Common Arthritis Hurdles – When Daily Routine Becomes a Struggle


Painful knees and swollen fingers are just impossible to ignore, but add your skin, eyes, lungs, liver, etc. to the list of body parts affected by arthritis and the equation becomes a lot more complicated. Doing the easiest things such as lifting thin items like a toothbrush, or pressing the button on your TV remote can become a struggle.

Arthritis is one of the most misunderstood diseases, which can make matters worse. Understanding how the human body suffers from the effects of the hostile condition, making subtle changes in your lifestyle, and taking regular medication can make life a lot easier.

Arthritis - Common Arthritis Hurdles – When Daily Routine Becomes a Struggle

How arthritis impacts your body and how to counter it

Different parts of the human body are affected in different ways by arthritis. Moreover, the drugs to treat the condition may also have side-effects on your body.


Knee xray - Common Arthritis Hurdles – When Daily Routine Becomes a Struggle

While there are many types of arthritis, it’s mostly the inflammation of the joints. It not only causes a lot of pain but also impacts mobility and your ability to do daily tasks. Walking around and picking up lightweight items can become hard. Regular exercise, ease-of-use tools, medication, and keeping weight under control can take the extra stress off your joints.


Skeleton - Common Arthritis Hurdles – When Daily Routine Becomes a Struggle

Chronic inflammation can decrease bone density throughout the body, making the bones thin and brittle. Taking high calcium diet, consuming vitamin D, and doing regular exercise can be helpful, however, you should consult your physician for additional medication to stimulate bone growth.


hands walking stick elderly old person - Common Arthritis Hurdles – When Daily Routine Becomes a Struggle

Arthritis can cause nodules and rashes on the skin. Nodules or lumps are pretty common and almost 50% of people who have arthritis get them under the skin, often right over the bony area. Normally treatment isn’t necessary, and nodules will disappear on their own. However, if they’re in sensitive areas or impair your ability to drive, hold a pen, etc., they can be treated with disease modifying antirheumatic drugs. Rashes, on the other hand, are caused by inflammation of the blood vessels and appear in the form of small red dots. Controlling the underlying inflammation is the only way to treat these rashes.


Homeless male person - Common Arthritis Hurdles – When Daily Routine Becomes a Struggle

Although not every common, inflammation of whites of the eye may occur in some patients. In severe cases, the inflammation can lead to scarring and permanent damage. The symptoms include pain, redness, and blurred vision. Immediate medical help is recommended if any of these symptoms appear.


Heart - Common Arthritis Hurdles – When Daily Routine Becomes a Struggle

Chronic inflammation can gradually damage endothelial cells, which causes the blood vessels to absorb more plaques and cholesterol than usual. These plaques can damage blood vessels and even block a vessel, that may lead to a stroke or heart attack. A Swedish study published in 2010 confirmed that people who have rheumatoid arthritis are at a 60% higher risk of getting a heart attack.


Upper Body - Common Arthritis Hurdles – When Daily Routine Becomes a Struggle

About 80% arthritis patients have mild lung issues which are not too severe and usually don’t even show any symptoms. Pulmonary fibrosis is the only known disease caused by prolonged inflammation that is complicated and hard to treat. Nodules may also form in the lungs, but they usually disappear on their own and are harmless.

Managing the hurdles caused by arthritis


Medications - Common Arthritis Hurdles – When Daily Routine Becomes a Struggle

A wide variety of drugs – both prescription and over-the-counter – are available to treat arthritis. Always check with your physician before using any medication. For information purposes, here are a few of the most commonly used medicines to treat arthritis.

  • Analgesics: Tylenol and Vicodin are used for pain management, though they don’t decrease inflammation.
  • Aspirin: Available without a prescription and used for temporary pain relief but may not reduce swelling.
  • Capsaicin creams: Topical creams with natural ingredients like menthol and capsaicin can alter the pain sensations in affected joints and diminish the signals sent back to the brain.
  • Corticosteroids: Used in case of severe pain and swelling, they can be given orally or by injection for instant relief. However, prolonged use can weaken bones and cartilage beside other side effects and must be given under a doctor’s supervision.
  • Immunosuppressant: Cortisone, prednisone etc. can help alleviate inflammation.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: Helps control pain and inflammation. Be careful as they can also thin the blood.
  • Sleep medication and disease modifiers: Sleep medication is used to promote deeper sleep and relax muscles, while disease modifiers can slow down the disease. Both of these are available only by prescription.


