cardio workout.

Of course part of the whole hitting the tennis court routine includes putting in the work practicing certain strokes and your service game. We see how professional tennis players warm up before the match by lightly going back-and-forth with their opponents. It is vital for us to do the same, and put in about an hour or so exchanging a variety of shots. If we find ourselves alone on the court, we can always make the most of the wall to hone our forehand and backhand, cut shots and volleys.

Developing Other Facets

tennis score board - Tennis as a Fun, Viable, and Effective Workout Regimen

Other than the above mentioned categories, tennis helps achieve our other sports and fitness goals. If we use this as a cross training platform or cross train in other sports altogether, it’s important to understand that specific movements and the overall nature of tennis sharpen different aspects of our body.

For example, since the racket sport features a lot of stopping and starting, side-to-side and front-to-back movements, it develops muscles – specifically in the lower body. In addition, we better our hand-eye coordination, as well as improve our flexibility, as not only are we required to cover our side of the playing court, but also do our best to return the ball to the opponent’s.

To Sum Everything Up

tennis net - Tennis as a Fun, Viable, and Effective Workout Regimen

Tennis is a great way to add more fun to a customary weight loss workout. Essentially, anyone – from kids to adults to even retirees – can pick up a racket, head on over to a local tennis court, and play. Tennis website Play Your Court, even has a blog post about the oldest professional tennis player in the world, Artin Elmayan. What the piece is trying to say is that if Elmayan can still play at his age, anyone has the ability to use tennis to better their own personal wellbeing.

There are no short cuts to achieving our fitness goals. Tennis, for its part, helps us with this by providing a fun and exciting way to lose unwanted weight, develop our overall conditioning, and give us a better outlook on life.

For more health news, diet regimens, and other fitness tips, please drop by the Keep Healthy Living blog.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening


Nature is where you can find unlimited relaxing qualities, tranquility and healing. Gardening can be said as the practice that is associated with mental clarity and many physical benefits in a human body. Whether you’re gardening for veggies, fruits or just for fun, it is always rewarding and exceptional in producing fresh items. For preparing soil to the ultimate joy of harvesting, you’ll be quite busy during the growing season. If you’ve ever spent some time gardening, you’ll know the great benefits of this healthy activity is astonishing. When you look outside to your garden, you see roses blooming, sunflowers sprouting and peas or potatoes are peeking out for the soil. Gardening will not just create a beautiful landscape, each and every seeding, soiling and harvesting, everything in some way offers you important health benefits that you don’t really know about.

So I’m going to tell you about how gardening can benefit you in your physical and mental capabilities. Keep in mind that the information given below is a result of research and study. This might not be totally accurate, but overall, gardening is one of those practices that can only benefit you and never harm you. It’s a really healthy activity for your body and for the environment as well. So, we have arrange some amazing health benefits of gardening that might need to know about before you start your gardening routine going. So, here is my list of seven amazing health benefits of gardening:

A Great Exercise

Men Seeding - The Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is definitely a great form of exercise. It requires intense hard work and concentration, and by doing so, you can actually burns around 250 calories per hour. Cutting or trimming your trees and plants can take the same amount of energy as you walking at a decent pace. Which means, you will be able to lose fat and keep your body fresh and in shape.

Boost Your Diet

tomatos and carrots - The Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening

It’s a true fact that you are bound to eat more and more fresh products if the ingredients in your food are being grown at your garden. It was also found that growing vegetables in your garden will increase your consumption of nutrient-dense foods. You’ll become more inclined towards fresh plant foods in your diet if you’ve invested a lot of your time nurturing the food. Planting seeds in soil, watering it daily and watching it grow – into a large plant full of fruits or vegetables will bring huge satisfaction to you rather than buying it. Furthermore, you develop an intrinsic desire to eat less processed foods as you eats natural, home-grown food frequently.

You don’t require a large space to grow different vegetables, herbs and fruits such as cucumber, tomatoes, strawberries, and peppers grow well in pots. You just need to make sure that they get at minimum six hours of sunlight per day, and believe me you will grow the most bountiful harvest.

Reduces The Risks Of Getting Mental Illness

doctor mental Illness - The Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening

Growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers will help boost brain performance. Research has shown that practicing physical activities such as gardening can cut the lifetime risk of developing Alzheimer by half.

For those who like gardening, it is perfect physical and fun activities to do, and can offer you unlimited health benefits. Even when we talk about the planning of planting and maintaining a garden can be very mentally engaging. Eating the vegetables and fruits that you grow can be a set towards a healthy diet. Moreover, doing things that you love can also help escape depression.

Gardening is especially great for elderly individuals, as it stimulates the brain. Gardening is said to be a mixture of three things; physical activities, social interactions and cognitive learning. It can have positive influence in minimizing the risks of dementia for individuals in their 60 or above. Through gardening, they can maintain a positive well-being and healthy brain.

Boosts Your Health

picnic family garden - The Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening

Studies have shown that gardening can prevent various illness and disease and help maintain a healthy body. Gardening can reduce the risks of having a heart attack or stroke significantly. Gardening is a kind of physical activity that can actually minimize the levels of osteoporosis, diabetes, and colon cancer. Get gardening as part of your physical activity into your weekly routine to improve your physical and mental health.

Reduces Stress

sadness alone women park - The Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is also a great stress reliever. Stress can cause headaches, stomachaches, irritability, heart attacks and other pre-existing conditions in your body. Gardening is a wonderful stress relieving activity, people who garden regularly will have a significant decrease in stress as compared to other stress relieving activities.