Old Men Cycling - Common Arthritis Hurdles – When Daily Routine Becomes a Struggle

Regular exercise is crucial in keeping you independent and on your feet. It lessens pain, reduces fatigue, and increases movement. Plan your workouts when you don’t feel too stiff, start slowly and build the time and intensity without putting too much pressure on the joints. If you feel pain, dizzy, or short of breath, stop exercising right away and lower the time/intensity next time. Three major types of exercises are recommended for arthritis patients.

  • Range of motion exercises: Stretching or flexibility exercises can keep your joints flexible and reduce stiffness. They’re done by gently bending and then straightening joints without overstretching to the point where it feels uncomfortable. Should be done daily.
  • Strengthening exercises: Used to strengthen muscles, which indirectly can make our joints stable. These exercises should be done three to five days a week.
  • Endurance exercises: Can help keep your heart healthy and your weight under control. They can be done for 20-30 minutes, three times a week.

Physical therapy

Massage Old Men - Common Arthritis Hurdles – When Daily Routine Becomes a Struggle

Therapy usually involves strengthening muscles around the affected joints and is a vital part of the overall treatment plan.


In some cases, surgery is done to replace hips, knees, and other joints with artificial ones. However, if you’re having trouble with your fingers or wrists, the physician may prefer joint infusion. The procedure involved locking your bones together for a certain amount of time until they become one.

Doing household chores with arthritis

Little changes in the way you do your home tasks can immensely decrease the stress on your joints.

Lift smart, lift better

Move the heavier items that you have to lift regularly in your house to more convenient locations where you can either slide them, or minimal lifting is required. For example, you can move heavy items, such as sugar and flour bags, in the kitchen to waist level in the pantry, so you don’t have to bend down or reach over your head. Moreover, swapping heavy dishes and other items with lighter versions can be handy.

There are certain things that you might still have to move around the house. If possible, try to take advantage of wheels. A mop bucket, laundry basket, or grocery bags on the wheels are much easier to move around. Try to carry small loads and avoid carrying anything with your fingers, instead use forearms or shoulders.

Compression and form-fitting products for arthritis

If your job involves standing for extended hours, get gel mats or gel insoles. Try to take the load off your feet, knees, and hips as much as you can. Sit on a short stool instead of kneeling down if you have to bend down to lift items frequently. Knee and elbow support products are also pretty common Since your fingers and wrists are two of the most vulnerable joint, wearing form-fitting gloves can reduce stress and make lifting things a lot easier. If you’re interested in learning more about arthritis gloves, you can get more info here.

Rest and refuel

You might feel fresh and full of energy in the morning, which gradually goes down. But if you try to do too much, too quick, your energy level will nosedive, and you might feel crummy the whole day. Instead, try to divide your tasks through the day and give your body ample rest in between. Eat healthy snacks and stay hydrated.

How to Understand and Manage your Blood Pressure


Blood pressure is the result of your heart pumping blood, with the blood pushing against the blood vessel walls. This is necessary so that every organ in your body can function well. High blood pressure is often referred to as a silent killer. This is because it has close to no symptoms, which means that many people do not even know they may be suffering from high blood pressure – until it is too late. For many, they find out that they have high blood pressure following a check-up where it is routine for high blood pressure is amongst the vital signs checked. If it is found that one has high blood pressure, then it must be understood as well as managed. Here are some symptoms that you should understand.

blood pressure monitor - How to Understand and Manage your Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

When high blood pressure increases in severity, there are several symptoms that may surface. These include severe headaches which may feel like head is splitting. There may also be vision changes which leads to double vision or challenges seeing in bright light. Nausea and vomiting are also a symptom that can occur. It is also possible to experience some confusion and lack of understanding on what is happening around them.

Managing High Blood Pressure

Once it is noticed that one has high blood pressure, the next step is to ensure that it is well managed. It is close to impossible to get rid of high blood pressure completely, but it can be managed and kept low to prevent it from being life threatening. This is mainly done through medication, and some healthy lifestyle choices can be made as well.