Boosts Your Mood

macro young women flowers - The Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening

This wouldn’t sound that much exciting to some, but getting a bit of dirt under your fingernails can actually make you feel good. How? By doing so, the bacterium in dirt and soil, will increase the levels of hormone serotonin in your body that will make you feel good. These bacteria can produce antidepressant effects on your mood, and reduce anxiety and stress.

Helps You Sleep

babies sleeping garden - The Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening

You’re unlikely to be awake at night worrying about your tomato plants. Study has shown that those people who engage in regular activities such as gardening, are more likely to have healthy sleep with better sleep quality. As gardening reduces anxiety and stress levels, it will enable you to fall asleep early and experience deep, healthy sleep.

Even though flowers, fruits and vegetables are themselves great motivators for gardening, above mentioned benefits offers you more reasons to start growing. So, if you’re already gardening, include your family and kids to your weekly gardening routines. If you’re not, start your gardening habits in a small amount. And when you’re good at it, make your garden bigger, grow as many plants as you can, but remember to stay away from those plants that can be harmful to you and your family’s health. Gardening is great for you and your family that will bring you great benefits with zero harm and size effects.

Author Bio:
Farheen Salman is a beauty and lifestyle blogger at FS Fashionista, she is currently working as beauty consultant for Lief Essentials for its brand awareness campaign.

Less Known And Cool Ways To De-stress From City Life


Is your life becoming stressful day by day? It all has to do with your lifestyle.

Clogged highways, long traffic jams, irritating sound pollution, air pollution, never-ending queue everywhere, difficulty in hailing a taxi and constant rings of mobile phones – these are some of the most stressful situations that city dwellers have to face in their day to day life.

Pedestrians busy - Less Known And Cool Ways To De-stress From City Life

Some recent studies have shown that the people who are living in cities may have a 21% higher likelihood of having anxiety disorders, and a 39% larger risk of gaining mood disorders, compared to people who are from rural areas.

For some, these small stresses may seem normal, but as it is now becoming a part of your daily life, the stress soon will become chronic, and you will start to face difficulty in concentrating in even the simplest of things.

Clearly, we need to act fast otherwise that day is not very far when stress will take a heavy toll in our life. Here are some of the less known and cool ways to de-stress from city life.

Listening To Opera Songs:

Woman Listening Music - Less Known And Cool Ways To De-stress From City Life

Everybody knows that music has the ability to soothe your mind, and calm you from inside. But very few people has the awareness that there are certain types of music which are specially prepared to make you see, feel and hear the world differently.

Opera is one such powerful, heart-piercing and mesmerizing form of music that transforms an individual into a different world. It gives you a thrilling experience which will make you forget the present reality you are living in.

You will long for the music more and more as it has the ability to let you free your mind from all kind of disturbing thoughts and feel it with a peaceful serenity.

Since the advent of this art, it has been gaining popularity because of the power and royalty it has in its music. Not anyone can be an opera singer, it needs hard work and dedication to deliver such an unforgettable piece of music.

Give it a shot, especially at the time of stress, trust me, you will thank me latter.

Aquarium Therapy:

fish aqurium - Less Known And Cool Ways To De-stress From City Life

I am definitely not suggesting you to take a therapy or something.

It is actually the easiest and most useful way to combat any kind of stress. Although it is not actually a therapy that you need to take, the benefits you will get from it, are better than any therapy or medication.

From eliminating stress to decreasing anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiousness, anger, and restlessness, it can heal them all.

Aquarium therapy implies the contemplation of the aquarium as several studies have shown that just by looking at an aquarium will heal many health issues. The serene underwater environment will create positive energy into your room which will fill your heart with peace and happiness.

If you place the fish tank in your bedroom, then it will be the most useful way to de-stress yourself as contemplating it at night while in the bed will give you a complete and sound sleep.

Don’t worry about maintaining a tank as there are several kits available on the market which will help you to set up the best aquarium along with a good canister filter which will lower down your work load.

Smile Very Often:

Women Smiling - Less Known And Cool Ways To De-stress From City LifeThere is a saying – ‘Fake it ’til you make it’. Faking a smile at the time of stress will really change your mindset gradually. There is actually a psychological reason to that.

As, our subconscious mind shapes our 95% of daily behavior, influencing it will truly help you to feel satisfied, complete and happy.

At the moment of stress, our body reacts as if it is in danger. And the fight-or-flight response comes into action. The Endocrine glands starts to produce an increased amount of both adrenaline and cortisol hormones which drastically change our mood.

To minimize this state of urgency in your brain and body, a fake smile is the best solution. Even smiling at the mirror for 5 minutes a day will increase your daily dose of happiness.

It is true that a fake smile will not give you an instant relief at the time of stress but smiling very often when you are stressed will improve your heart condition in the long run. Also, people around you will feel comfortable, otherwise seeing you stressed, may also make your family freak out.

Be Thankful:

michelangelo - Less Known And Cool Ways To De-stress From City Life

Stress is defined as any kind of change that makes you feel overburdened emotionally, physically or psychologically. Clearly, it is the change in our life that we are still not used to.

From a small traffic jam to a bad marriage each and every moment we are getting stressed because we want to live our life in the most comfortable and easiest way possible. Whenever something challenges us and breaks our peace of mind, our body reacts as if it is a war.

Hence, chronic stress is the most dangerous one, as our body slows everything down in order to combat it, which is why several problems start to arise. Being generous and humble can literally help your body and mind to get out from a stressful situation.

Whenever you feel unfortunate, angry, anxious, tensed, try to thank everyone and everything for the good memories that you have shared in your life. As the city life is always filled with interactions with people, do not forget to say thank you to everyone who has or has not helped you.