  • A healthy diet is key to managing your blood pressure in the most natural way possible. This starts by what you choose to eat. Foods that are high in potassium are especially effective for lowering blood pressure, as are fresh vegetables and fruits. When consuming protein, especially animal protein, it should be lean and any dairy should be low in fat. Most importantly, you need to bring down the amount of sodium that you are consuming by cutting out salt from the diet.
  • Weight management is next when it comes to managing your blood pressure, so you should ensure that you lose weight until you are at a healthy BMI. Losing weight is the first part of the journey, and the next is maintaining that weight. This puts less strain on your body.
  • Getting adequate exercise will also help lower the blood pressure and this is possible once one gets regular physical activity. This would entail something as gentle as at least thirty minutes walking each day, or even doing some yoga and meditation to help centre your mind and body.

Checking on Your Blood Pressure

In addition to these lifestyle choices, you need to keep track of your high blood pressure so that you can take preventive measures where necessary. This means being able to manage your symptoms by monitoring blood pressure at home, You can accomplish this by making use of a blood pressure monitor which you can get for use at home. You will need to be able to understand the two numbers that reveal blood pressure. These include the systolic blood pressure which is the upper number. It will reveal the amount of pressure your blood is pushing against your artery walls each time your heart is pumping blood. The second number is the diastolic blood pressure which is the lower number. It reveals the amount of pressure the blood is exerting against the walls of the artery while the heart rests in between beats.

Prehypertension occurs when the systolic blood pressure reading is 120-139 or the diastolic blood pressure reading is 80-89. Though this may not indicate that the blood pressure is dangerously high, it does communicate that it is on the rise and is above normal. Hypertension occurs when the systolic blood pressure is 140 or more, and the diastolic blood pressure is 90 or more.

When monitoring your blood pressure from home, begin by making sure that you have rested well for at least five minutes before you need to take a measurement. Once the five minutes are up, sit on a chair where you can maintain good posture and keep both of your feet flat on the floor. Make sure that your back as well as your arm is supported on an arm rest. You need to keep your arm at heart level. Ensure that your arm is bare as you place the cuff to check your blood pressure. You should check your blood pressure at least twice each morning as well as twice each evening. This should be done for seven full days before you have an appointment with the doctor. Then, you keep track of all the readings so that you can share them with the doctor.

To ensure that there is no interference with the results, it is important to avoid drinking any alcohol or caffeine at least half an hour before you do your reading. Furthermore, you need to maintain the same discipline if you are a smoker. During the reading, do not talk at all or do any sudden movements. Stay as calm as possible and your readings will be accurate.

When you have high blood pressure, you do not have a cure. It is even more challenging to determine what the cause of the high blood pressure may be. Instead, it is necessary to make a conscious decision about the way that the high blood pressure can be managed effectively. Whether you choose to manage your high blood pressure at home, or seek treatment in a facility, you need to talk with your doctor. Together, you will be able to create a treatment plan that factors in all the activities and lifestyle changes that could be of benefit, as well as the medication you should take that could make a lasting difference.

How To Burn Belly Fat


Visceral fat or commonly known as stomach fat can be very damaging and trying t lose them can be difficult. However, if you know the proper methods on how to burn belly fat that work, you can easily get a much more flat belly.

The problem with most people right now is that they want a quick overnight solution to their belly fat problems. Overnight solutions do not exist. So, what you need to understand now is that you need to be disciplined in following the proper methods on how to burn belly fat.

Here, we have compiled three tips on burn fat that work and they will also help you in keeping your belly flat permanently:

Change your diet (the most important of how to burn belly fat)

how to burn belly fat - How To Burn Belly FatThe first step on how to burn belly fat is by changing your eating habits. This is the most basic yet is also the most effective method to throw away body fat including your belly fat. This method is easier said than done because you must educate yourself in selecting healthy foods to include in your daily diet plans. If you want to burn belly fat fast, you need to spread your daily meals into at least six servings. These meals should also include healthy snacking that will prevent you from having a crave to eat unhealthy and fattening foods.

Healthy foods are those that have low calories but at the same time, they will accelerate fat burning. Examples of these foods include complex carbs, such as wheat grain, and lean meat.