It will create loads of positive in your life, which will surely help you to become stress-free or react less at the time of stress.

Bottom Line:

To be very frank some of the stresses are created by none other than us, as we tend to overreact in most of the situations. In order to keep yourself away from all kind of mood related issues, the above are the best ways as they will not cost you a fortune or waste your time. Also, the moment you will start to devote time for yourself, you will come a step closure to a healthy and happy life.

Top Workouts That Slow Down Ageing


It is common knowledge that as the body ages, it becomes weaker and the mind less sharp. The skin loses its elasticity, the bones lose their density, muscle mass decreases and body fat increases – this is a fact of life and there is nothing anyone can do to prevent this from happening. But, what if I told you that there are a few things you can try in order to slow down the effects of ageing and keep your mind and body youthful for longer?

There are a few exercises which you can practice every day, and a few that you should avoid, that will guarantee to delay the effects of ageing. The earlier you begin these exercises, the more your body will benefit in the long term. You are never too young, or too old, to start improving your life to ensure that you get the most out of your stay on this earth.

I’ll begin with what you should be doing. Now, these exercises are not extreme and they’re all suitable for the complete beginner.

The reason these specific exercises have been chosen is due to the fact that they mimic everyday movements. The idea is that you will maintain your strength in these everyday movements, and you won’t have to rely on anyone else in your elderly years.

If you are accustomed to exercise, you are more than welcome to step these exercises up a notch or two by adding weights and increasing the intensity. No matter who you are (young, old, weak, strong) these exercises are a must to delay the onset of ageing.

Exercises that Cross the Middle Line of the Body

Cross Exercises - Top Workouts That Slow Down Ageing

The two sides of the brain are forced to communicate when we cross the centre line of the body. The right brain controls the left side of the body and the left brain controls the right side and, when we cross these over, both sides of the brain fire up and begin to work together.

It is so important to get the brain working in this way because it will keep the mind active and working at the best of its ability.

Great sports for this include: soccer, hockey, softball, baseball, cricket, kickboxing, boxing, golf, dance, and pilates. If you are not interested in any of these sports, you can also opt for stretching and yoga classes for a lower impact workout that will have you crossing the middle line of the body.

These sports and exercises keep the body strong and the two hemispheres of the brain communicating which strengthen nerve cell pathways and results in a strong mind too.

High-Impact Activities

Skipping Exercise Young Women - Top Workouts That Slow Down Ageing

Short spurts of high impact activities are great for improving bone density without causing harm to the joints and muscles.

For a long time, older people have been told to shy away from high-impact activities because of the negative effects they have on the joints and muscles, however, recent studies have proven that exercises like jumping increase bone density and improve overall health – I mean, a jump isn’t too uncommon in everyday life anyway.

If you’re still hesitant to start jumping around, then rest assured that even a heavier stomp can be just as effective in increasing bone density as a jump. This can be practiced when moving from one movement to another or when you are walking around on a daily basis.
The intensity of the high-impact activities will definitely depend on your age and fitness level, but the key is to remember to only do it for a short period of time in order to increase bone density and avoid damaging the joints.

Increase Your Daily Steps

Morining Walk with Dog Young Women - Top Workouts That Slow Down Ageing

This is all the rage at the moment. Now, I’m not saying that you have to go out and buy the most recent activity tracker and walk yourself to death. Simply becoming more mindful of your daily activity will do.

You can park a little further away from your destination and force yourself to walk a little bit further, walk to your nearest convenience store instead of drive, or start going on short walks around your block in order to increase your steps without having to think about it too much.

Increasing your daily steps ensures that you’re getting your blood pumping and your heart working on a regular basis. It is all fine and well to go to the gym for an hour a day, but if the rest of the day is spent sitting around then you aren’t using your time effectively.

Stand up and move around when you get bored and you will definitely improve your heart health.


Squat Exercise Women - Top Workouts That Slow Down Ageing

A lot of people say they cannot complete a squat because they have bad knees. But, anytime you have ever bent down to pick up a packet, or to pick something up off a low shelf, or gone down onto your haunches, you’ve engaged in a squat.

Actively practicing a squat will ensure that those muscles remain strong well into your elderly years which means you will be able to pick yourself up again even if you happen to fall over.

To complete a squat, stand with your feet hip distance apart and slightly turned out. Bend at your knees AND your hips in order to keep your heels on the floor. Keep your weight in your heels and keep going down until your thighs are parallel to the floor and then push back up.

Push and Pull Exercises

Push and Pull Exercise Women - Top Workouts That Slow Down Ageing

Here are another two exercises you definitely do each and every day. The pull exercises can be performed with resistance bands or cable machines at the gym where you repeatedly pull the band or cable towards your body. Other exercises include the lateral pull-down machine and weighted rows, which sound a little more complicated but can be completed by anyone by simply lowering the weight.

There is no shame in using lighter weights and there are many exercises completed by fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders which can be adapted to anyone of any age or fitness level.

Push exercises include push-ups, chest press, military press, and shoulder press. All of these involve pushing weights away from the body. Again, these exercises sound intense, but they are fairly simple to complete if you work within your weight range.

Leg Exercises

Leg Exercises Women - Top Workouts That Slow Down Ageing

Keeping your legs strong will ensure that they remain strong enough for walking and running (and other every day activities).
When we get old, we tend to need the assistance of walkers and wheelchairs because our muscles simply cannot support us anymore. This is why it’s important to build strong legs.

Leg exercises include leg curls, leg extensions, lunges, and squats to name a few. This will ensure you have the strength to get out of your chair and walk around, no matter how old you might be.


Swimming - Top Workouts That Slow Down Ageing

Swimming is a fantastic low impact cardio workout which does wonder for the body. Swimming does not put any strain on any of your bones and joints which means that you can really work on improving your cardiovascular health without the worry of damaging your body.

Strengthen Your Glutes

Glutes Exercise - Top Workouts That Slow Down Ageing

Glute bridges, hip thrusts, resistance band clams, fire hydrants, and squats are excellent exercises for building the glute muscles.

The glutes have been side lined for too long and deserve their spot in the limelight. There are many women looking to grow their glutes for aesthetic purposes, but it has been proven that strong glutes are required for a strong back. This will reduce the aches and pains of lower back ailments as you age, keeping you feeling younger for longer.

Balance Your Hormones

Balancing Spa Stones - Top Workouts That Slow Down Ageing

This isn’t an exercise, but it’s important to remember that hormones play an important role in muscle mass and bone density.

Testosterone is the key hormone for maintaining good muscle mass and bone density. If you suffer from any of the symptoms of low testosterone then it is important to boost your testosterone levels through natural methods or with the help of testosterone boosters.

There are a couple of things you should avoid when you want to keep yourself young. These include:

  • Excessive Cardio: Running Shoes People - Top Workouts That Slow Down AgeingCardio is public enemy number one when it comes to breaking down our muscles for energy. This weakens the muscles and will put all of the hard work and progress from the aforementioned anti-ageing muscles down the drain. Excess cardio (which isn’t swimming) will also put a strain on the muscles and joints which will result in you being weaker than when you started.
  • A Low-Fat Diet: Fat Free - Top Workouts That Slow Down AgeingHealthy fats are an excellent source of good cholesterol, which is essential for good health. It is important that people move away from the idea that fat is the enemy and embrace the amazing health benefits it has to offer. Overdoing any of the above exercises will have adverse effects and all of the aforementioned should be practiced in moderation with adequate rest in order to ensure the great anti-ageing qualities they are guaranteed to provide.

About Author:

Catherine Grant is an Editor-in-Chief of America’s best bodybuilding supplements website – . She is a health and fitness enthusiast. She wrote health and fitness related articles for numerous reputable sites like Huffpost, EvanCarmichael, MasterHerald, Get-a-Wingman, Lifehack etc… She is passionate about helping others reach their health goals through sharing her own personal experiences.

Top Anti-Aging Foods Demystified


Do you remember when you were a kid, seeing adults get anything they want, they work, wear fancy suits and dresses, leads posh lifestyle, and they looked pretty stunning? But as you grew older, you get to realize that such kind of adulthood dream is not as pretty as it used to seem.

As you grow older, more and more demands are thrown to you. It is stressful, time-consuming, and maybe soul-destroying. It’s not only your soul which is destroyed, but also your body. Did you ever wake up in the morning and when you carefully examine your own reflection in the mirror, you get scared. It is not because you looked like witch in Snow White story or Dracula. But you you found that you are aging.

Older Humans Take Care - Top Anti-Aging Foods Demystified

Those wrinkles and tiny black spots are not a pleasurable things to see. You cannot take the past, anyway. Rather, you should accept it. Aging is normal. It shows your maturity and maybe grace.

Okay, you cannot reverse the time and become 18, where you were full of spirit, young, and cheerful. But you can maintain your health so that you look younger than your actual age. If you think of artificial supplements or botox to veil your aging signs, it is not entirely true.

As a matter of fact, you can find anti-aging formula around you. It is in the food you have everyday. Not all of them contain anti-aging agent. But still, you can select the foods based on your needs. Most of you must have heard about organic greens and fruit to maintain your youth. It is correct. However, there are plenty foods contain anti-aging formula besides of greens and fruits.

First of all, we should know that anti-aging foods have a substance in common: nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). The fact is, human naturally produce NMN in their body. Foods containing nicotinamide mononucleotide are also good for burning unwanted fat.

Besides of nicotinamide mononucleotide, other substances can also give you anti-aging effect. They are B vitamin, carotenoid, and omega-3.

This natural concept diet takes considerable amount of time to give effect. The results are various depends on physical and mental condition of each person. Why is mental important? Well, you must be patient. It is a must, since without patience your result will not be maximal. You must eat healthy foods everyday for at least six months.

If you know the required things to apply successful diet, then you can get targeted effect. They are eating more greens and fruits, choose protein-containing food, whole grain products, non-saturated fat, and reducing salt and sugar (for certain health disease) intake. Here are some foods and drink for keeping you young.


droplets fountain water bird - Top Anti-Aging Foods Demystified

As people grow older, the water intake may be reduced. We just ignore the important of water. Water here is the fresh one. Try infused water to motivate you to drink more and more.

Fresh water is good for detoxification. When you drink six to eight glasses of it everyday, it helps your body excrete unwanted substance as well as toxic from your body.

That is why fresh water is strongly recommended. By releasing the waste your body may have, the cells in your body will actively regenerate. Think about plants. If you give sufficient amount of water to them, they will survive longer. Another factor is that most parts of our body consist of water.

Besides for quenching your thirst, water can also be a natural relief. It can reduce pain, headache, fatigue, and constipation.


Handufll of Blueberries  - Top Anti-Aging Foods Demystified

Blueberry is rich with vitamins and antioxidant. It contains caroten which is previously mentioned as an anti-aging substance. Antioxidant is necessary to prevent free radical. The threatening chemical reaction happens in our body if we maintain unhealthy eating habit for prolonged time.

Another good point of this tiny fruit is that it is tasty and you can make it into some healthy dishes. You can eat it Rawley, make it into juice, mix it with cereals, and soak it into infused water.