Get into cardio exercises

cardio exercises - How To Burn Belly FatYou need foods that are low in calories because you want to create a calorie deficit by burning more calories in your daily life than your caloric intake. To quickly burn calories and to burn belly fat, then you need to start working out. Specifically, the best workouts to burn belly fat quickly are cardio exercises such as running, jogging, cycling and swimming. Occassionally, you might also want to add strength exercises to build better posture and strength while burning down your belly fat.

Drink plenty of water

The final method on lose belly fat is by drinking plenty of water throughout your day. This is a very simple method and many diet practitioners know about the importance of water in burning fat but this method is also one of the most overlooked ones. Water plays an important role in dishing out toxins from your body. These toxins include excessive fat and undigested food leftovers inside your belly. Water is also important to develop and strengthen your muscles.

These tips on how to burn belly fat is very efficient and effective once you conduct them on a daily basis. You will notice your belly fat start to disappear in no time if you are discipline. Do not fall for overnight solution anymore. Those are mostly s  cams and will only take money out of your wallet.

Do you know other tips on how to burn belly fat? Leave your comments below.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight based on my experienced


One of  most common questions in minds of those who want to lose weight is “what is the best exercise to lose weight?”.

Answering that question is not easy because  answer depends on each individual’s lifestyle and preferences.

Try to look

Generally, all types of exercises or workouts that train on your cardio are best exercise to lose weight that can help you reaching your weight loss goals. Cardio exercises basically encourage your body to burn excess fat for energy. Strength-focused exercises like bench presses will do little in shedding weights from your body. Therefore, they are not really best

Now,  a question will be what kind of cardio exercise that is the most efficient and effective in helping you to lose weight? Here, we provide some examples and you can choose one that suits your lifestyle:

Any Type of Game Sports

Game Sports - Best Exercise to Lose Weight based on my experienced
Let’s face it; most regular exercise routines are boring. However, if they come in the forms of games or sports that you can play regularly with your friends, they will become less boring.

Examples of sports games that can help you lose weight by stimulating your heart rate to burn fat are soccer, basketball or tennis.

Running and Jogging

Running - Best Exercise to Lose Weight based on my experiencedThe beauty of running and jogging is that they are very simple to do yet very effective. All types of fat burning exercises will always include running and jogging. These two workout routines to lose weight are so simple that you can do them pretty much anywhere and anytime. Running and jogging also do not require a lot of gears and equipment. All you need are a pair of good running shoes, a cool t-shirt and shorts.

If you are new to running and jogging, you should start by trying to run or jog for 10 minutes non-stop. Do not think too much about distance yet because you just want to make your heart rate to adapt to your new routine. After a while, gradually increase your running or jogging time to 20 minutes. After you are able to run or jog for 20 minutes non-stop, then you can start aiming for finishing a certain distance in a certain time period. And Running really helpful to burn belly fat


Cycling - Best Exercise to Lose Weight based on my experienced

If you have a bicycle stuffed in your garage, then it is now time to take it out. Cycling is another excellent example of a daily workout to lose weight.

Cycling is as effective and efficient as running in terms of helping you to lose weight. At  same time, cycling also increases your stamina, strength and endurance.

Swimming (This is The Best Exercise to Lose Weight)

Swimming - Best Exercise to Lose Weight based on my experienced

Swimming is often overlooked when people talk about fat burning exercises. This is a bit odd because swimming can also boost your muscular strength and even tone your body.

We believe a lot of people underestimate swimming as a workout plan to lose weight because in common perception, you have not done cardio if you are not sweating. Well, in swimming, you actually sweat but you just do not notice it.

The Cons and Pros of Weight Loss Pills For Losing Weight


You are probably one of many people who are struggling to lose weight. With the increasing number of obesity every year, the number of weight loss methods are also on the way up. These methods include specific diet programs that are effective and yet, at the same time, demand total discipline and dedication and of course, different brands of weight loss pills.