Foods with rich fiber

Veg salad - Top Anti-Aging Foods Demystified

Fiber is vital for healthy digestive system. If our digestive system is always in good condition, then our body can absorb nutrients from foods well. The good supply of nutrition makes you look younger.

Fiber can lower blood pressure and make it stable, become an anti-inflammatory agent, and lower cholesterol as well as blood sugar level. That is why foods containing fibers are strongly required for losing weight. Whole grain and most vegetable and fruits are the best source of fiber. You can take fiber supplement tablets if necessary, but do not take it too often and too much.

Fatty Fish

fatty fish sliced - Top Anti-Aging Foods Demystified

The best sources of omega-3 as anti-aging substance are salmon, sardines, and mackerel. It is recommended to eat these fish at least twice a week. You can easily get them in canned version. But it is not really healthy. You can have canned fatty fish every now and then, just for intermezzo.
Omega-3 fatty acids is great to maintain healthy heart and blood pressure. It is also believed to enhance your concentration and brain performance. By looking smart, then you will look younger than your actual age.

Olive oil

Olive Oil bottle - Top Anti-Aging Foods Demystified

Olive oil can be an alternative when it comes to healthy fried foods. Add olive oil into your salad to enhance its taste. Besides consuming it, you can apply olive oil for facemask or massage.
Adequate amount of virgin olive oil increases antioxidant to prevent early aging. Olive oil is therefore great for supplyg HDL, the good cholesterol.


Yoghurt with Rasberry fruit - Top Anti-Aging Foods Demystified

Youghurt is important for D vitamin supply to maximally absorb calcium. It is a key substance for healthy bones. Healthy bones make your movement run well. You can be as active as people in younger age. By being active, you will look young and happy.


Tomotaes in bowl - Top Anti-Aging Foods Demystified

Either cooked or raw, tomatoes are recommended when it comes to anti-aging food. You can make it as beauty mask too. Tomatoes are rich with vitamins and fibers to prevent aging. It also contains lycopene to prevent cancer.

It is so simple, isn’t it? All you need to do is to keep them in stock and put them into your daily menus. Keep in mind that prolonged consumption of healthy food will result in good effect.

How to Build Muscles with HGH


Overview of HGH

If you are a professional or amateur athlete, fitness lover, body builder, or simply a person who loves being healthy, you must have heard about HGH already. HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, just like what its name tells you is a hormone that spurs growth in children and adolescent. The pituitary gland naturally produces this hormone and secretes it into the bloodstream, allowing the hormones to help the cells inside a children or adolescent’s body to develop. As one ages, the pituitary gland produces less and less of this hormone and this is the reason why adults don’t grow anymore.

HGH Elite - How to Build Muscles with HGHHGH, also known as somatropin, is a natural hormone, made from 191 amino acids. Children and adolescent have the highest level of this hormone, but after 25-30 years the level will start to decrease gradually, resulting in common ageing problem such as increasing body fat, lower bones density, sagging skin, appearance of wrinkle, and frequent fatigue.

Some people have naturally low HGH, even during childhood, and if the level is too low they can risk to suffer from HGH deficiency. Severe case of HGH deficiency can result in dwarfism and requires medical attention. There are also some people who have naturally high level of HGH. This also can results in medical condition called gigantism, in which a person grow abnormally bigger than usual.

However, scientist and medical practitioners discovered that synthetic HGH is reproducible. When it is injected into an adult’s body, the body may show a lot of physical improvement and benefits, including weight loss, stronger muscles, stronger bones, and even fixing erectile dysfunction. Since then, a lot of research have been conducted to further support these hypotheses, although the conclusion is still debatable among the scientist and medical practitioners. However, you can’t deny that HGH does has benefits for physical body. Currently, people uses HGH to help with ageing problem as well as bodybuilding.

At a first glance, HGH works a lot like steroid. However, it can’t be anymore different. First, their chemical structure is different. HGH has peptide structure, while steroid has cycloalkanic structure. Second, they bind to different receptors in cells. Third, they have different side effects – with steroid as the one with the worse effects.

How it works in building muscles

HGH is secreted into the bloodstream from pituitary glands. This release will stimulate the liver to secrete Insulin-like Growth Factors (IGF-1). IGF-1 promotes the growth of almost all the cells in the entire body, from bone to brain. In every cell in your body, there is an IGF-1 receptor, which will bind with IGF-1, and their union are responsible for many benefits, from growing muscles, burning fat, healing injuries up to fixing broken cells.

Thinking Men Building Muscles - How to Build Muscles with HGH

Besides working by stimulating another organ to produce IGF, HGH also works by itself. HGH can increase metabolic rates by 20%, therefore burning quite a lot of fat. For this, HGH is also known to be help with body composition. By burning fat as well as build muscles, you will not likely get excess bulk from fat. Your body will be fit and full with lean (fat-free) muscle mass.

Another benefit in body building attributable to HGH is it can shorten your recovery time. After a hard work, sickness, or injury, your body needs a rest time in which it uses it to repair the damaged cells. HGH, responsible for building new cells, will help you to go through this period faster. In muscle building world, it means more time to exercise and more exercises means more muscles gained.

How to Gain Muscles Using HGH

Although it has a quite a fantastic name – a fountain of youth – HGH is not quite so. It does help you build your muscle mass, but not by magically growing it. A consumption on HGH should be accompanied with an exercise regime. The intensity, load, and frequency of the exercise depends on the desired result.

To get help to build muscles with HGH, at first you will need to decide for a cycle. A cycle is a period where you consume HGH continually. Usually to see the result you should set a cycle for 2-3 months. During that time, you can decide the frequency of HGH consumption as well as the dosage.

guy grwoing muscle - How to Build Muscles with HGH

The consumption frequency may range from every day, once for every two days, or five days a week. Five days a week is recommended by taking a day off after every two or three days. A lot of people whose dosage is five times a week usually take two days off consecutively, like at Saturday and Sunday. In fact, it is better to take a day off at Saturday then another at Wednesday to spread the HGH more evenly.

The right dosage to consume HGH vary from person to person, depends on the objective, body mass, athletic experience, and even the quality of the product itself. The dosage of HGH is measured in IU (international unit).

If your objective is to build muscles, the effect would only be seen after consumption above 10 IU a day. Consumption more than 20 IU a day is not recommended, and some medical practitioners even believe that it should be no more than 15 IU a day.

If you want to use HGH specifically to lose weight only by losing the fat, 3-4 IU of high-quality HGH should be sufficient. If you have an average-quality HGH, you may have to increase the dosage into 5-6 IU a day. For low quality HGH, you may need up to 7-8 IU a day. Meanwhile, if you only want to keep yourself healthy without any specific objective, 2-3 IU of high-quality HGH is recommended.

How do you find out whether a HGH product is high quality or not? You can ensure the quality by checking the reputation of the products – from the manufacturers, the distributors, to finding previous users experiences in the internet. For easier search, you can check the products sold at

The body naturally secretes HGH when you are sleeping, therefore taking HGH before you go to bed is not recommended, since it will clash with the natural secretion. The optimal time to take HGH is after you wake up. Since the half-life period of HGH is only 4-6 hours, you should take your daily dosage of HGH in three separates time with 4-6 hours in between.

During the cycle, for effective result, combine the consumption of HGH with healthy diet and exercise regime. The exercise can range from cardio to resistance to aerobic.

In the end, HGH is not magic, but it helps you build lean muscle mass, lose fat, achieve ideal body index, shorten your recovery period, and even rejuvenate your cells. Bodybuilders still uses HGH, not because it gives them instant muscles, but because it helps them with the fat and recovery period.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy Well into Old Age


In this modern and fast-paced life, it is important to try to live as healthily as possible. This requires conscious effort and day-to-day perseverance. Fortunately, more and more people are adopting this lifestyle. According to the report by, gym memberships are on a constant rise in the USA. And this is not just an American trend. The same website has collected data on memberships in fitness and health clubs all over the world and found that these are on the rise as well.

Even though this sounds encouraging, there is a large group of people who are largely left out of this trend- the seniors. Most of us don’t think about it, but we will all become seniors at some point. It is important to keep the healthy and active lifestyle even in old age, as caregivers at A Better Way in Home Care continue to remind their clients and their families. And keep in mind, it is never too late to start. These are some useful tips on how to stay healthy and fit into the old age.

There are some changes which occur when people age, so make sure that you change your routines to accommodate for these changes. Some of the most important changes are listed below.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy Well into Old Age - How to Stay Fit and Healthy Well into Old Age

  • Brain – the whole nervous system changes, in fact; with age, cognitive functions decrease slightly, mostly due to the build-up of plaque in your nerves. This may affect your reflexes, memory and even your senses. In more extreme cases, this decrease can lead to dementia and other degenerative illnesses. There are ways to protect yourself from the worst of this change, though.
  • Digestive system– Just like everything else, your digestive system slows down with age and doesn’t function quite as effectively as it did in its prime. Your teeth, for example, gradually lose their enamel, making them susceptible to cavities and other problems. Your stomach and guts become more rigid and less absorbent.
  • Bones– This change is probably the most associated with aging. Bones become brittle due to the natural loss of minerals. This makes breaking them more likely, and healing generally more time-consuming.
  • Vascular system– Your heart and blood vessels can actually be largely preserved from the effects of aging if you lead a healthy life. If you have been careful, you can expect your heart to be quite healthy well into old age, with only a slight enlargement due to the thickening of the heart walls. This thickening may also slow your heart rate slightly.
  • Skin– Aside from the expected wrinkling due to loss of elasticity, you may also find your skin sagging. All of these changes are normal and expected to manifest gradually as you age. However, there are some ways you can offset and even reverse the negative effects. Listed below are some useful tips for healthy golden years.


One of the most important things anyone can do to improve their health is to take care of what they eat. The same goes for seniors. The first and foremost tip is moderation. Our bodies are better suited for lower calorie input. Some experts from Linkoping University in Sweden are claiming that women can function normally with only 1500 calories per day, while men only need 1800 if they are averagely active and healthy. They go on to insist that we should strive to have the same weight as in our 20s throughout our lives. Even though this seems a bit far-fetched, the goal is to stay as close to that ideal. When it comes to aging, you should institute some changes into your diet. For a start, if you haven’t already done away with it, get rid of fast food. Substitute it for a fiber-rich diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. It has been suggested that the Mediterranean diet suits older people the best. This diet is full of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and fish, but very little red meat.


Another huge aspect of healthy living is exercise. However, older people aren’t quite as able to follow the rigorous regimes designed for older people. Find a program designed for older people which suits your abilities and affinities. One thing you can do on your own is cardio; more specifically, walking. You should make at least 10000 steps per day in order to keep your fitness level. That’ roughly the equivalent of 4 miles per day. Recreation is as important for your physical health as it is for your mental health. You need to keep a positive outlook on life, and physical activity and plenty of fresh air can help you do just that.

Social Relationships

Speaking of mental health, keeping contact with your friends and family is one of the most important things to combat depression and other mental health issues. Even getting a pet can make a big difference in people’s lives. A happy person is much more likely to be physically active and careful about health which is the ultimate goal. Some experts are suggesting that you try to volunteer in your community to get the feeling of belonging and fulfillment from helping others.