The majority of people who are trying to lose weight are not able to follow the discipline required by a diet program simply because they do not have enough time or willpower to lose weight. This is why weight loss pills have become a major trend to assist people who struggle to lose weight. Using weight loss pills also allows you to fit into a new life style that can help you achieve the body you have always been dreaming of.

pills are easily accessible these days but before you consume them, I want to break down the cons and pros of using it so you can make an educated and wise choice.

weight loss pills - The Cons and Pros of Weight Loss Pills For Losing Weight

Cons of weight loss pills

  • There are too many brands of weight loss pills This makes it difficult for consumers to find which are the most effective and credible. A large number of pills also mean that there are a lot of them are fraudulent and ineffective.
  • A lot of weight loss pills do not receive official approval from medical organizations such as the FDA or MHRA. This means that the effectiveness of the pills could only be known once they have reached the market.
  • Most pills are also not clinically studied to confirm their benefit claims. We have to test them ourself by consuming them.
  • There are a lot pills that claim to be natural but they also contain dangerous chemical substance which could deteriorate your health. A perfect example of this is ephedera, which intensively burns fat and at the same time, poses a dangerous side effects on your health.

Pros of weight loss pills

Although pills have their cons, it is also true as time goes by, they become more and more popular and even surpass the popularity of prescription weight loss drugs.

You do not need prescription to get access to pills They are your best bet if you want to lose weight on your own and if you want to trim down easier. If your health conditions are generally good and your excess weight does not threathen your health, then you can choose to consume proven and credible.

pills that are trully natural do not have side effects unlike chemical-based prescription weight loss drugs. This means you can consume natural weight loss pills and do not need to be afraid of your health.

unlike prescription weight loss drugs, do not lead to tolerance. Once you are fit with a certain brand of weight loss pills, their efficiency will not go down.

A lot of great weight loss pills do not only help you lose weight but they also support your metabolism to lose weight naturally. People who have consumed great weight loss pills say that they feel their energy boosted and they even have better mood throughout their days due to the mixed effect of natural ingredients contained within the pills.

On this is video show us how weight loss pills work in our body

Abortion Pill : Why You Should Avoid Them


There are a lot of women who find themselves pregnant and they are just simply not ready to have a kid. The first thing that comes to an unprepared woman’s minds is usually to get rid of the fetus by consuming abortion pill.

Abortion can be done through a surgical operation but this often leaves a traumatic scar and therefore, most people would rather consume chemical abortion pill.

There are a lot of controversies regarding abortion itself and there are a lot more when it comes to the method being used. I personally do not agree with abortion nor the usage of Pill and here in this article, I am about to lay out the dangerous risks of using it to get rid of your unwanted pregnancy.

What is an abortion pill

Abortion Pill - Abortion Pill : Why You Should Avoid Them

First of all, I want to explain about abortion pill. An abortion pill is a medication taken by a pregnant woman so that her fetus could be taken out from her uterus. There are two types of abortion pills that a woman need to consume at different times.

The first is the methorexate. This drug needs to be taken with the presence of a doctor. This drug is commonly used through injections. Another type is misoprostol. This drug is taken a few days after the first one and it is placed on the vagina. What this drug does is stimulating the vagina to contract and thus force the fetus to come out of the uterus.

Another well known abortion pill is called the mifepristone. This drug is developed in France and it is also called the RU-486. This drug clears the progesterone hormone, which is a vital element in maintaining pregnancy. When a woman is running out of progesterone, then the lining of her uterus will shed and this will kill the fetus.

Risks of consuming abortion pill

Just by reading the process of abortion above should be more than enough to give a big picture on how risky the usage of abortion pill is.

One of the major risks of consuming abortion pill is heavy bleeding. This is obvious because it will pull out the content of the uterus. At times, the bleeding can be so excessive that it endangers the woman’s life. Some women even must endure extreme hemorrhaging that they need blood transfusion on site.

Infection is another risk that a woman must take if she consumes an abortion pill because the way it is being placed inside the body is often unhygiene.

There are also incidents when women end up developing some form of allergies. When the fetus is partially left behind and when the abortion fails, a woman is then obligated to go under the surgical knife which can be a dangerous process.

The scariest risk is to have the fetus survives all attempts of abortion and they end up as a living baby. This is a very cruel way to treat humanity because if the fetus survives the abortion attempt, in the future, when the baby grows into becoming a child, he or she might carry numerous effects that could turn his or her life upside down.