Regular Check-ups

This should go without saying, but you need to make and keep regular appointments with your doctor. Even in its prime, the human body needs regular maintenance and check-ups, but with age, this need only intensifies. Even if you feel fine, visit your doctor at predetermined times. You can ask your doctor about potential supplements you should take. Supplements such as selenium and vitamin D are often hailed as very Prevention is a far better option that treatment, but if it does come to that, don’t forget to take all medication your doctor prescribes.

Odds and Ends

There are countless other little things you can do to help yourself have a healthy old age. It really depends on your personal preferences and chosen lifestyle, but here’s another short list of things you might want to adhere to as well.

  • Sleep – Sleep cycles and their duration change with age. If you can do away with alarm clocks, do it. Waking up naturally is much better for you than the abrupt shock of an alarm clock.
  • Stress – This applies to everyone, not just seniors, but seniors are much more likely to be able to avoid stressful situations.
  • Smoking – Cigarettes cause so many different medical issues and quitting smoking is probably the first serious step towards adopting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Temperature – Older people are particularly affected by the weather extremes, so you would do best if you avoided going out during such episodes. These guidelines are useful not only for elderly but also for anyone who is considering changing their lifestyle in order to be healthy enough to actually reach the elderly age.

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How Sports Builds Mental And Physical Health


Besides being fun and refreshing, sports has many long term advantages that go hand in hand with your lifestyle. It controls diabetes, lowers down the cholesterol levels, improves cardiovascular health and reduces depression. It brings out the positivity in your life along discipline and boosts confidence.

Sports - How Sports Builds Mental And Physical Health

Sports is more than just running around. It teaches team work, it raises spirits and promotes the culture of tolerance and acceptance. They are also a very fundamental part of international peace building and humanitarian activities. This is also why people with anger management issues and depression are told to take part in sports because when they play any kind of sports, it helps them deviate their attention from stress to discipline, teamwork, and happiness. Sports help you de-stress and lose yourself in the game.

Sports, in general, enhance physical activity and prevents diseases. When you begin sports from an early age, it makes you more alert and happy in your older age which makes it a good way to increase your life span in a healthy way.

Playing sports has many mental and physical health benefits, some of them are listed below:

Boxer - How Sports Builds Mental And Physical Health

Sports gives you a healthy heart

Sports helps your heart to work more, therefore, making it a workout for heart muscles. You can avoid many cardiovascular diseases if you are playing sports. The heart pumps more blood when it is playing sports and that adds to the increases endurance of your heart.

Manages your weight

Entire world thinks that obesity is an issue that cannot be resolved but experts say that involving sports in your life fixes many problems including obesity. Sports helps manage your weight and due to intense activity, you burn fat and calories and increase muscle which allows you to become leaner and stronger.

Controls diabetes

Sports helps insulin to work its magic, physical activities help to reduce the chances of getting Type 2 diabetes. Sports make the body take full use of the insulin present in the body. And since it helps you reduce your weight, it helps you control the cholesterol levels and risks of diabetes.

Hypertension? No Problem

This is also called high blood pressure and it leads to many cardiovascular and blood circulatory diseases. When you’re playing sports, you reduce your stress levels which are a major cause of hyper tension and you reduce your weight. This is why hypertension gets cured and lowered. It keeps your heart and circulatory system well-conditioned and prevents hypertension to creep up inside your body.

Enhances blood flow

Your blood circulatory system is in charge of providing your body with nutrients and minerals as well as oxygen and blood. If that function fails, you are looking at a multitude of diseases and forms of disabilities. When you’re into sports, your blood circulatory system gets enhanced and your hemoglobin count is improving which results in efficient blood flow.

Increases endurance

Boxing Gloves - How Sports Builds Mental And Physical Health

Sports activities when done regularly, increase your stamina and endurance. Sports like MMA, boxing and rowing increase endurance. Weak people are often advised to begin sports as a hobby because the physical activity makes your white blood cells reach your body parts in a much stronger way which increases immunity and endurance. It removes toxins from the body and regulates body temperature as well.

Tones your muscles

Sports increases fat loss and helps tone the muscles while making them stronger at the same time. Sports make you into the fine specimen of human being that everyone desires to become and it is the best form of muscle toning.

Makes your bones stronger

Sports help increase your bone density and reduces the wear caused by age. This is why people who are in their later ages of life look active and strong because they have played or actively taken part in sports. Sports helps reduce chances of getting osteoporosis which is a bone disease.

Increases confidence

Sports brings a positive change in your life and adds confidence to your personality. While it increases skill and positivity, it helps you regain your lost confidence and if you’re insecure, sports inspires you to become a better person. The goal of sports is to tell you that you have that skillets which ultimately makes you more interesting when you’re sitting in a group of people.

Sets Goals

Sports like MMA, Running, Swimming, Boxing, and tennis allow you to become more goal oriented. In this way, you get better at decision making and planning ahead. Even chess makes your mind stronger, even though it is not a physical sport. Point being, any kind of sports that help you mentally or physically is worth starting because your overall persona gets better when you are a sportsperson.

Increase focus

If you’re clumsy and lack focus, sports is the way for you. It helps you make second to second decisions and increases your overall focus. Especially, when you are playing a game of archery, boxing, MMA, table tennis, badminton and football, all increase mind to body focus. For example, when you are training in the boxing ring with your opponent, your mind focuses on your boxing gloves to deliver the punches in the right combination, at the right time and in the perfect order. In this way, your body becomes more alert.