This is why I do not condone abortion. Abortion does not only affect the mother but another unborn human life form. If you are not prepared to have babies, then take preventive measures such as using condoms during sex. A child is a blessing and you should not have it killed for whatever reasons.

Healthy Hair Tips For Women Over 40


It is hard to avoid changes when you reach 40. Your kids start to move out to live their own lives and you might begin thinking about what else you need to do when the house is finally empty. Life, however, is always full of surprises. Your body also begins to transform and one of the most obvious transformations is your hair. At 40, your begin experience baldness as your hair starts to fall out. Well, worry not because we have some great healthy hair tips just for you in this article.

By using our healthy hair tips, you can be sure that you will regain that beauty that you had when you were 20. All you have to do is giving yourself the right hair treatment.

Avoid chemicals

The first of our healthy hair tips is to avoid chemicals. You should stop using hair dyer. You might want to remove those gray hairs from your head but it is always better to have well treated gray hairs than having colored yet damaged hairs.
Avoid chemicals To Your Hair - Healthy Hair Tips For Women Over 40

Be gentle with your hair

Our second healthy hair tip is to treat your hair gently. You are now 40 and you need to be more careful in brushing, conditioning and rinsing your hair.

Be more selective with your food(the most important of healthy hair tips)

Hair Oil - Healthy Hair Tips For Women Over 40

Another useful tip for a healthy hair at 40 is to closely monitor the foods that you eat. You need to have lots of proteins and essential fatty acids to have healthy hair locks at 40. Other foods that are beneficial for your hair include fruits, vegetables, legumes and lean meat. Want to prevent graying hair? Need you need to have cuisines that have plenty of zinc and copper as well.

Exercise more

Exercise more - Healthy Hair Tips For Women Over 40

Exercises can be beneficial for your hair treatment as they will keep your blood flowing and eventually trigger your body to produce healthy scalp and hair.

Mind you hair style options

It is not a wise decision to use braids and other complex hair styles at 40. They can use serious damage. You should also stop frequently using your blow dryer. It is always better to use curlers and naturally dry your hair if you want to have more hair curls.

Use nature-based hair supplement products

Hair Supplement Products - Healthy Hair Tips For Women Over 40

There are a lot of nature-based supplement products that can help you maintaining a healthy hair. Some examples of these products includ Minoxidil and Procyanidin. These products are extracted from fruits and have been proven effective to grow healthy hair.

By using these great healthy hair tips and with the discipline of using the right nourishment and care, you can ensure yourself that you will be able to regain the similar gorgeous thick hair you once had during your younger years and keep it for the rest of your life. We hope you get useful information and insights from this article. Stay beautiful and have a great day.

By the way, do you have other healthy hair tips that you think people should know about? Give a shout out about them by leaving your comments below.

Simple Male Birth Control Methods To Prevent Pregnancy


Male birth control methods are very simple yet I am still amazed to see that a lot of men still do not understand them.

Basically, there are only three male birth control methods and they are vasectomy, withdrawal and condoms. In addition, there are also new inventions through the development of male contraceptive pills. However, to keep things simple, I want to talk about the basic three male birth control methods before I go into the more fancy stuffs with pills.

Prevent Pregnancy - Simple Male Birth Control Methods To Prevent Pregnancy

Male birth control via vasectomy

Most males hesitate when it comes to vasectomy because they think the procedure cannot be reversed. Well, here is a good news for you: the procedure can be reversed. Nevertheless, this male birth control method requires the guy to go under the knife for a surgery and this kind of idea is not very appealing for most people. So, I understand why most males hate this procedure. Nobody wants to go under the knife for whatever reason, right?

Male birth control via withdrawal

The second male birth control method is withdrawal. This method is very easy but it also has the highest risk of getting your partner pregnant. To improve the effectiveness of this contraception method, you and your partner must also combine it with the calendar method, which is the tracking of the woman’s menstrual cycle. Once you and your partner are able to track the menstrual cycle, both of you can only have sexual intercourse during the first eight days of the cycle.

Male birth control via condoms

Condoms is the definitely the best  method if you want to combine comfort and effectiveness. Condoms are proven to have 97 percent effectiveness to prevent pregnancy. It is not 100 percent because your condom might break during sex but a 97 percent rate is not bad.

However, even with the available simple option of using condoms as a  method, men often still find it difficult in preventing pregnancy. This brings us to the new invention that I mentioned above and that is the birth control pills.

New Male Birth Control Methods

Although I am still not familiar with pills, the development of this product should be welcomed with open arms. Scientists have spent years researching on how to develop pills that target the hormones inside a man’s body. Hormonal contraceptions such as these are usually administered through injections and implants. The research are still in the preliminary stage and I still think more tests need to be conducted to see if male birth control pills can actually work.

Male birth control pills will try to affect hormones by acting as a catalyst to limit the production of sperm. Now, the puzzling aspect of this method is on how to bring back the sperm level back to normal when a man suddenly feels he no longer needs to do birth control and wants to have babies.

Another male birth control method that is being developed is the planting of Intra Vas Device (IVD) to block the sperm, heat applications to the testical to reduce fertility and the use of ultrasound waves to limit the sperm production. Again, scientists who develop these methods are still puzzled on how to bring the sperm count back to normal when birth control is no longer needed.

Well, despite of the intensive research of new male birth control methods, as I said before, the proven methods are actually simple enough and you really only need to pick one of the top three.

Want to Lose Weight – Know About Body Mass Index


So you’ve decided to lose weight and reach the goal weight that you had before, but don’t know where to start? Don’t rush with choosing any weight loss program or heading to the nearest fitness club. If you are seriously concerned about your weight, the first step is to find out the level of obesity. To assess weight there are many methods and formulas. One of the most popular checks to calculate ideal weight is the Quetelet formula that allows calculating body mass index (BMI).

BMI Chart - Want to Lose Weight – Know About Body Mass Index

Anyone who searches online for topics such as “how to lose weight” and “how to lose weight fast”, neglect the concept of “body mass index” (BMI). BMI allows you to define obesity, or, in the opposite, lack of weight.

Body mass index is calculated by the following formula BMI = m (kg): N * n (m2), more simply — human weight measured in kilograms, divided by the square of the growth, measured in meters.

To illustrate this, we look at an example of calculation. Let’s assume that someone has height 1 meter 77 centimeters and weigh 66 kilograms.

Mass index formula Quetelet is calculated in two steps:

1.77 * 1.77 = 3132
66: 3132 ~ 21% (approx.)

It turns out that with the growth of 177 cm and weighing in at 66 pounds, BMI (body mass index) is 21.

Weight Measurment - Want to Lose Weight – Know About Body Mass IndexIf these calculations are too complicated for you, you can find some existing body mass index calculator, for example this one.

Body mass index is an indicator of your body’s health and can used as an indicator for your risk for developing serious medical conditions.

For men the normal range for BMI is 19 – 25, for women the normal mass index is in the range of 19 -24.

If your BMI is less than 18.5 – your weight is below the normal range and losing additional weight is not recommended.

BMI 25.0-29.9 speaks about excess body weight. This stage is called “overweight”.
BMI 30.0-34.9 obesity – 1 degree, dangerous risk for Comorbidities.

35.0 – 39.9 BMI obesity – 2 degrees. Recommended to proceed immediately to weight correction.

35.0-39.9 BMI is obesity – 3 degrees. There is a very high risk of associated diseases; therefore, reduction of weight, even if not to a perfect value, is an urgent need. And it is better to undergo weight loss under physician supervision.

When calculating the body mass index, you need to take into account the type of physique you have. The figures above are suitable for mesomorphic (people with “normal” width of bone) individuals. For ectomorphic (“narrow bone”) individuals, rule BMI can be reduced to 19 and for endomorphic (“wide bone») increased to 33.

The formula for calculating the Quetelet index weight is suitable for analyzing the weight of females and males aged 20 and up to 65 years. It is not recommended to determine the ideal weight for pregnant women, lactating women, teens or athletes. BMI calculation use absolute value of the body mass, and does not take into account the amount of fat and muscle mass. Therefore, body mass index should be used with caution.

Angioplasty causes and Treatments


Angioplasty is derived from Greek word “aggayyon” which means cavity and “plasso” mould or form. Angioplasty was first elaborated by US radiologist Dr. Charles Dotter in the year 1964. Since then, this surgical technique with some modification and innovation has been into practice.