Sports has countless benefits and all these benefits make you wonder why you haven’t started playing any sports so far. When you begin sports next, research well. If you have interests in combat sports, try boxing and MMA, if you love running, go for football and if you have loved tennis and badminton, look for local teams and see what you can find. You’ll be happy you decided to go down a path that helps you become better both mentally and physically. A perfect mind and body await you.

7 Natural Healing Practices for the Elderly


The stigma of growing old seems to revolve around a misconceived notion that aging ends in a loss of independence, health, strength, and cognitive function. Think of an elderly person and you might envision immobility, endless bottles of pills to treat diseases and illness, and trouble remembering things.

Natural Healing Elderly - 7 Natural Healing Practices for the Elderly

While some natural wear and tear does indeed occur on the body and brain as you age, there are countless non-pharmacological ways to promote natural healing and fight off many of the ailments that plague people as they get older. Don’t miss these top 7:


yoga symbol - 7 Natural Healing Practices for the ElderlyThe mindfulness-cultivating practice of yoga plays an important role in senior health, specifically in relieving stress, soothing back and joint pain, boosting blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, building bone density, and managing weight. Older adults who experience osteoporosis, arthritis, hypertension, even Type 2 Diabetes can find aid in the gentle stretching, deep breathing, and meditation of yoga practice. The variety of yoga practice also fosters a kind and meaningful environment for all types of seniors – from those with mobility issues who need to sit in a chair to do yoga to those who simply seek the restorative, calming parts of it. If you or a loved one are looking for yoga for seniors classes, try your local senior center, YMCA, or use online sites like to conduct a local search.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils - 7 Natural Healing Practices for the ElderlyThe olfactory sense of smell is a powerful conductor of brain stimulation and has been shown in various studies to have positive effects on brain health – from boosting memory and concentration, to combatting stress, relieving joint pain, and promoting better sleep. Essential oils can be diluted and wafted through an aroma diffuser, or even used sparingly as instructed to smell and/or apply to the skin. Oils with scents including lavender, bergamot, and sandalwood are known to help you relax, calm, and de-stress while rosemary, peppermint, and frankincense help to aid memory, improve focus, and and even alleviate headaches. Not a fan of essential oils? Burning candles or incense with your favorite scents, or simply self-soothing by massaging your own hands and feet with a fragrant lotion you enjoy can promote positive change.


Watercolors - 7 Natural Healing Practices for the ElderlyDegenerative conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s which result largely from a rapid loss of brain cells can be fought in part by regular and vigilant fine motor skill practice. Coloring, which involves attention to detail and the interaction of holding small objects and moving them around set paths, is one of those fine motor practices that may help (others would include knitting, crocheting, or origami). Coloring has also been shown to help alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety by giving the person coloring a creative outlet to create something beautiful and positive. Seniors can find free printable coloring sheets on sites like


Baby Boomer - 7 Natural Healing Practices for the ElderlyNot only is exercise a staple practice for managing a healthy weight and preventing heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, but regular low-impact exercise has been shown to aid the longevity and overall health of elderly people altogether. 30 minutes of physical fitness a day boosts blood circulation, strengthens muscles, and builds bone mass helping elderly people fight off arthritis pain, cognitive decline, and osteoporosis. Low-impact exercise activities can include everything from mowing the lawn to swimming, taking brisk walks, dancing, playing tennis, and hiking.

Social Interaction

Company Run - 7 Natural Healing Practices for the ElderlyOne of the most common plagues amongst older adults is simply social isolation. When it becomes tougher to get around because of mobility issues, when you’re no longer able to drive yourself places, when connecting with others seems more difficult and technology problematic, older adults tend to stay in their own environment that gives them more control. There are myriad healing benefits to social interaction, however. Not only does engaging with others help boost your own mood and feelings of self-confidence and positivity, but interactive and real conversations with others has been shown to help stave off cognitive decline associated with dementia. Check with your local senior center or YMCA for social programs, sign up to take a class at the gym, join a faith group group, or find a way to volunteer in your community.


physio - 7 Natural Healing Practices for the ElderlyThe natural wear and tear which simply accompanies aging can take its toll on the body. Older adults might naturally experience muscle weakness, joint stiffness, less dexterity, lower energy levels, and harder times seeing and hearing. Massage can aid many age-related aches and pains as well as provide stress-reducing relaxation and a boost in overall mood. Scientific research has shown significant improvements in everything from arthritis symptoms to low back pain through targeted and gentle pressure massage. Massage of the legs and feet can also help loosen stiff joints and tendons, enhancing flexibility and coordination which may aid in preventing a dangerous fall.

Supplements & Diet

vitamin b - 7 Natural Healing Practices for the ElderlyThe most important aspect of healing is that which comes from within. A healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, whole grains, and lean proteins should limit the intake of processed foods chockful of cholesterol, sodium, sugar, and bad fat. Eating healthy often means cooking all the food you eat, which can be tough for older adults. Staying hydrated is especially hard for seniors too, but vitally important to retaining mental clarity and balancing blood pressure. Sometimes over the counter vitamins, minerals, and oils can supplement what is lacking in a diet. For example, fish oil or flaxseed oil can infuse the body with brain-boosting Omega-3 fatty acids, while calcium and Vitamin D pills can help fight bone loss and osteoporosis.

The old school of thought used to be that aging gracefully meant limiting activity and avoiding exertion. This led many seniors to spend their Golden Years evading exercise, adventure, and travel. Over the past few decades, however, western culture has caught up to the world in realizing that it is in fact the opposite which is true. Embracing exercising, movement, and mindfulness, as well as continuing to eat right and try new things – these are the hallmarks of getting older and staying healthy.