Angioplasty - Angioplasty causes and Treatments

What is angioplasty?
Angioplasty is a technique used to eliminate or remove blockages in coronary arteries (related to heart). It is also referred as percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

Before surgery, doctor will ask you to go for blood test and routine health check-up. Since, angioplasty makes use of iodine based dye, check if you have iodine allergy. You will also be required to quit smoking for few days before and after surgery. Consult with doctor if you are taking blood thinners like warfarin. Patients who are taking insulin injections might need to alter their dose.

Patients suffering from atherosclerosis may need to undergo angioplasty. When plaque gets build up in blood stream, it obstructs blood flow resulting in condition called atherosclerosis. Plaque is usually caused due to factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking habit.

Treatment for angioplasty:
Angiogram has to be first performed, before patient undergoes angioplasty. Angiogram is nothing but x-ray test which makes use of iodine dye and fluoroscopy to get precise and clear images of blood flow in arteries and veins.

Arteries are blood vessels that supply pure blood or oxygenated blood from heart to different parts of body  whereas veins are blood vessels that bring impure blood or de-oxygenated blood from different parts of body to heart for purification. Aorta is major coronary artery and vena ceva is major coronary vein.

A thin tube called as catheter is inserted into the patients body via a small incision made on groin or arm. Catheter consists of a small balloon and stent (small wire tube). It is then guided to the area that is to be examined. Iodine dye is injected into the blood vessel to get clearer view of arteries on the x-ray images. These images enable doctor to know where exactly is the blockage and how narrow is the artery. Once, the site of blockage is detected, balloon is inflated and stent is pushed against the artery wall to remove plaque and blockage.

Whole procedure of angioplasty usually takes half an hour to complete. Sometimes, it may even last for several hours depending upon number of blockages. Patient is administered local anesthesia during the procedure and can go home within a day or two post surgery.

There may be some possible complications of this surgery. Bleeding or bruising of artery are common complications. Less than 1% of patients suffer fatal complications. Diabetes and kidney disorder patients may face some complications due to the use of iodine contrast dye used in angioplasty.
Arteries Treament - Angioplasty causes and Treatments
Types of angioplasty:
There are several types of angioplasty. Doctor may use combination of two or more types of angioplasty to clear blockages. Some common types of angioplasty are enlisted below:

  • Excimer laser angioplasty: Excimer laser angioplasty is newly introduced type of angioplasty and uses optic fiber catheter. As the name suggests, it makes use of laser beam to treat blockages. Though laser system was initially developed to study atmospheric conditions, it is now a dominant system to treat  coronary ailments. Hot laser beam poses threat for coronary arteries and other soft tissues. Hence, excimer a type of cool laser is used in this angioplasty. It makes use of ultraviolet light energy and is operated at 65 degree Celsius- temperature human tissue can tolerate.
  • Directional atherectomy: Directional atherectomy angioplasty makes use of miniature rotating blades to cut down fat deposits in arteries.
  • Rotational atherectomy: This type of angioplasty makes use of diamond studded drill bits to clear blockages. It is a bit expensive treatment as compared to other treatments.
  • Intra-coronary radiation: Intra-coronary radiation is an effective technique that reduces chances of re-narrowing of artery by almost 70%. It is used in combination with balloon angioplasty.
  • Post surgery recovery tips
    Patient can resume his daily activities after few days of surgery. One should avoid doing heavy cardio exercises or strenuous physical activity for at least a week or two after surgery. Gradually, you can increase intensity and endurance. Avoid lifting heavy objects. Regular follow-up must be done to keep blockages in check. One must strictly follow medications prescribed by doctor. Taking adequate rest and following a healthy diet can enhance speed of recovery post surgery.

What are the benefits of angioplasty?

  • Angioplasty increases chances of survival by one-third times more than other blockage treatments like thrombolysis
  • It reduces chances of heart-attack
  • Relieves pain
  • Makes you active
  • You can carry on daily routine with ease sans any pain

Cost of angioplasty in India
Prices of common medical services have dipped as per recent survey. Prices differ according to cities and hospitals. Private hospitals will charge high fees as compared to government hospitals. Average price of angioplasty in India ranges from one lac to three-four lacs. To know more about cost of angioplasty in India, click here.